"I know you are the public security bureau, otherwise how do you know so much? You are here to fish" Liu Xiumei naturally guessed.
"I’m not a public security bureau, and I’m not here to arrest you. What I want to do may be difficult for you." I shook my head. This woman is too wet behind the ears to make her completely change her mind from a slut to a virgin. It’s very unlikely.
"Oh … I understand that eldest brother likes SM, so you have to be gentle." Liu Xiumei said and lay down.
Although I am a Taoist, I am a Taoist in the 21st century. What does SM mean? I really know that at this moment, I really have the impulse to conjure up a whip and give this shameless woman a few lashes.
"Eldest brother, what do you really like? Just say it." Liu Xiumei twisted for a long time and saw that I had nothing to do, so she got up and asked her what she was thinking. I naturally knew that more than 100 thousand was a lot of money. She also knew that if there was no lunch, she would eventually worry that I would give the money back.
"Have you thought about stopping?" I tried to suppress my anger and slowed down my tone.
"I want to make enough money to wash my hands of it." Liu Xiumei saw that I was not looking right and quickly converged my lewd expression
"How much is enough?" I asked casually
"One million, or it won’t be enough to live." Liu Xiumei said tentatively that she must have met a kind-hearted fool. In their eyes, a kind-hearted person is stupid
"You go to sleep first. Don’t do this after I bring the money in the morning." I tried to squeeze out a smile. Ordinary people earn 30,000 yuan a year after hard work. She is enough for a generation of one million and one generation to work. This woman is completely finished.
"Eldest brother, I will never destroy your family." Liu Xiumei Zicong I want to keep her.
"I don’t have a family." I turned and walked to the door.
"Eldest brother, I’m joking with you. I don’t want money." Liu Xiumei quickly ran from the sofa and stretched out his hand and grabbed me.
"I’m going out to get money, you wait for me." I looked down at Liu Xiumei. This woman was not stupid. After hearing that I was single, I stopped asking for money and wanted someone.
"Really not" Liu Xiumei continued to act, and his acting skills were extremely realistic.
"A million dollars is waiting for me" I turned and walked out of the room.
A brisk walk to the dark corner brought teleportation back to Jiuhua Mountain. The King Kong Gun and others are no longer here, and the spectators have already dispersed. I turned back to the hotel. King Kong Gun and Mu Zhuifeng have not yet fallen asleep.
"Why is this? Why are you back? " King kong cannon see me angrily sample quickly speak asked.
"Don’t say goodbye to the old bald donkey and let me eat a big fly." After I entered the room, I lay down on the carpet, and the white wolf immediately came running affectionately. I don’t know what Mu Zhuifeng and King Kong cannon fed it, and my belly was so full.
"Xiao Jiu, you make it clear" Mu Zhuifeng habitually got up and poured me a glass of water.
"Guess who Hui asked me to cross?" I waved my hand to show that I am not busy chasing the wind. I don’t need these worldly things now
King Kong Bao and Mu Zhuifeng immediately made a guess. They made such a guess because the murderer is a great murderer and the unfilial person is a great evil. Both kinds of people are difficult to overcome.
"He asked me to be a prostitute!" I shook my head with a wry smile.
After I finished, the two of them froze for a moment and turned to laugh. It seemed that the King Kong cannon was broken, which made me committed to each other, while the admiration for chasing the wind laughed and scolded me for pushing Master Hui too hard to make the other side come up with this plan.
"Think of a way for me quickly." I sat on the sofa and stroked the white wolf’s head to briefly describe the situation in Liu Xiumei to the two of them.
"This kind of person is born this way if he is not forced by his livelihood." Mu Zhuifeng shows contempt. "Since Hui’s self-falling status has given you such a difficult problem, I think Liu Xiumei should not be forced by his livelihood but easy virtue was born this way. You are in big trouble."
"I think so, too. Now even if I give her more money, she will still be like this. Even if she doesn’t do this job, she will be a drooling creature when she meets a man." I nodded in agreement with Mu Zhuifeng’s judgment. You know, it’s not enough for me to make an agreement with Master Hui to completely modify it and simply pull her out of the fire pit. It’s like putting a frog on the sofa, and it will still jump into the mud pond because it feels the most comfortable there.
"The big deal is a draw, and the old bald donkey will certainly not be able to cross Ye Aofeng." King Kong cannon is not pessimistic
"draw is not my goal, I want his life." I twitched my nose and said that I would return to Ziqi Xiu when it was late, and I would lose the opportunity and qualification for revenge. At that time, I would hold my breath forever.
"Looking for a faithful female ghost to rush at her" is a bad idea when the eyes of King Kong cannon turn out.
"You can’t hide it from Hui, but you will invite humiliation." Mu Zhuifeng shook his head and denied the idea of King Kong Gun.
"Can you try to impress her?" I turned to look at Mu Zhuifeng.
"You’re not a woman, you don’t understand women’s minds. easy virtue women like this will relapse even after being moved at that time." Mu Zhuifeng also denied my idea
"Looking for her parents to come forward?" King kong muzzle said

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