Now this battle corpse is limited by Shi Jian, and three puppets have been killed. Stuart immediately feels that things are not good!
Stuart shot a flying sword in the palm of his hand and stabbed it at the golden puppet on the left.
Flying sword stabbing gold puppet body was directly bounced and flashed off Mars.
The golden puppet body is the most rigid and indestructible, even if it is difficult for Stuart to destroy the corpse, how can it be injured by Stuart’s flying sword?
Stuart hurriedly and hit a spirit.
Soil puppet front sand into a shield can easily resist this magic.
Seeing that he was defeated by Stuart, he turned and fled, only to find that his feet suddenly rose and his legs were wrapped in green jade thatch!
I don’t know when the wooden puppet has come to his front.
These thatched leaves are as thin as a piece of paper and as sharp as a blade, and directly draw a series of wounds on Stuart’s thigh.
Stuart screams a.
Gold puppet has rushed to rub hands into a knife and cut it hard according to Stuart’s head!
Cold light flashing murder!
This knife hasn’t come yet, and Stuart felt his hair stand on end.
Do you want to think much about Stuart’s backhand waving his long stick?
Jinge’s blow rings in my ears.
Stuart felt his ears tingling and he was almost deaf!
Although this puppet is blocked, it is already close, and the whole person is attached to Stuart’s body, and the sediment will be wrapped layer by layer!
Blink of an eye Stuart figure has disappeared, leaving a humanoid clod.
Pause a little. The humanoid clod fell to the ground and broke on the spot to reveal Stuart’s figure again.
The refined corpse teaches Tianjiao to have no vitality. His eyes are full of horror and unwillingness.
A few big tianjiao showdown is two people to tell the winner first!
"I didn’t expect that Stuart became famous for many years and was killed by this little name."
"Manipulating the Five Elements Puppet Town with one heart and five minds, killing and refining the corpse, and teaching Tianjiao Puppet Sect, this stupor will be famous today!"
"After all, the corpse-refining road is an crooked road and may not be on the table."
Most of the monks watching nearby felt a sigh.
"shout! Hoo! "
Shi Jian half kneeling shoveled gasped clothes already soaked in sweat is exhausted.
Although he didn’t have a positive fight with Stuart, the continuous manipulation of five puppets still caused great consumption to his mind and spiritual strength!
If we fight for another half an hour, I’m afraid it’s really unknown who will win or lose.
Nie Hao was defeated and Stuart died tragically.
Leng Ming realized that if Xiao Pang’s suppression could not be taken away as soon as possible, I’m afraid it would be difficult to leave today!
Leng Ming made a decisive decision and roared, then a vision broke out!
"Brother, you give up!"

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