No matter Yan Beichen is alive or dead, the law will change.
Just then, not far away, a small animal chirped.
Then a white shadow darted up and came to Yan Beichen’s feet at a very fast speed, spinning around and making a "whoop" sound.
This is an arm’s length white mink with snow hair and no mottled hair.
The sable’s dark eyes sparkled with tears and worried.
"It’s you."
Yan Beichen looked at the sable and wanted to bend down to caress its cheek, but it affected her body and hurt her. She knelt down and couldn’t help smiling bitterly.
"This mink is somewhat spiritual when I meet it after I soar."
Yan Beichen whispered, "I didn’t expect you to stay after I was in trouble."
After a pause, Yan Beichen said, "It’s a pity that I have to go first this time."
It’s distressing to hear the sable whine like a cry.
"Master, I have a law that may save him."
At this time, Sirius sound in the silver mask sounded in the sea of martial knowledge.
Chapter two thousand one hundred and sixty-four Sirius origin
Wu Daozun spat out a word
Sirius said, "I know a skill that is very suitable for this person to practice."
Wu Daozun squinted slightly and asked, "Can the body injury of Yan Dage be healed by practicing this achievement method? Even Yuan Shen can be cured? "
He has never heard of such a magical skill.
Just now, that black remnant picture, although mysterious in origin and powerful in magic, can’t save Yan Beichen.
Sirius said, "If you practice this achievement method, the shura’s body injury can definitely be healed, but he can heal his wounds. This achievement method can also temporarily suppress his injuries and save his life."
"Do you mean that it is still possible for Yan Dage’s mental injury to break out after practicing this skill?"
Wu Daozun frowned and asked
Sirius said, "That’s true. Yuan Shen’s hidden danger is still but less. Now I can save his life before I plan to …"
Speaking of which, Sirius paused slightly
Wu Daozun felt this abnormal coldness in his heart and said, "You’re not finished!"
Sirius hesitated a little and stammered, "This achievement method is not complete, and I know half."
Wu Daozun’s tone changed and his eyes exuded a sense of solemnity.
Sirius felt Wu Daozun’s mind tremble with fear that Wu Daozun would sacrifice four more flames to torture him.
Sirius quickly explained, "I really know half of what my master gave me."
Wudao Zun is silent and silent.
The more he was silent, the more he panicked. He continued, "This is the magic power created by my master in those days. The Magic of Buddhism is divided into two parts, which are as powerful as the taboo secret code. I know that there are magic articles."
"This shura’s hatred in his heart is a kind of obsession. Even if his body is exhausted, he can practice magic."
"The stronger the obsession, the greater the power of this magic power."
Wu Daozun is thoughtful.
Ji goblin wild mainland once told him that paranoia is magic.
And this magic power cultivation foundation is obsession!
The powerful foundation of "From Hate Sutra" is hatred in the heart.
Hatred is a kind of obsession
From this point of view, the magic chapter is indeed much higher than the book from hate
Just as Sirius said, Yan Beichen has the foundation of "From Hate Sutra", and hatred in his heart is the most suitable for practicing magic and the easiest to practice.
But even if you practice magic, Yan Beichen Yuan Shen still has fatal hidden dangers and may break out in the future!
"Who was your master then?"
Wu Daozun suddenly asked
Sirius became a vassal of Wudao Zun when he was approaching the ascent.
Although Suo Wudao Zun will be imprisoned for thousands of years, there are not many exchanges.
It was not until Sirius, the master, was silent for a long time that he slowly said, "My master was Papman, the greatest emperor in heaven through the ages!"
It really is the emperor!
There was speculation about this before budo Zun.
"Papman Dijun’s talent is amazing. He is proficient in buddha magic’s two practices, creating the" Magic Buddha’s Sutra "and practicing the three-corpse Dafa, which condenses three major avatars, seven emotions, six bodies and six desires, all of which are against the sky!"
"He transformed a master of six desires into an emperor’s military planning knife, which embodies the six desires. Only karma can burn the six desires to control the planning knife!"
"He also refined and cast another mask that controls the seven emotions into another emperor Moro mask, which embodies the seven emotions. Only obsession can cut off the seven emotions!"
I heard that budo Zun’s heart seemed to think of something but didn’t speak.
Papman Dijun Sirius continued with deep pride in his tone, "Papman Dijun cut off worldly desires and refined it into two great soldiers, and the fighting power rose sharply. The people in the magic field can quickly unify the magic field and become the first Mundus in the magic field!"
"Then the third part of Papman Dijun, that is, the Buddha stepped into the emperor’s territory, and the Buddha merged with the magic Buddha, leaving the past behind! He is both a magical Mundus and a pure land Buddha! "
"He is also half a step away from the Great!"
Sirius’s remarks did not hide the sound.
Next to Yan Beichen, the white mink looked shocked.

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