"Ha, ha, ha, what hermetic is just an excuse? You have a ghost in your heart." Miao Zang retorted directly without believing it.
Jade Duxiu’s calm eyes flashed a trace of waves and a little bit of murder brewing. "If you want to watch my whip, it’s not bad, but you need to think clearly."
"What, you dare to plot against me?" Miao Zang almost jumped up when he heard this.
"How to exchange one thing for another? You can’t watch the hermetic nature in vain. You still need to take out the hermetic exchange. If you don’t look at the hermetic seat of Laofeng, you can exchange it with the sky. If you promise this whip to give you a view, it will not harm you." Jade Duxiu’s eyes are indifferent
"You …" Wonderful hidden short of breath.
"Miao Zang promised him that it would be interesting to see what medicine you sell in the gourd. It’s wishful thinking to let me retreat after difficulties. If you want to watch me, it’s not impossible. It’s necessary to have a whip. If it’s not a magic weapon, you will violate the door rules. This condition will naturally be inaccurate." seven old Fengzhu came to the ring when he didn’t know it.
Seven old Fengfengzhu is a middle-aged man with extraordinary temperament. He has a great dignity …
"Deqi, do you want to bully the small?" Dehua escapes from the light and falls to the jade.
Jade Duxiu waved his hand to stop the German saying, "Master doesn’t have to say that my brother has his own calculation, but please wait and see."
With that, I looked at Zhang Jiao with my eyes burning. "Zhang Jiao teaches real people to talk about seven old Fengfeng again. Have you ever heard that if this whip is not a magic weapon, seven old Peak needs to give it to me?"
Zhang Jiao nodded and looked at Yu Duxiu with an expression on his face, but it was a dark sigh in his heart. "This small and cheat people is like this in the former domain."
"It’s natural that this matter should be witnessed by the monks. If it can’t be cut off, you can ask the ancestors to verify it in person." Zhang Jiao brushed the dust and didn’t give it to seven old Fengfeng when he went back on his word. "You should quickly take out that whip and show it to Deqi."
Palm teaching this is selling jade solo. That seven old Fengfeng master saw jade solo so firmly that he had no intention of going back on his word. He felt a little bad in his heart, but he was blocked by a word from palm teaching. Before seven old Fengfeng master could speak, the palm of jade solo turned over to catch the mountain whip and took it in his hand. "Look, this is the previous whip."
At this time, the mountain whip is shining with a faint golden light, but there are no various symbols. It seems that the whip is ordinary and hard, and the only difference is that the non-gold and non-jade material method hides and shows that the whip is extraordinary.
"I …" Looking at Yu Duxiu, he did not hesitate to take out his whip. seven old Peak advocated opening his mouth, but it didn’t come after all.
While Miao Zang suddenly felt bad, he looked at his master’s face and dared not speak. Keep your mouth shut.
Seven old Peak Master watched the whip with a livid face before he left, but he saw that the whip was not golden. There was nothing surprising about it. He was about to reach out and grab the whip, but suddenly he grabbed a palm of his hand and went through it.
"This ….." seven old peak master looked at the jade show was suddenly a change.
Jade Duxiu smiled gently. "It has been said that this whip is a kind of performance when casting spells, but it is not a physical object, but you just don’t believe it."
Say that finish to teach a gift to the palm "also please palm teach cut off"
Talking, the whip-like little fluorescence dissipated and drifted away with the wind.
This whip change is revealed bit by bit by the two of them, and there is nothing to hide. It is indeed a magical condensate, and the face of the old peak is crazy. The sky is the secret art of the old peak, but the name of the old peak is the name of the old peak. If it can be leaked,
Behind Jade Duxiu, the corners of her mouth showed a little smile, and she looked at seven old Fengfeng with a full face of play abuse. "Brother, I am the top ten peaks of Taiping Road, so don’t go back on our word and lose my face for no reason."
"I …" No, Lao Feng advocated opening his mouth.
"Master Feng, at present, has witnessed that there is a godfather and a fellow, but I don’t know that Brother Dao has ever wondered if he would mind asking his ancestors if he questioned the authenticity of this whip," Zhang Jiao said with a facial expression.
This heavenly que is the magical power of Bulaofeng Town, but it is not the ancestor of Taiping, but a predecessor who was discovered in the cave dwelling of the first generation of Bulaofeng in ancient times. It can be said that it dates back to the years before the birth of the ancestor immortal, which is a long time.
Seven old Fengfeng’s face changed again and again, and Miao Zang was pale and bloody.
There are fellow citizens of Bingzhou, and all the prominent figures here are persecuted by Taiping Zhangjiao, and they are even more pressured by their ancestors. The Lord really has no confidence in going back on his word. Once he goes back on his word, the name of Laofeng immediately stinks, and even worse, Zhangjiao has another ancestor. Now, his ancestral family is bigger than his ancestor, and he will definitely note that things here are not old, but it is as good as his ancestors.
No, Lao Feng’s master gritted his teeth and looked at Yu Duxiu. "It’s okay if I don’t hand over my magical powers, but you must swear not to leave the sky outside."
Jade Duxiu smiled. "This is not a prerequisite. I can’t promise this avatar. If I learn to think, no one can control it."
Chapter 39 The stars move around.
"You … are crazy." The owner of seven old Fengfeng angered Yu Duxiu’s eyes, and the burning flames seemed to turn Yu Duxiu into ashes.
Jade Duxiu looked up with her hands and looked at the sky without saying a word.
Zhang Jiaosu looked at the seven old Fengfeng Lord. "The seven old Fengfeng Lord also asked to fulfill the gambling contract. It’s not good to go back on our word before the main seat of the peak. But look at it. Don’t force the seat to invite the ancestor."
Seven old Fengfeng master looked ferocious and gnashed his teeth. His fists clenched his eyes and stared at Jade Duxiu intensely. If he didn’t see it, he looked up and said nothing.
"Good seat recognition planted" seven old Peak squeezed a few words through his teeth, and then the palm of his hand moved but he saw a scroll of sutras thrown at Yudu Duxiu "I will write it down when I give you a wick of incense"
Jade Duxiu got to look at seven old Fengfeng Master. "Fengfeng Master won’t do anything in this scroll to make me die of computer virus."
"You … are not as mean as you think." seven old Fengzhu gave Yu Duxiu a hard stare.
There are countless magical powers in seven old’s peak technique, but Jade Duxiu insists on this?
It’s not the purpose to go to the sky, it’s just that he can attack jade with rocks.
"In the future, if someone is found to practice my magical powers, I will definitely fight for immortality." seven old Fengfeng’s main yin survey looked at the monks and made those who have thoughts shudder immediately. seven old Fengfeng can resist this world and even put it in front of everyone, even hesitating and then giving up.
This sky que is neither old nor secret. If it weren’t for being forced by Jade Duxiu today, seven old Peak would not go back on our word, fearing that seven old Peak would have turned against us at this time.
This heavenly que is of great help to Yu Duxiu in practicing a new technique, but Yu Duxiu never forgets anything. After three or two breaths, he remembers all the scrolls and then throws them to the Lord of the Old Peak. "Hum, you treat me like a rare avatar."
A person who never forgets anything is a real person who never forgets anything, not to mention that the thumb is thick and the scroll is turned over at will. If Yu Duxiu really remembers the scroll, no one will believe it.
Seven old peak master went to the hands of the scroll to grasp the surprise and looked at jade Duxiu’s face with iron blue. Many hearts secretly thought, "Is this a small wreck for me?" By the way, it’s extremely extreme. This little thing must be scrupled. I’m not afraid to offend Laofeng’s majesty. It’s just an act. There are really few people who dare to offend me. "
"Young people are still afraid of the greatness of the old peak." This is a sigh in the hearts of many monks at this time
"Hum, you’re smart enough." No, Lao Feng took a metal gray face at Jade Duxiu and then turned away with a pale and wonderful look.
Miao Zang took a look at Yu Duxiu and snorted coldly, followed by the old peak and left.

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