Lin Yi came to the forest outside Xiaofu.
Deep in the forest, there is a young man in his twenties sitting on an old tree, sprinkling gourds and drinking, and there is a bag of sauced beef on the branch.
Lin Yi walked over and swept to the tree.
Sit opposite the youth
The youth handed Lin Yi the wine gourd.
Lin Yi took two gulps and then took a piece of beef to eat.
Lin Yi said, "Cold wine and frozen meat have a different taste."
The young man said, "You dare to drink my wine and eat my beef before asking me who I am. How could the king of the South be so careless?"
Lin Yi looked at the young man and he also laughed. "Because no matter what you look like, it is good for you to have a heart like Xiao Lian Qin."
The young man smiled. It was Xiao Liu Qin.
Xiao Lianqin said, "How do you recognize me?"
Lin Yi pointed to his heart and said, "Tell me here."
Lin Yi took another sip of wine and handed the wine gourd to Xiao Lian Qin.
Xiao flow jean also drink a mouthful of her way "what happened? Are you the only one coming out? What about the duke and them? "
Lin Yi said, "The duke is eating braised pork cooked by Mrs. Xiao herself. Brother is eating chickens, dogs and sheep, and I will accompany you to eat this cold wine and meat."
Xiao Lianqin said, "What’s the matter?"
Lin Yi said, "Do you know a man named Xiao Yong?"
Chapter seventy-two Old scenes recall memories (1)
Xiao flow jean Lin Yi suddenly asked about Xiao Yong.
Xiao Lianqin said, "Of course, I know that he joined the South Yard at the age of ten, and later he became the deputy steward of the South Yard. The South Yard is definitely the top ten, and martial arts are not weak. Brother Gu is the best, but later, the maid said that he raped his wife after drinking, and the duke expelled him from the South Yard. It was also a guarantee that he was right. Why did you ask him?"
Lin Yi said, "Xiao Nanlin is Xiao Yong."
This really surprised Xiao Lian Qin.
Xiao Liu Qin said, "Tell me about it."
Lin Yi told Xiao Lian Qin what had happened.
Xiao Lian Qin sighed with emotion after listening to it. "It’s really a blessing that Jin Er let her meet Xiao Yong in the most difficult time. No wonder a fortune teller told her when she was a child that this girl was lucky and lucky, and everyone would help her everywhere."
Everything is happy. Xiao Liu Qin is very happy.
Xiao Lianqin was curious again. "Why don’t you celebrate coming to the depths of this cold forest alone with them for such a good thing?"
Lin Yi told Xiao Nanlin something full of resentment to himself again.
Xiao Lian Qin said, "Human nature doesn’t blame him."
Lin Yi said, "Of course, I don’t blame him for killing my nephew. It’s a shock to me. Some people are heroes in my heart, but others are demons. No wonder Mr. Fang said that killing a person is sometimes destroyed by a family. People who hate me are not all bad people, but also good people. Xiao Nanlin is a good person. If he kills one person, he will feel guilty for life and never kill again. I don’t know how many people I killed. When I was in Kunlun, I promised Mr. Fang not to kill as much as possible. It’s really countless how many people I killed.
Xiao Liu Qin also felt, "But people can’t help themselves. If you don’t kill people, you have to kill you. This is also helpless unless you stay away from the rivers and lakes and don’t come out."
Lin Yi said, "I don’t want to deceive Jean. I’m as tired and tired as the Duke."
Xiao Lian Qin said, "I knew it early, so did I. It was the most heart-warming day of my life when I spent the Kunlun Mountain and Wangren Mountain. You no longer worry about someone hurting you or thinking about killing others. The whole person is free, and the whole body and mind are relaxed and hate. Everything is so beautiful. I hope you can get away with it and finally live a peaceful and happy day."
Lin Yi said, "But I still have to kill now because I am still in the Jianghu."
Xiao Lianqin said, "What are you going to do next?"
Lin Yi took the wine bottle gourd and took a sip. "I’ve been away from Wangrenshan for a long time. I want to go back and see it. I’ll accompany you to look back at Renshan. We’ll spend a year together, and then you’ll let me go out of the mountain to kill the murderer. This is also my responsibility. You can’t easily get involved in the Jianghu any more. It’s not easy for the Jianghu to get away like a blood prison. If I live, I’ll take Brocade away. If I die, I’ll be buried near my third grandfather. There is no old man’s house
Xiao Liu Qin took the wine bottle gourd from his hand and drank two times. "That’s settled."
Lin Yi said, "But there is one thing you have to help me."
Xiao Lianqin quipped, "Don’t let me kill people. I’m not involved now."
Lin Yi said, "I asked you to find me a troupe."
Xiao Lianqin asked curiously, "What are you going to do?"

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