Brother Gan moved quickly and heard his body whizzing against the sea breeze. It was two miles away from Brother Gan, which was one kilometer away. In less than three minutes, he was out of breath and came to the place where the twelve special forces were stationed. Brother Gan looked at the pile that was about to put out the fire and knew that he was a soldier’s war. In that case, even if he could beat these twelve guys hard, it would attract South Vietnamese warships. In that case, it would be meaningless for him to act tonight. If it’s not their lives, we should let them know that Brother Gan can kill them but not them. The purpose of this is to let South Vietnam know that I am not afraid of you, but I won’t be as knowledgeable as a kid. If you have a wink, get back to where you came from. If this awareness hasn’t been repeated, don’t blame me for China’s rudeness!
Brother Gan’s cat looked at a dozen people carefully. Except for two posts on duty, ten of them fell asleep, and the two sentries were not together. This was much easier. Brother Gan first slowly came to the south Vietnamese special forces who were close to him, about five or six meters away from the cat, waiting for an opportunity to see the south Vietnamese ghost walking slowly back and forth. When he came towards Brother Gan again, Brother Gan suddenly jumped up and hugged him with one hand over his mouth. The head and then the arm were twisted hard, and there was no movement of the South Vietnamese soldier. Brother Gan didn’t really die, but he just fainted. Brother Gan didn’t want to kill anyone. If you don’t kill anyone, you won’t kill anyone. This is the principle of brother Gan. Of course, if you meet those heinous people like Li Datou, you have to kill him!
It’s good to solve this problem and the other one. Brother Gan walked directly to another sentry. Because Brother Gan also wore dark green camouflage at night and the South Vietnamese special forces wore camouflage, and his figure was similar to that of the South Vietnamese ghost who was just put down by himself, so Brother Gan dared to walk so proudly and walked towards another South Vietnamese ghost with a smile. The South Vietnamese ghost was smoking a cigarette and saw his teammate coming. He greeted him with a smile, but Brother Gan responded with a smile. Without talking, Brother Gan went to the distance. When he was still seven meters away, Brother Gan suddenly ran quickly and then jumped with his right hand. The knife was even-handed, and he just cut the neck of the South Vietnamese ghost. The South Vietnamese ghost fainted without even humming, and the half cigarette butt in his mouth slipped off.
Since both of them were stunned by Brother Gan, the remaining ten were already half dizzy and didn’t like to play. Brother Gan knew that although he couldn’t lose his footing during the execution, he couldn’t delay it. Because one more minute in your place was more dangerous, it was the most important thing to execute it quickly. Therefore, Brother Gan stopped dragging his feet and entered five tents one by one, and then he didn’t even come out for a minute, that is, two hand knives and kung fu were simpler and more convenient than his mother’s killing chickens when he came to the fifth one. When I was in the tent, I suddenly felt the danger inside according to my previous professional experience, so Brother Gan slowly lifted the fifth tent curtain and just wanted to go in at the waist. Suddenly, a dark muzzle pointed at Brother Gan’s forehead and listened to what the South Vietnamese ghost said. Brother Gan didn’t understand, which probably means "Don’t move. Who are you?" Class inquiry question
Dry elder brother didn’t speak, but raised his hands slightly and then slowly retreated, that is, at this moment, Kung Fu dry elder brother looked at it. There were also two people in this tent, and both of them woke up, eyeing up with guns and looking at dry elder brother. Dry elder brother thought that this time things were a little troublesome, but the trouble was a little, and Chapter 94 praised our military power ().
Brother Gan took a closer look at these two guys. They are both practitioners. It seems that the South Vietnamese special forces are not vegetarians and have real kung fu. After all, they are also an elite national army. Therefore, Brother Gan knows that if he doesn’t make a move, he will get a blow once he makes a move, but he won’t give them room to resist. Otherwise, if he lets them get a gun, his action will be a failure even if he is not caught. Because he has failed to achieve the deterrent effect, Brother Gan will carefully step back and tell the truth. Brother Gan, the more special forces, really didn’t take it seriously. What is the character of Brother Gan? How many times have he walked in the bullets? I’ve survived it. Therefore, Brother Gan didn’t take them seriously, which may be related to the boldness of the artist!
Don’t underestimate Brother Gan when he suddenly threw a dagger out during his retreat. This is just one second from the time when he touched the dagger to the time when he came out of the knife. That’s the moment when the army thorn flew out like a sharp sword. In the blink of an eye, he saw that the army thorn didn’t stab the man with a knife edge, but the handle hit him in the temple and fell to the ground when he heard a stuffy hum. This is Brother Gan’s height. Brother Gan’s darts have been practiced to a superb level. If Brother Gan doesn’t want to kill him, he won’t have to bother directly. Just stab him in the past, and to exaggerate, brother Gan can kill him accurately without even closing his eyes, because a real shooter has gone beyond his eyes and visual senses, especially darts. You have to feel each other’s breath to hit the target with a dart!
Brother Gan’s left hand flew out of the army thorn while his head was slightly biased. When another special soldier didn’t react, his right hand grabbed his wrist. Listen to Pa. The special soldier’s wrist was twisted by Brother Gan, and then he heard the South Vietnamese special soldier whine. The pistol in his hand immediately fell out of his hand. When he landed, there were still two meters left. When he saw Brother Gan, a pistol was caught by Brother Gan. He took the pistol and smiled. After the muzzle was fixed, he pointed to the special soldier’s forehead. "Brother Xiao smiled and said. What I hate most in my life is that the first few games with guns pointed at me were solved by me, but your life is good. I’ll spare your life tonight … "I remembered that this South Vietnamese ghost didn’t understand his mother after I finished talking. This is not talking nonsense to the cow for a long time. After I finished talking, Nai shook his head. It seems that I am really a little confused.
"Bala Bala Bala ….." After the dry elder brother finished, the South Vietnamese special forces were also Bala Bala for a long time. You couldn’t understand what you said. Can you understand these birds? ! Brother Gan didn’t get angry and just wanted to scold him, but on second thought, he just scolded him to death, and he didn’t know that he wasn’t bored and tired, so he didn’t say much. He didn’t spend so much time with the nuclear submarine in the sea, so Brother Gan grabbed the butt of the gun and the South Vietnamese special soldier’s head was just a ghost who didn’t even hum his mother, so he just fell to the ground. Brother Gan looked at these twelve elite South Vietnamese special soldiers, but it was just so normal that he could brag about a real thing and withered. Is it a mule or a horse that comes out and walks around? His mother still dares to challenge China at this level. It’s just overreaching!
Brother Gan knocked out the twelve ghost departments in South Vietnam and quickly carried them together. Brother Gan knew that he could not kill them, but the lesson was that he had to teach himself a lesson. Otherwise, his trip was not a waste of time. It was not a pain in the ass. It was better to sleep with the little witch at home! It’s easy to pull out the mountain and wade in the water at night, so Brother Gan found the rope in the tent and tied them together in twos, then took out the army thorn and tore their tent into strips and choked their mouths. This is just to teach them a profound lesson, so that they can be naked and scared, but they are the most elite troops in South Vietnam. Today, I can stun you and kill you after tying them up. This is a kind of spiritual shock, and the effect is sometimes more powerful than killing them directly!
After brother Gan tied them up, he made a keen inspection to make sure that there were no loopholes. After that, brother Gan tied their hands. If you don’t rely on others, you won’t be able to solve them, and the more you struggle, the tighter you will be. Therefore, it is impossible for them to break free and move reinforcements. Brother Gan threw them aside whether they were guns or sabers, and took off their military uniforms, leaving them with a small vest inside.
Brother gan just wanted to leave. I thought I had to leave something. Otherwise, who knows we did it? Let them guess at random, so it’s better to sign up by themselves! So Brother Gan took out the army to stab the beach and wrote a powerful Chinese character "Manyi South Vietnam Huaxia Rowen!" The word dry brother is written to estimate that your sea water will not be washed away even if it is washed for three days and nights! Brother Gan thinks this word is enough to say the problem. First of all, the word barbarian South Vietnam scolded South Vietnam, which means that South Vietnam, a grandchild, is a dependency of China. Now that your wings are not hard, his mother dares to bully the teacher and destroy the ancestors. It’s time to kill! Behind the four words, Huaxia Rowen left his own name, which means to tell you that this thing in South Vietnam today was done by my Chinese man. This thing is to show my Chinese man’s bloodiness and my Chinese inviolability! This is a lesson. If his mother knew her mistake and didn’t change her words, she wouldn’t be so kind!
Brother Gan smiled and looked at his perfect method with satisfaction, and then looked back. He was tied into a ball by himself. The South Vietnamese special forces turned around and quickly left Brother Gan and went to the original starting place. Then he put on a diving suit and pushed the torpedo barrel into the sea. Press the wrist satellite locator and dive into the sea to swim inside.
At this time, the nuclear submarine has been staring at the radar nervously. Suddenly, the soldier found that the satellite positioning device of Gange was moving slowly, so he quickly reported to the captain that "the captain’s target has appeared!"
There anxiously waiting for the captain to come to the big screen as soon as he heard the news, and look at the big screen of the satellite positioning device with my brother’s body. A little red dot slowly moved towards his side, so he immediately ordered with joy, "The horse moves towards the target to meet!" It’s been almost two hours since I went to Kotoku Island. The captain of the boat has spent two hours, for fear of any accident. This dragon is a national treasure. If he falls here, he can’t feel guilty. Besides, this is the commander’s baby son-in-law. How can he tell the commander if something happens? How to explain to the country! Therefore, he, the logistics staff, is simply more jumpy than the executive!
Now that Brother Gan has come back, it’s easy to handle the nuclear submarine. It’s not far away, that is, five nautical miles. So in a few minutes, Brother Gan took the lead and hit the valve of the nuclear submarine department. After sneaking in, he saw that all the officers and men were looking at themselves as if they were serious. After taking off their diving suits, Brother Gan smiled and said, "What are you all staring at me for? Have I been out for two hours?"
"What brothers and comrades want to know how to implement it!" The captain spoke his mind on behalf of the officers and men.
"Ha ha, I’ve come back safely. Can I still finish it? Let me tell you this: the completion is perfect. Just wait for the ghost of South Vietnam to run back to their hometown!" Dry elder brother laughed and replied after hearing the captain’s question.
"Really? Then tell the comrades something about Bai … "The coxswain asked after listening to the words of the elder brother, who was obviously in high spirits and excited.
"That’s not true. According to the intelligence, there are twelve special forces stationed on the island. I took one of them, and I tied them naked. Then I left a name on the beach to let them know that our Chinese man is not so easy to mess with. If he is angry, he will not give them general knowledge. Then don’t blame me! I can’t afford to hit you a dozen times! " Brother Gan gave a general account of what had happened.
"That chief, what words do you write for the South Vietnamese imp?" A soldier asked in surprise.
"Ha ha, it’s nothing but the registration number. I’m not a coward. I have to leave a name when I’m done. I didn’t do anything unnatural. Doing things is a heroic thing to defend our country. Is there any reason not to leave a name? Besides, if we don’t leave a name, maybe someone will take credit for us! Let’s hit it just to let South Vietnam know that China is not so easy to bully us. Why don’t we leave a number? We’re not sneaking around! So I wrote a word,’ South Vietnam is barbarian and China is Rowen!’ Tell them that these barbarian little Huaxia countries are not so easy to bully. If you don’t fight, you won’t argue with your small country. Don’t be shameless! Doing so means that I can beat you when I want to, and I can beat your ass! "Dry elder brother explained with a smile.
"Huaxia Rowen! These four words are good, which really reflects the majesty of my Chinese soldiers! Yang our military power! " After listening to Brother Gan’s words, the captain repeated "Yang Wei" and said that all the officers and men in the backcourt shouted "Yang Wei! Yang our military power! " The nuclear submarine echoed with deafening. Chapter 95 The hero returns!
This time, it can be said that Gan Ge’s completion was perfect. Let the military critic comment on this operation. Because Gan Ge didn’t kill the twelve South Vietnamese special forces, it didn’t cause unnecessary diplomatic disputes. Nan Yuegen couldn’t say anything because they were at fault, so they could eat dumb loss first, so they could swallow their front teeth. Although Gan Ge didn’t kill anyone, it expressed a meaning that not killing doesn’t mean not killing, let alone not dare to kill Gan Ge. If it is quick, you in South Vietnam don’t want to mess things up.
After cheering, the officers and men in the nuclear submarine, such as Brother Gan, said with a smile, "Being a soldier is to have this momentum and consider everything, but we soldiers can’t be discouraged, especially when the country needs it. That’s a soldier. What is a soldier? A soldier is a real man! The meat in the crotch is not white. Without this boldness of vision, it is better to cut it and go to the palace to play as the eunuch manager! The first duty of a soldier is to order me to hope that one day when China’s crisis comes, every soldier can rush to defend the country and defend the people! " I don’t know why Gange’s desire to speak is getting more and more serious now. It doesn’t hurt that wherever he meets people, he always wants to preach the truth. And Gange is definitely an excellent speaker! It’s a pity that Brother Gan didn’t take this road, otherwise he might really become a famous inspirational master like Chen An.
Brother Gan said this time, none of the officers and men were silent. Everyone wanted to be a brother. Just now, to tell the truth, although these soldiers usually carry out ideological education for three days and two ends, they really didn’t hear much. Because those lecturers said that they were all empty and didn’t pull a few things, who could understand them? This is another theoretical thing. Finally, they had to take an exam. Brother Gan said that it was so simple. In a word, when you are a soldier, you have to be a man. That’s why the meat in your crotch is not white! Listen to this. Although it sounds rough, you can’t get into Daya Gallery, but every word is the truth. Every word has been said to everyone’s heart. Everyone didn’t laugh or boo, but relished what Brother Gan just said. If that day really comes, are you ready? Everyone asks themselves.
"All right, let’s go back and think about it! The chief has just finished execution and is a little tired. Let the chief have a rest first! " Finally, the captain ordered that all the officers and men should return to their posts in an orderly manner, while Brother Gan was led by the captain to the captain’s room.
"Brother, I’m one of you! At ordinary times, our boat often invites military instructors to give lectures on political theory to comrades, but the soldiers are bored. Don’t mention them, that is, I sometimes get sick of listening to them. It’s just the same thing. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just more disgusting. People are still abstruse and white if you don’t listen, the longer you listen, the more confused you will be. Finally, you can make yourself dizzy in the lecture! What do you call this? In the final assessment, officers and men have to take time out to recite it suddenly. This is not fooling around. It is better to improve the military skills of officers and men when there is that! But just now, you talked for a few minutes. You see how seriously the comrades listened! Do you think this is ok? If you come to our boat more often in the future, what do you think of the captain of the Xihai 19 nuclear submarine now formally inviting you to be the instructor of our officers and men? Of course, I know this request is a bit excessive, and you are also very busy sometimes, but it’s ok if you don’t come to talk about two classes sometimes … "As soon as I got back to the captain’s room, the captain asked the dry brother.
"Ha ha, what’s too much? I just take the time to come over. I’m also a veteran. It’s my duty. Don’t worry. I’ll leave my contact information to you when I come back. If you need me to nag my boat, just give me a call. I usually have it …" Brother Gan smiled and said that he left his contact information to the captain. Boy, he kept the captain excited and shook his hand tightly, leaving him crying. It’s no wonder that he wouldn’t agree. Because who is brother Gan? It’s a famous dragon thing. When
"Brothers, thanks! I thank you for all the officers and men of the Xihai 19 nuclear submarine! " The captain, Brother Songgan, said with excitement that he stood at attention and gave a standard military salute to Brother Gangan!
"Ha ha, captain, anyway, it’s not a big deal for me to take a good bite. Let’s officers and men be able to defend our country and win honor for our country …" Brother Gan smiled and gave a military salute back.
Because the distance is not too far, Gange returned to the naval port of the West Sea Fleet before dawn. When the nuclear submarine surfaced and opened the hatch, Gange saw three people ashore. From a distance, Gange could tell that one was Kodak Day, the other was Zhang Zhentian. It turned out that when Gange had just returned to the nuclear submarine, the captain reported the situation to Kodak Tianhui, and Kodak Day and Zhang Zhentian had not rested since Gange became a nuclear submarine, and they had been waiting for news of Gange in the West Sea Fleet War Command Room.
When they learned that Brother Gan had successfully completed and returned to the nuclear submarine, Kodak and Zhang Zhentian smiled at each other, and a hanging heart finally fell. Although they believed in Brother Gan’s strength, things always changed rapidly, and no one knew what would happen in one second, so they had to worry about worse. Brother Gan was still Zhang Zhentian’s trump card in the National Security Bureau. Zhang Zhentian didn’t want him to have a mistake in Koda Tian, let alone ask himself a baby daughter, so there would be a good son-in-law if something happened to him. I really couldn’t explain to my daughter, so when I heard that Brother Gan had returned safely, they went to the naval dock regardless of everyone’s dissuasion to wear military coats, and they didn’t let other people’s followers bring a secret. They wanted to welcome the hero back in person!
When Brother Gan walked off the deck in high spirits and returned to the coast, Zhang Zhentian smiled and hugged Brother Gan. Every time Brother Gan came back from the outside in the past three years, it was necessary to welcome Brother Gan back in this way every day in Zhang zhen. Without saying anything, only with a smile can the feelings be white! At this rate, I don’t know how many times I’ve been hugged by this smelly old man Zhang Zhentian! But to tell the truth, although Zhang zhen Heaven and Man are a little old, their arms are still quite safe!
After the hug, Brother Gan and Zhang Zhentian came to Kedatian and gave a military-like salute and reported, "Report that Chief Tianlong has been successfully completed. Please give instructions from Chief!"
"Ha ha good! It seems that my Kodak daughter didn’t choose the wrong person. Good job is a Han! " Koda Tian looked at Brother Gan with a generous laugh and said, as he spoke, he patted Brother Gan on the shoulder with his hand. Although Kodak is almost seventy people every day, his arm strength is still amazing. Brother Gan can feel that it is a kind of heavy vitality from the few times he patted himself. The result of years of exercise is far from being achieved overnight!
"Ha ha, I think this little didn’t choose the wrong person! Commander Ke, you humen dog, I think Miss Ke must also be a phoenix among women heroes. He is a bargain! " Zhang Zhentian also laughed and said after hearing Koda Tian’s words, but this guy was too busy complimenting Koda Tian to give a lecture to dry elder brother. It’s not authentic. You can praise whoever you want, but you can’t hurt Koda. It’s easy for people to find a wife.
Dry elder brother looked at Zhang zhen day with a wry smile, and secretly scolded Zhang Zhentian, or Koda Tian, the old father-in-law’s heart, heard Koda Tian’s answer, "Ah, don’t let my little girl be spoiled by her mother since she was a child. My three brothers have all been trained by me, and now they have all become children’s fathers. But this little girl thinks she is a girl since she was a child, and she always wants to take care of it." But although it’s nothing big, it’s not bad. Fortunately, I found Xiao Gan, who can cook and let her man. Otherwise, I really don’t trust … "
"O Xiao Gan can still cook?" Zhang Zhentian obviously didn’t know brother Gan and this unique skill. After hearing Koda’s words, he quickly asked

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