A half-ancestor asked tentatively, "Is it the elder Sun who guards the Tibetan Pavilion? Isn’t he fit and powerful? "
Elder Zhan Long glanced at the man and said, "Whoever you are is qualified to guard the treasure house?"
"Elder Sun has long been the bodhi old zu Mahayana! He will do his best to stay in the ancient battlefield and feel nothing, so he will return to Zongmen and choose to hide in the pavilion. "
The other two half-ancestors showed a sudden color.
Elder Zhan Long gloated with his arms. "When the mysterious man enters the Tibetan Pavilion, he will find a big surprise waiting for him!"
Tiangang Sect Tibetan Pavilion is on the 36th main peak, Zhongtian Kuifeng.
This Tibetan pavilion is very old, ten feet tall, and has seven floors, which are full of ancient books and occultism.
Wu Daozun didn’t hesitate to push the door before he came to the Tibetan Pavilion.
A dusty old smell came at the gate.
Wu Daozun stepped into the Tibetan Pavilion and disappeared into the darkness. Behind him, the door slowly closed and disappeared from the sight of the Dragon Elder and others.
Wu Daozun entered the hall on the first floor of the Tibetan Pavilion. He didn’t hurry to move around. He looked around the hall and finally landed in a dark corner.
After a while, a hoarse cough came from this dark corner.
It seems that someone slowly got up from the ground and stirred up a dust and came out of the darkness.
This is an old man with a gray hair, short stature, skinny and rickety body, and the most he can do is to respect his waist in martial arts.
The old man hobbled with a bare, crooked wooden stick in his hand, hung his head and his hair was disheveled. "What do you want to see?"
"I don’t watch"
Wu Daozun looked at the old man and said Gherardini, "I’m going to take it all away."
The old man sighed, "Young people are just greedy."
"If you really want to browse these ancient books, you can come at any time, but if you want to take these ancient books, hey hey, you can eat them alone."
"Young man, listen to me. If you have such a big appetite, you will die!"
Wu Daozun smiled slightly. "Old man, I also advise you that you should go to enjoy your old age and mind your own business is also fatal."
Chapter one thousand six hundred and sixteen Star Picker
Wu Daozun’s whole Tibetan pavilion fell into silence instantly.
"Hey hey hey!"
It was a long time before a strange smile broke out in the Tibetan Pavilion.
The old man slowly looked up and revealed a pair of muddy eyes, grinning and revealing a yellow tooth. His cheeks were wrinkled and his smile was ferocious. He looked like a spectre!
"Young man, do you know who you are talking to?"
The old man stared at budo face slowly asked.
Although the old man has entered the twilight, he still has sharp eyes and wants to see through the fog of budo’s face.
But this fog is so mysterious that he can see through it!
"A dying bodhi old zu"
Wu Daozun said simply
The old man squinted in his heart and asked, "Can you see through me?"
You know, he always hides the realm of cultivation. To outsiders, he seems to be an ordinary fit.
I didn’t expect his details to be hit home by Wu Daozun!
In fact, when Wu Daozun came to Tiangang Sect to disperse his knowledge, he had already discovered the Tibetan Pavilion to hide this bodhi old zu!
Accurately speaking, after a tour of Wudao Zun’s scattered gods, he knows exactly how many ancestors and how many powerful people are in the highest Sect.
Everything in plough Sect can’t be hidden from Wu Daozun’s eyes and divine knowledge!
"Who the hell are you!"
The old man’s eyes grew colder and colder and asked slowly
"I am Arakawa."
Wu Daozun said simply
The old man flatly said, "I heard that the two true bodies of Huangwu have gathered in the mysterious palace root and there is no way to get away. How can you be him!"
Wu Daozun smiled and ignored the gods’ move to collect all the ancient books here.
The old man drank a "star photo!"
The powerful magical power permeates the old man’s head, and a huge star falls and a dazzling starlight pierces towards Wudao Zun!
"Ah …"
Wu Daozun chuckled and shook his head. "You really want to die."
Facing the arrival starlight, Wu Daozun leaned out of his palm and grabbed it against the starlight toward the sky!
A big hand covering the sky seems to disturb the Milky Way!
For a moment, this big hand actually dragged the stars above the old man’s head from the sky in the palm of his hand!
The old man stared at his eyes, and his eyes were deeply shocked.
Wu Daozun in his heart is mysterious but half-ancestor.
Although he is old, if he releases the magical power, he will surely hit this mysterious man in purple and even kill him!

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