Then the shadow robbery, which contains all the power of thunder, was also injected into his body with the help of the statue. After refining, the thunder attribute became a sixth attribute that was about to be formed
Xiao Fan can’t understand the last kind of rule force for the time being, but he is not in a hurry. Once the last kind of force obtains the Seven Magical Scriptures, the compulsory practice will soar again.
This time, the long-term meditation has laid a deeper foundation, and it has generally reached the critical point of the late Yuan Ling period, reaching a level of five million, which is comparable to the ordinary practice of day order’s martial arts and reaching the peak of adulthood!
Although malaria is practiced by oneself, it has been absorbing the strength of the boundary stone for 300 years, and its own strength has also recovered rapidly, which is comparable to that of ordinary adult monks
Xiao Fan busy also would have given Zhou Yuxiang to those herbal materials department light alchemy, although it is much worse than Donghuang reality, but it has long been adept at alchemy, even if the whole Yunhe mainland has not been able to find a few comparable people.
And he is most proud of his extremely high success rate, even if Donghuang’s reality is crying, it is better to sigh.
The success rate of refining every Dan medicine Xiao Fan is ninety percent, and refining every Dan medicine is seventy percent.
Although there is not enough material method for Xiao Fan to try to refine Tiandan medicine, it is not difficult for him to actually refine it according to his current experience.
However, the elixir medicine has been independently refined by manpower, and it must be matched with the same stage or higher blast furnace tripod. The required materials are also rarer than what Xiao Fan will not consider for the time being.
Yu Shiluo is in a good state of practice, with the foundation of the Curse Heart Sutra and the chaos of magical powers. Plus, Dong Huang’s real person keeps pointing out the speed of practice, which can be said to be a thousand miles in a day. Besides, it is not necessary to cross the natural disaster. For the celestial practitioners, it is even more difficult to repair the natural barrier in just 300 years. Xiao Fan arrived at the early adulthood!
It’s not surprising that Xiao Fan and Donghuang are ashamed at such a rapid and advanced practice speed compared with their own hard work. Even the practice of day order’s achievement method can approach Putian root so quickly, and there is no second person except Saro!
This is the magic of the Cursed Heart Sutra!
For Salo, there is no such thing as a bottleneck, and there is no difficulty from beginning to end.
However, it doesn’t mean that this Cursed Heart Sutra is beneficial and harmful, except that Yuan Dan was not born in the whole process of advanced gauze, and naturally there is no Yuan Ling. Compared with this, the difference between monks of the same order is one point, and the higher the repair, the greater the difference.
However, it is not important that there is no Yuanling in the province for ascending the realm like drinking cold water, which can be compensated by the advantages of rapid realm.
From the fact that Yuan Li is nearly one million, it can be seen that the monks in the same order want the other side not to practice day order’s achievement method, even if the other side Yuan Ling is strong, Saro will hold the other side firmly.
Coupled with the mysterious and magical chaos, Sarasa Luo’s combat power has risen several times. It is not only true to hand in hand, but Xiao Fan is not an opponent. Even if you respect it, it will take some energy to make enemies.
It is a great news for Xiao Fan that the practice of General Salo is going on.
Donghuang’s real person is only a wisp of ghost in the past 300 years, but the stone force of Jieyuan constantly nourishes the soul body and becomes stronger. The original illusory figure has already been swept away, and the soul is closer to the physical state with less realistic power, which is comparable to the master in the late stage of ordinary fit.
This is the magic and great power of Jieyuanshi. It’s really the bottom of a big tree to enjoy the cool!
"I don’t know what happened to Zhou Yuxiang. Three hundred years later, she is still in a state of concentration. Her realm is higher than mine. I can’t see through her situation now!" Xiao Fan Zun slowly got up from meditation, smiled and stepped forward to blend in with the statue and the body in one.
"Well, the situation doesn’t seem very optimistic!" Donghuang reality rubbing the eyes staring at Zhou Yuxiang for a moment and then slowly shook his head a way
"It seems that Sister Yuxiang seems to be in pain!" Leno, at this time, is repairing it. Naturally, you can see at a glance that it is the peak of Yuan Ling, Zhou Yuxiang’s situation at this time.
However, Zhou Yuxiang’s eyes were closed and her eyebrows were tight, and her head was covered with sweat. The strength of her body was strong and weak, which seemed to be very painful.
"Her pre-training should not belong to her, but be forced to instill in her. Although she refined most of it, she didn’t practice it bit by bit. The vitality in the yin and yang world is so heavy that the original foundation is unstable. Now she is constantly promoted and now she has too much vitality to impact the adult realm. It is difficult for her to overcome this difficulty!" Donghuang reality sigh a way
Yin-Yang boundary is what Donghuang real people call this crystal world in wicked heart.
His words haven’t finished Zhou Yuxiang suddenly face a change immediately one mouthful blood gush out …
"A joke I what to take back? I can’t get it back, either. My residual soul has merged with her soul. If it is forcibly stripped, wouldn’t it be killing her? I said I wouldn’t do it to people, naturally not! " "I don’t want to waste my precious mind!" said the magic sword blood shura.
Say the magic sword blood shura blade suddenly flashing a few strange runes immediately a gray luster into the gauze ROM eyebrows.
Leno’s face was embarrassed and he couldn’t bear to scream. He fainted immediately.
"You … you said you wouldn’t do it. What is this?" Donghuang reality gnashed her teeth and asked
Chapter 145 Curse the Heart Sutra
"Hum, do I have to do something to a mortal girl?" The magic sword blood shura said that the sword body flashed and disappeared, leaving that gloomy and ethereal voice in front of Donghuang’s real person. "Since you don’t have a suitable skill to give her, I will take advantage of her and give her a Curse Heart Sutra and chaos. When she wakes up, you can help her practice!"
"What? Curse the Heart Sutra and … Chaos? " Donghuang’s face was very complicated when he was shocked. Looking at Saro, who was in a coma again.
This is … every cloud has a silver lining!
Donghuang sighed. He knew the preciousness of these two things!
Chaos is very rare, and it is needless to say that the value of avatar to avatar is very rare.
However, the Cursed Heart Sutra made Donghuang’s real mood unable to calm down for a long time.
Known as the first ancient feat "Curse the Heart Sutra"!
Practitioners can quickly improve their self-cultivation by virtue of cursing power, but contempt for the laws of heaven and earth will naturally avoid the punishment of natural disaster. The only drawback is that the demand for practice is harsh, and they must be pure yin women born with cursing body!
Because of this general demand close to the natural barrier, this article, which is the first outstanding achievement, has long been lost.
But I never thought that this magical method would be possessed by the magical sword and blood shura, and it was thrown to Saro like junk!
It’s true that different people have different opportunities. Like Salo, every cloud has a silver lining has had great opportunities since then, which people envy.
Soon after Salo woke up, the Donghuang real person assisted in formal practice, and at the same time took care of Xiao Fan’s alchemy and gave directions to Zhou Yuxiang’s retreat, which was also very busy at the moment.

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