She wore a spacious apricot robe and a huge hood with a hidden face. She waited until she was close to Goofy and Reed before slowly taking off the hood that covered her face.
The venerable mage-Gu Yi
"Master Gu Yi?" Both Gao Fei and Reid expressed some surprise. "Why are you here?"
Gu Yi, the Earth Master, and her disciples travel around the world every day to stop all kinds of magical creatures from invading the earth from the magical side, so Gu Yi’s workload is no less relaxed than that of Illuminati and Super Patrol.
This is the second time that Gao Fei and Reid have met Master Gu Yi since the ebony throat incident.
Guyi smiled softly and said, "Oh, I came here because there was some incident in new york …"
"An episode?" Goofy immediately became alert. Did Master Guyi discover the invasion of another dimension?
Otherwise, Guyi said seriously, "About three hours ago, I perceived a time crack near the suburb of Queens. At this time, the crack linked the earth with another dimensional world and almost caused the two worlds to blend …"
"Don’t you two realize this?"
Reed shrugged his shoulders and said, "I’m sorry I didn’t realize it until I got back to Earth three hours ago …"
"We here detection system-compound eye-can observe haunters it is difficult to observe the invasion of another dimension, and there is no such thing as …"
"What’s worse, the compound eye has been overloaded for several days due to the recent outbreak in haunters, new york. I may need to upgrade it. This old chap can continue to work smoothly …"
"But it’s a pity that I’m currently studying an alien warship and have no time to upgrade my compound eye."
Gu Yi nodded and concluded, "You didn’t find it, did you?"
Reed nodded. "I didn’t find it."
When Hou Gu looked at Gao Fei, he asked, "What about you, officer Gao Fei?"
"I found out," Goofy said. "Actually, the location where this dimension appeared was just right for me to run the Super College baseball field. At that time, my daughter helped stop the expansion of the dimension on the spot …"
"It was Carrie who stopped all this?"
The ancient one suddenly realized that she still wondered why the disaster had just popped up and was pressed.
When dealing with ebony throat before, Gu Yi was lucky enough to see the live broadcast when dealing with the dark elves, although he didn’t appreciate Carrie’s power.
Carrie turned into a high-flying girl and punched through the dark elf warship, which left a deep impression on Master Gu Yi.
Carrie’s transformation can fool most people, but she can’t fool Guyi, who is proficient in magic
"No wonder … Carrie is really powerful. She stopped it too long. If the time gap expands, the situation will become very difficult-because we don’t know what kind of world the other side of the time gap is, whether the creatures there are friendly or not, and whether the fighting power is like …" Gu Yi said seriously
Goofy was also scared for a while. If the crack really widened at this time, wouldn’t he become a sinner?
"How did the ancient mage form cracks at this time?"
Goofy is eager to know the mechanism of this situation. After all, it determines whether he can continue to use crossing skills in the future.
After all, once he made the traveler experience the card, the crossing time was longer than it is now, but there was no time crack at that time.
On the contrary, it took an hour to cross this time, and suddenly it crossed a time crack.
Reed Richards was also very curious about this time gap and leaned in and asked, "Yes, did this happen to Master Gu Yi before?"
"Of course it happened, otherwise I would have judged that it was a time crack," Gu Yi said. "And the time crack appeared very frequently, and I found it more than ten times alone …"
Goofy can’t help but gasp-I’m not the only one in trouble!
"So how exactly did this happen?" Goofy forced not to stay asked
Gu Yiyi did not directly answer Goofy’s question but asked, "Officer Goofy, how much do you know about multiverses and parallel universes?"
Goofy cunningly threw the question back to Master Guyi, "Please ask the Master for advice."
Master Gu Yi smiled and explained, "The universe we live in is not monotonous and practical. It has limited possibilities, and you, me and Mr. Richards see this world as one of these limited possibilities."
Reid has some research on the concept of parallel universe, which can quickly understand the meaning of the ancient mage
He nodded and said, "Schrodinger’s cat uncertainty principle and quantity superposition principle make many possibilities in the micro-field, and these possibilities will become certain after the equivalent is observed, but the observer observes a certain possibility of quantity rather than other possibilities."
The ancient mage explained that the speech of the stick was easy to understand. "This is not the case for human beings and a substance in this universe, such as this cup …"
Said the ancient mage took the coffee cup in Goofy’s hand and held it high again.
"… I can let go and it will break in three seconds, but I can’t let go and it will break. So will you break this cup after three seconds?"
"It’s neither broken nor broken," Redma gave the correct answer.
Goofy is a face of collapse "? What is broken and not broken? Playing word games with me? "
"Yes," Gu Yi nodded. "The cup is neither broken nor broken, but we can push it into its two-state world at the same time. Because these two different States form two completely different parallel universes, we’ observers’ can enter a universe."
Because of the different states of matter and the potential reality, the observer is divided into different but parallel universes, and he sees the corresponding results when he enters which parallel universe.
Hearing this, Goofy probably understood.
But he still didn’t figure out what the cracks were in parallel universes.

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