The flowers in the vicinity of the eye are colorful.
There is no building in the valley, but there is a huge bluestone sitting among the flowers with a red figure.
This figure is dressed in a bloody robe, with her arms wrapped in her knees and her black hair like a waterfall, and her arms are bent and half of her cheeks are buried.
She looks a little lazy and casual, just like a bloody butterfly standing quietly.
Although I saw a silhouette Su Mo, I was sure it was Butterfly Moon!
This figure has haunted him for many years.
Su Mo once thought about the reunion of two people several times.
Maybe Butterfly Moon is facing a difficult disaster, and he comes like a god, driving a colorful butterfly moon and fighting side by side with her.
Maybe there’s some strong enemy forcing Butterfly Moon to marry her.
Like butterfly moon, there must be several people who admire her for her amazing talent.
Su Mo is ready to rob Butterfly Moon even if there is a big wedding reception!
Maybe he was in danger and Butterfly Moon sensed it and saved him.
Or maybe …
Su Mo thought too many scenes, but he never thought that the reunion of the two would be such a quiet and peaceful place. In the small valley, birds, flowers and butterflies danced and the stream gurgled.
No swords and shadows, no blood shed.
This moment is like a dream.
But it’s real and beautiful
This is the best way for two people to meet.
Just like the student and girl in Pingyang town.
Bluestone that figure seems to perceive something.
Accurately speaking, Butterfly Moon Xiu must have known that someone was coming and just didn’t want to pay attention.
Xu had been touched by Su Mo’s eyes, and the figure gradually looked up and looked at this side.
Four eyes relative
Two people can’t move the line of sight.
Butterfly Moon’s face first has a trace of doubt, and then it is a surprise, but it is unbelievable in her beautiful eyes.
This kind of emotional fluctuation is rare.
"Su Ergong?"
After a long time, Butterfly Moon asked softly. It seems that she is still not sure.
Most people in Pingyang town, the wild mainland, will call Su Mo this way.
Butterfly Moon lived in Pingyang Town for three years and naturally knew it.
Hearing this old name Su Mo smiled and said, "Butterfly girl, I’m coming for you."
Both of them were called Pingyang Town.
Butterfly Moon also smiled when she heard this sentence.
"I will come to you!"
"Yeah, I’ll wait for you."
When she was away from the town, the teenager behind the mainland, who had finished her cause and effect, once called this sentence to her.
At that time, she also casually replied.
But I didn’t think that the boy came for an appointment today!
Butterfly Moon Heart seems to be hit by something at this moment.
That kind of feeling is metaphorical

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