"I didn’t expect to be baptized by the ancestral dragon pillar to have such benefits."
Sumo andao Ichi
If this sentence is heard by his dragon, I’m afraid I will be angry and vomiting blood!
The supernatural power has once again hardened his flesh and blood, and his gestures are full of great power!
Carefully feeling the second avatar mysterious Su Mo secretly nodded.
This magical power is the ancestral dragon pillar.
The blood of the ancestral dragon leads to the arrival of the dragon gas pillar, which can suppress the fate and suppress all ethnic groups.
Just then Sue ink heart move think of one thing.
Stepping into the realm of law, I don’t know what is the follow-up to the secret book of the Wild Lich King.
He looked at the sea consciously.
If not!
The sea of knowledge has changed!
He was surrounded by four fist-sized balls of light.
What root in each ball of light can’t be seen clearly?
But every ball of light exudes a terrible smell, and even Sumo feels a thrill!
At the same time, a familiar sound sounded in the sea.
Hearing this, Su Mo was shocked and felt a strong yearning in his heart, and his look became gentle.
This is the sound of butterfly moon.
Sumo will never forget it.
"There is a tenth chapter after the secret book of the Twelve Lich Kings in the Wild, that is, the whole story of God is difficult to write down, and there is no cultivation method that can leave a memory."
The butterfly moon sound is still so indifferent and calm as water.
"If you can get to this point, you will naturally hear these words. If you can’t get to tell you before, it will only increase your troubles and increase your obsession."
"There are four magical powers in the avatar article, which correspond to the law, Mahayana and Du Jie respectively! You can only understand a magical power when you reach the realm. "
This is the end of the speech, which was left before Butterfly Moon.
If Su Mohxiu can’t practice dharma, he can’t even hear these words.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and three Witches and scorpions
"Not surprisingly, this should be the four magical powers recorded in the avatar article."
Su Mo looked at the four mysterious balls of light around him in the sea of knowledge.
It was not until this time that the Secret Book of the Twelve Lich Kings in the Wild was really revealed.
It turned out that after he cultivated to Yang Shen, the blood vision condensed out the demon king!
If these four mysterious balls of light mean that the four lich kings plus the former lich king are exactly twelve!
As far as he is concerned, a light ball in the sea of knowledge suddenly broke!
There emerged a palm-sized turtle floating in an ocean with great spirituality, looking at Su Mo motionless.
Su Mo, the turtle’s eyes hit a boom in my mind.
A mysterious feeling gradually flowed in his heart.
After stepping into the dharma realm, the first avatar in the avatar article has been solved!
This magical power is taken from a sea turtle, the demon king of the wild!
There is a barren sea in the wasteland.
A real dragon is king, and the vertical and horizontal enemies are called the sea dragon king!
And there is a spirit turtle in the depths of this desolate sea, which is much older than the dragon king of the desolate sea!
On weekdays, Linggui lurks in the depths of the desolate sea and is silent.
But once you show up, even the wild sea dragon king can’t make any waves!
Through this Zhenhai Linggui’s eyes, some theories about the wasteland gradually flooded into Su Mo’s mind.
It’s like a memory bearing

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