Smelly little guy actually said that your big brother was an idiot. When he heard "bang", a fist fell on Kirby’s head.
"It hurts," said Kirby, holding his head.
You also know that Ai Ai touched his hair and ran to the village weapons store.
The familiar scene of the bustling street appeared again. When the two figures of Chirabi appeared here, the street became quiet.
"It’s annoying to have this expression again. I’m in a good mood again." Looking at the passers-by, the eyes that exclude themselves one by one are that Kirby’s expression turns cold again.
He is not a saint once or twice at first, but for a long time, whenever his mood is ruined by them, even the so-called Quirabi sometimes really wants to give them a few knives, but such a vision is not enough as a reason for him to do it.
How could Kirby’s change hide from Ai’s eyes and turn into an iceberg again? Bi Ai opened his mouth and finally sighed.
He doesn’t know how to comfort him more than he knows that the only thing he can do is to take good care of him, that’s all.
Time passed quickly and I was in no mood. Rabbi Quirrell soon chose his third knife. This time, the knife I bought was an absorbable chakra knife. When they came out of the weapons store, Kirby had three knives on his waist. These days, we must get familiar with it and realize that the knife skill is stable. This has just broken through to the shadow strength, otherwise it will be a big loss if it falls back to the quasi-shadow level.
It’s another year in a hurry. At this time, Kirby is 12 years old, and his height has reached about 175.
The location is still Yunlei Gorge driving range. See Kirby holding a sword in both hands and biting his knife. The driving range is constantly jumping and slashing.
Tiger hunting, cattle ghosts, soul hunting, soul-breaking, and Buddha’s flurry dance are gradually used with one attack. The figure of Qirabi is getting faster and faster. From a distance, you can see that the ripples are erratic and the ghosting is as elegant as the fairy dance …
As time flies, the sun is already shining west, and Kirby’s figure is stretched.
Breathe a sigh of relief, Kirby put three knives in the scabbard, and then disappeared into the Yunlei Gorge driving range.
When Kirby reappeared, it was already in Yunyin village street. At this time, he was like a lonely traveler walking silently. When he passed the busy street, the original noisy street became silent again. This situation has been encountered several times.
"whew, whew"
Suddenly, seven eggs flew from the sky to Kirby to listen to "Bang, Bang, Bang". It’s unbelievable that Kirby was hit by a flying egg. You know, Kirby is a filmmaker! I cann’t believe I got hit, too
Eggs will be immersed in the world of thoughts. Rabi pulled back from the world of thoughts. He stopped and touched the hair covered with egg whites and looked up at those murderers. Even children can’t forgive them for their bloody murderous actions. Since they made moves against me, they would have made a sense of death. If it weren’t for the main line, he would have never wanted to stay in Yunyin Village.
Several teenagers were frozen as soon as they touched Kirby’s eyes. They seemed to see something like a horror scene, and their eyes were full of horror.
"devil" is that word that pop up in their minds.
Quirabi held the handle in one hand and the blade slowly slipped out of the scabbard. The gentle sunshine of the sunset shone on the blade and it was cold and cold.
"Ding" As the blade slipped out of the scabbard, Kirby’s murderous look instantly reached the boundary point. Once the cold season fell to the lowest point, even if the original still looked at him with repulsive eyes, pedestrians did not move and turned into panic. It was not that they didn’t want to move, but that they found themselves unable to move.
Monster! You monster, everyone is going to run away again.
I don’t know who shouted one by one, so I woke up the pedestrians in the place, and then everyone panicked and fled in all directions to see that the street was still in good order.
Looking at the flustered villager Kirby’s face, the mocking expression could not help but emerge.
"Are you crazy? What do you want to do?" A small voice sounded from Bibi’s head.
"What to do, of course, is to kill people." Quirabi said coldly. He really doesn’t believe that killing a few people can make him even if it is the last step. What about his strength? He is not a vegetarian. At best, he will stay in this world forever.
In the shadow, three masked shadows nodded to each other and then "whew, whew …" A few or three people with broken figures turned back than before.
For a moment, I couldn’t move a few bear children, panting like they were working out of the water.
Monster! You really are a monster! circle runner One child shouted in horror, and then several children ran away towards home 2.
The streets are deserted.
At this moment, a dark part suddenly spoke, "I have something urgent to see you than adult Leiying."
Looking at the three of them, Chirabi grunted coldly, "Really?" The sound is full of doubt.
"Dare not deceive adults" mask dark face cold sweat said.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
This is ridiculous. Kirby suddenly laughed. "Since it’s urgent, why do you say that I remember correctly now? You have been following me in the dark for a long time!"
Kirby’s sarcastic voice just fell and three dark cold sweats broke out.
When did even the children disrespect me? Quiraby looked at the three men coldly and said, "If people don’t attack me, I won’t attack. If they attack me, I will kill them. Since you want to save those children, you can try to block them."
"Shua" almost instantly, three dark parts pulled out their knives at the same time and looked at Kirby cautiously.
The three dark parts will be back to back, and their eyes will be alert all around.
"Are you looking for me?" A cold sound suddenly sounded.
Chapter 39 Two-tailed Pillar Force (for collection and recommendation)
"Are you looking for me?"
Suddenly, among the three people, Kirby said, and then after listening to "Bang, Bang, Bang", he flew backwards in three directions and vomited blood.
"Bang" several loud noises and three figures smashed into the house one after another.
Is this forbearance? It’s really not generally weak! Chirabi said and continued to go in the direction of those bear children.
"Whew, whew, whew" three figures once again appeared in the direction of Chilabi’s progress.
I will never let you die in the past. Three dark places drink a way.
"The wind escapes the pressure, the gun is separated, and the real jade" is carved three times to fly to Kirby.
Is it windy? Lei Dun’s nemesis is a bit interesting. I didn’t expect to spy on me because I was a ninja with wind attributes. Quirabi said indifferently. At the same time, he took out one bite of the other two knives and tightened his hands on the handle. Then Quirabi put on a gesture of "In that case, you can go to hell!"
"high wind dance"
Before, the three lights flashed towards the three people, and then they defeated an A-class and two B-class wind-escaping endurance, and then thundered towards the three people.
"How is it possible?"
As soon as the faces of the three dark places changed, none of them thought that the attack made by Kirby was so fierce. "Are you going to die?" They stared at the light and thought indifferently.
A blue figure appeared in front of the three people, and his hands crossed for a moment, listening to a rumbling sound of "bang", which was a collision sound of physical chopping.
"Go" people drink a pair of hands with chopping hands to turn over the blue chopping and flying into the clouds, and then "bang" disappears with a roar.
Tick-tock, blood flowed from the figure’s hand and gently dripped to the ground.
"Lord Lei Ying"
The three dark departments looked at the three generations of thunder shadows with horror, and their bleeding hands were thunder shadows! The man who claims to be the strongest spear and the strongest shield just smashed his defense with two strokes. At this time, they felt that there was sweat behind him and even their clothes were wet. If the thunder shadow didn’t suddenly appear, they would be chopped and killed.
"Bi" attack is good. Why don’t you go home so late? Your brother is looking for you everywhere! Looking at Kirby LeiYing openings said
Looking at Leiying, Rabi knew that it was hopeless. He put the knife away and put it back in the scabbard. Then he turned his back on Leiying and said, "In that case, I’ll choose to go back." With that, he walked slowly towards home.
"Shout" LeiYing relieved and looked at the bleeding wound and murmured, "I didn’t expect that the boy in the past had reached this state."
Three dark places knelt in front of Lei Ying and said, "My Lord Lei Ying."
"What’s going on in detail" asked LeiYing frowning at dark openings.
"Yes," a secret department replied, and then explained, "The thing is that today …"
I see. Is that right? A few minutes later, listening to the dark words, Lei Ying ordered coldly, "You have to ask the villagers not to make disrespectful moves against Kirby, especially if they violate the rules, they will be treated as traitors."
Dark eyes a clot should way "is LeiYing adult"
Lei Ying waved, "All right, you go!"
"Sou" moment three dark instantaneous disappear again after LeiYing also turned and walked towards the office building.
Street rock crevice Motoy * Ji sat paralyzed and his hands were bitter. I don’t know when he fell to the ground, but he saw it all in other departments. He didn’t expect it to be so much more than life. He was not only ridiculed by others, but also excluded. Somehow, he remembered that when he was a child, the two of them unconsciously shed two clear tears together. Damn it, I am so bitter than my eldest brother. I have to do this to him.

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