Enemy but!
Fight head-on. He’s no match!
Is to break free from this skeleton curse, and it’s already a card before you finish cracking Su Mo!
But there is still no fear in his eyes!
What he has to do is to attract the attention of the blind old man as much as possible …
The real killing is not his body!
At this time, the two men met and a war broke out, which attracted everyone’s attention.
The bystander is even worse, he is a blind old man in the battlefield
Root no one noticed the distant Dragon Tiger Pavilion returning to virtual road flyover screams suddenly stopped when I didn’t know.
Even if someone notices, they won’t think much.
What can this mean?
Looking at the blunt come over Sue ink blind old man corners of the mouth slightly become warped with a sneer at.
It seems to him that Su Mo is already a spent force.
It’s crazy to want to get close!
He has several means to block this and make the distance between them close forever!
At this time, the blind old man’s heart suddenly throbbed!
This throbbing is extremely slight.
If you were someone else, you wouldn’t understand.
However, the blind old man has become extremely sensitive to both senses and external perception!
He suddenly thought of a possibility.
"Not good!"
The blind old man’s body suddenly changed color with a layer of dark green light, and his body became blurred.
I don’t know when a black figure emerged behind him.
Like a ghost, like a ghost
It’s like walking in the dark and killing God!
The night spirit has gone and returned!
This is only when Su Mo and the night spirit understand the tacit understanding.
There is little divine voice and no eye contact between them.
Because the night spirit knows that it is with Su Mo’s single-handedness that he almost defeated the strong people in the witchcraft law.
And if there is no Su Mo to attract the attention of the blind old man, it is impossible to get close to him easily!
It is only when two people join hands that it is possible to fight off this sorcerer Fa Daojun!
Let the night spirit go after the Taoist who returned to the Dragon and Tiger Pavilion, which is a paralyzing blind man!
In fact, the two-person plan has been successful.
But the blind old man is quick enough!

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