"No, you’re wrong."
Orr voice down two female figure suddenly appeared before the line of sight.
Mulan is dressed in armor and Mier’s eyes are firm. "The wolf clan will kill me if they commit my yanhuang!"
"God Terran now also dare to make me Chinese are you ready to be destroyed? !”
What is arrogance!
This is particularly arrogant!
Women dare to look at the strong enemy!
A quasi-holy realm practitioner dares to challenge the whole Terran!
This is the belief and pride of the Terran, and each of them has the same enemy ambition as Su Yu!
"God will make you confess all your sins."
Orr is a saint now and will not be easily provoked by words.
He looked at Mulan with deep eyes.
"If there is a god! Today, the Yanhuang Empire kills God! "
Sue Mier smiled coldly and waved her hand, and the war between the two armies finally unfolded.
Zhuge Liang’s deployment has been completed, and her sisters don’t have to talk nonsense about this alien.
"It turned out to be a deliberate delay."
Mr. Ryukyu and Sue Mier’s eyes flashed through the pitfalls, and then look at Niang’s army. The first team has confronted the enemy head-on, and my heart can’t help but miss a beat. He seems to have overlooked something!
As Su Mier ordered the two armies to fight!
Terran shouted and killed at the sky, and the female soldiers were thin and petite, and they were very flexible to meet the aliens. They looked like beautiful martial arts, and there was a Terran.
The vanguard of the Terran did not expect this group of Terran women to have such a terrorist force.
This force is specially designed to break the momentum of the enemy’s low-level soldiers. If it goes forward, it will be fierce!
"Glory to God!"
This race, which is crazy about God, welcomes the soldiers of the Chinese Empire. They still consider it an honor to kill the enemy.
The ten saints of the Terran did not move, and neither did the military commanders such as Leitian.
The war has started and the practitioners are at war.
The smell of blood is filled with the smell of blood, and the women’s armies are waving smart figures. The samurai legions are fighting bloody battles with their hands and knives, and the Alexander Legion is fighting bloody battles.
From time to time, the Terran of God will burst into a burst of sacred light, and even the long-distance war of the crossbow army has begun.
"kill! ! !”
"Die of the empire! Die of the Terran! Died of the emperor! "
"All the soldiers will die! You can be afraid! "
Loud shouting and killing, wave after wave, the sword fell and brought out inch by inch of blood.
Even if the soldiers are seriously injured or slightly injured, they will not fight for the disabled body on the battlefield and will hold off the enemy.
"Oh, my God!"
The Terran warriors can’t help but be sluggish. They are already an army of fanatics, but this group of Terrans believes and believes in them. The Terran people are even stronger!
Wrecks and corpses can be seen everywhere, and there are white blood-stained wings of Terran and limbs of Terran.
In a blink of an eye, 500,000 people fought, and now 200,000 people are still alive.
Terran warriors occupy the majority.
The women’s troops are still smart, and the figure of the samurai army is still the figure of the Alexander Army!
But these warriors have been surrounded by several relatives’ remains.
They will continue to fight!
Terrans fight!
Fight in the yellow!
Fight for the emperor!
"Make me Chinese! Although it is far away! "
"Make me Chinese! Although it is far away! "
With Alexander’s roar!
People get rid of morale and get back on their feet again
Kill this group of aliens!
Kill this group of aliens and never dare to offend me again!
"The glory of god! Eliminate heresy! "

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