"It will be a slap in the face and the boss will waste this small!" Then a little malicious and complete way
Be Zhang out of the eye Li Yuqiang face transient Yin deep he cold way "is what? I am your woman. We have a gambling agreement. First, you don’t gamble. A group of us kill you and then go to your woman. You win the bet, but there is a chance. You have no choice. "
Even if Li Yuqiang’s words are seen through, they are still full of false meanings.
Zhang Yangxin said, "I don’t believe I’m tough and I’m afraid this bastard will kill him!"
Zhang Yanggao said, "If the outcome is not divided, pick me up again!"
Never put off till tomorrow what you can Li Yuqiang nonsense step rushed to the latter a punch to each other in the chest.
"Is it a poor skill or this trick!" Li Yuqiang’s eyes flashed with contempt.
His fist reappeared, and the blue yuan could resist Zhang Yang’s red fist.
Suddenly, Zhang grasped Li Yuqiang’s fist directly with his hands in claws, and Zhang grasped it tightly regardless of whether the other party could sting or whether the palm overflowed with blood.
"Catch you to death!"
Zhang shouted, grabbing at Li Yuqiang’s throat with the other hand, and the latter quickly raised his hand against his paw.
Also move Zhang another hand firmly grasp the Li Yuqiang another fist.
Hands are captured, Li Yuqiang lifts her feet, and she wants to kick Zhang Yangyin out of her feet, cruel and diabolical!
Zhang didn’t give the other party a chance to kick. His head quickly hit Li Yuqiang’s head
"I killed you!"
"bang! Bang! Hey! "
Both sides touched their foreheads three times in a row, and Li Yujiang was directly hit by Zhang Yang’s head and spilled blood on his forehead.
After three impacts, Zhang Yang roared like a tiger roaring and saw a circular ripple spread, which made Li Yuqiang fall into a dull state again when he woke up.
This time, while Li Yuqiang hasn’t reacted yet, there is no yuan on his forehead to protect Zhang’s tough steel-toed voice and roar loud, making the other person’s brain white at the moment!
Zhang Yang’s hands are loose. Li Yuqiang’s fist can wrap his arms and rotate quickly. Two big black wheels are formed on both sides of Zhang Yang’s body!
Each arm rotated more than 50 times, but it took two seconds for Zhang Yang to yell at him.
"Tiger cannon boxing!"
The runner stopped, two huge fists were thrown by Zhang Yang, and a huge Hei Hu was rushed out by Zhang Yang’s fists.
Hei Hu split gas fierce rapidly pouncing on Li Yuqiang’s chest momentum forced people to cut off Li Yuqiang’s hair a lot!
And Li Yuqiang also woke up at this time. When he covered his chest with his arms, Yuan Neng’s shield stood in front of him.
Hei Hu pounced on Li Yuqiang and even saw Hei Hu’s fangs.
Li Yuqiang is out of the line! The footsteps are vain and keep retreating, and they spit out three big mouths of blood!
And yuan can Hei Hu sky blue yuan shield also attack each other disappear after Li Yuqiang this just stopped, but it has already withdrawn from the combat circle ten meters away!
At this time, his figure was in a mess, and his clothes were shattered to reveal a strong body with a little blood.
"You lost!" Zhang pointed to the Li Yuqiang high road outside the line
Cross the ring and fight. Zhang Yang wins desperately!
Zhang felt that Yuan Neng Hei Hu was like hitting an iron plate and shaking his fists!
"So close are blocked! This person’s reaction speed is fast enough, otherwise he will be seriously injured this time, but he is not badly injured and he is out of bounds. I win! " Although Zhang hates that he didn’t seriously hurt Li Yuqiang, he is naturally happy that he won this bet.
"I won" Zhang Yangshen tall and straight plain way
Nowadays, his physical strength is not much left, and most of his arms and bones are also injured by the other side.
Although he Li Yuqiang injury is similar, but there are more than ten people behind each other if suddenly and violently challenged Zhang also have to cast a "body explosion".
Say Zhang turned to alert away from the painting dungeon circle in the direction of Wu Yu …
"Eldest brother! Can’t let him go, "the one-week master Cheng Huada shouted.
"Yes! After this person is also a scourge, get rid of it this morning. "Another humanitarian.
Li Yuqiang raised his hand and stopped, "Let him go!" With that, Li Yuqiang walked towards the platform circle.
Listen to those words behind him that contain murder. Zhang Yang is really angry. He has resented these people. These people really keep their mouths shut to kill themselves. Zhang Yangxin’s murder is getting stronger and stronger.

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