This is not as convenient as the thunder axe staff.
Lei Guang dancing and rolling up the debris in the field shows Zhou Jia’s figure dozens of miles away.
Exerting the Five Thunder of Yang makes him extremely weak, while killing two people in the seventh order makes him in high spirits.
Zhang Xizhou died in Yangwulei, and even his sidearm collapsed, leaving people to control the four-phase source array.
Even the four-phase source array is damaged.
Gain little.
Never thought …
"There is something?"
Gently shake the flag in your hand. Zhou Jia’s face is surprised, and his eyes are even more surprised.
Four-phase source array is not only an array method, but also a small hidden side, and all the things inside are rare.
I want to come to Zhang Xi’s body bag, which is full of ordinary things.
Real baby
Are all in the four-phase source array
Han yikui died physically.
Although the stave is broken, it can still sell money, and the bag is in good condition. The two seventh-order belongings are cheap for him.
Wait until you take out a charm Zhou Jia’s smile from Han Yikui’s bag.
This thing is a decree placed outside the deep pavilion. Each decree represents a treasure house, which is equivalent to the key of the treasure house and recognizes the symbol but denies the person.
in other words
He can take this order to take out the things in the treasure house of Yuange.
"It is true that the horse night grass is not fat, and the windfall is not rich. The two seventh-order silver collections are enough for hundreds of years of hard accumulation."
Zhou Jia couldn’t help feeling after a look.
"Hum …"
At this time, there was a strange tremor in the distance, accompanied by a roar.
Zhou Jia eyebrows slightly wrinkled Teng looked in the direction of the sound.
During this period, he was trapped in a corner and heard similar noises several times, but this time it was far more obvious than the previous ones.
And closer.

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