Soon he noticed a unique stall and ran past when his eyes lit up.
As soon as he ran to Mao Lilan, he was afraid that he would get lost or be squashed by the crowd and quickly followed.
Baishi noticed that Mao Lilan’s move to withdraw his sight was also puzzling with the past.
….. Conan suddenly rushed so fast is it found any clues?
Belmore really didn’t leave, but chose to stay in Doby, her two angel babies?
Baishi walked over and saw Conan stop in front of a bungalow covered with black cloth on the edge of the square.
There are three’ re couplets hanging on the black cloth, which are like two big ones and one small ones. On the left, the sign says "entrance" and on the right, it says "exit", while in the middle, there are several bloody characters-screaming sick building.
….. looks like a haunted house with a hospital theme.
Two students look like boys are soliciting at the door, and some tourists are curious to get close to them. They say a few words and quickly wave away.
The two boys were very disappointed.
But soon one of them saw a line of four people coming this way.
He quickly picked up a professional smile, but after seeing the white stone, he looked stunned and poked another one with his elbow.
The other one also looked up, and then they whispered together for a while, only to laugh again and greet the four people.
One of the boys with shawl hair looked at Baishi first. "Are you a detective?" I saw you in the newspaper that reported the case of Kimura Tatsuya. You should have solved many murders. "
"…" Baishi also ordered a head with a professional smile and thought how many fans Kimura has. A star who doesn’t like to wash his hands and is also very poisonous seems to be a little too popular.
Another boy with glasses added that he barely answered his doubts. "There are your prototype characters in the new miss. Recently, Kimura Da also took over her novel adaptation and visited you in the interview."
Mao Lilan was a little happy beside him. "Brother Baishi is a celebrity now." Maybe the client who heard the news can drive the performance of a Maori detective office to double.
Conan got into the haunted house and played wrist watch when people didn’t pay attention to himself.
This place is very convenient for Tibetans. What if the killer sneaks in …
Chapter 419 You put this aside to write a strategy manual?
Baishi stopped at the gate of the haunted house to hear what the two boys were going to say, mainly because they were warm and friendly. It would be very strange if they turned their heads and left.
They didn’t talk for too long and quickly got to the point.
"Well, we are students majoring in literature and art at Mihua University, majoring in video art. We are going to shoot a horror film graduation project.
"But how to play the corpse … we have some disputes. This time we went back to our alma mater to do the haunted house theme activity, and we also wanted tourists to see if it was true enough for us to play the corpse."
When Baishi heard this, he knew what the two men had to do first, and he specially asked him if he had solved many murders.
The boy with long hair is more straightforward.
In a second, he said, "Detective, you must have seen many real bodies. I hope you can help us experience a haunted house and give you a 50% discount on tickets!"
Baishi listened to his eyes and stopped at the door, thinking that it is no wonder that tourists slipped so fast just now.
Although the haunted house is blocked by black cloth, it can’t be seen.
But judging from this black cloth handwritten entrance card with a little air leakage, it is very shoddy.
These two people dare to set the ticket price as high as the haunted house in the amusement park.
Suzuki Garden is a frequent visitor to the amusement park. She doesn’t care about the price, but when Mao Lilan insists on making a travel plan with her AA, Suzuki Garden will also think about it and get her friend’s wallet.
Therefore, she soon found out the fare problem. "The tickets for the haunted house in Dolobiga Paradise are not so expensive."
The man with eyes pushed his glasses and sighed, "We have to spend money on props and take photos later …"
The more he spoke, the smaller his voice became. Obviously, he also found out that the pricing scheme was wrong, and the people who came did watch the fare and leave.
So he secretly stretched out his foot and kicked the Xiao Mu brand with pricing at the bottom of the table and changed his teeth. "Since you are here to help, let’s make a discount today!"
"…" Isn’t it time to pay back the money? Baishi thought it was better to buy a magazine than to spend this spare money.
Moreover, he is not interested in haunted houses. The essence of haunted houses is that suddenly something jumps out because the environment is dark enough, which is scary enough.
But Baishi has a night vision and can see clearly in the past. Even a few spider silk hanging in the corner can be counted. I really don’t know why I have to spend money on such a narrow and unclean place.
He was about to decline.

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