The first batch of stars entering the reincarnation channel should have at least one thousand people and nine guards should have more than one hundred people, "Heiyang said.
"Follow the Oracle of my Lord!"
"Finish the knot in the shortest time, and I will personally give them the holy light to protect them before the expedition samsara small universe forces set off," said the Mayan Lord Heiyang.
The believers once again thanked the Lord for his generosity.
In this respect, the temple of Mia is the purest and the most efficient.
In less than an hour, Pope Joan selected a thousand stars, almost all of whom were three-star stars and had a strong and elite spirit
Nine satellite stars 120.
Because of the black sun personally named, Joanne finally decided to personally lead the team to leave the holy light busy guarding the Hades star domain.
The reincarnation channel of Yumya people was found ten days ago.
The reason is simple and pure.
Compared with the Eldar, the Maya people have fewer factions and infighting problems.
Of course, the Mayans also have problems of one kind or another, but the Oracle of the Mayans Lord Heiyang can temporarily solve all the problems.
The Oracle is high
It’s not determined by force, it’s determined by the belief of the Maya.
When the Oracle is given, the Amish Ministry will give priority to the completion of the Oracle at the first time, no matter what problems there are.
In this case, the Babylonians found the passage to the small universe in their star field ten days ago.
Location is still in hades domain, but it’s weird, but it’s in hades domain.
Hades star field low behind 30 pairs of light wing ups and downs, the Maya main black sun watching eyes have completed more than one thousand expeditions elite.
"My holy light will bless you forever!"
Thousands of holy lights fell into this elite body of more than 1,000 expeditionary forces, and the elite of more than 1,000 expeditionary forces responded with enthusiasm.
"Lord, I am with you!"
In the roar, more than 1,000 spirit bodies of the expeditionary force left the body at the same time, and there was no discomfort in nourishing these spirit bodies in vitro in the holy light.
In an instant, this more than 1,000-strong body was sent to the so-called sacred realm by the Maya Lord Heiyang.
In fact, it is his little universe.
"My warriors, I am here to wish you victory, and I am waiting for your return!"

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