"You …" Brick was so angry. "What is more important than Hammer City?"
"I have another child" Golden Hammer said softly.
"Don’t you have a lot of children?" Bricks are dead. Don’t pretend to be a loving father now. What’s the big deal? You didn’t give birth to it yourself! "
"I was born by myself!" Golden hammer holding his arms hammer a face of kindness.
The newborn hammer man is also a powder toot, and the right-handed hammer presents a translucent color like jade and has not hardened yet, trembling like jelly.
He reached out his hand and poked it gently, and the little hammer suddenly laughed heartily.
How come I didn’t realize that the little hammer man was so cute before!
I have a lot of children, and for the first time I think my father is so great!
"Grow up, little guy. Dad will make you a beautiful suit of armor. Dad will give you whatever you want. Dad will also give you the gold gear factory …"
Sure enough, my own life is different!
"You … what the hell are you talking about!" Bricks are puzzled, shocked and resistant. What is this and what is it?
Suddenly a terrible thought flashed through his mind. "Wait, don’t … you really gave birth? Don’t … Oh, no! "
Bricks in an instant feel my head is green.
What happened to mom’s factory when she was in the ground?
Will your hat be five meters high? Will there already be a group of cubs who will call themselves grandpa?
I can’t wait to rush out at the thought of bricks here.
"No matter who or you roll for me immediately! Always go back to the ground and always go to see how your home is! " Bricks growled.
"Then I’ll let him go with the lamb knife," said the golden hammer.
Although theoretically it’s his turn to shift at the moment, Lamb Knife is just a budding new factory owner or an immature child. I dare not resist him if I want to scare him a few words!
At this moment, Lamb Knife is gawking at the picture in the sky in the courtyard.
At this moment, the picture in the sky has become a member of the manor women’s youth league singing and dancing.
Luo Luo, Yu Zhao, Jin Jin and Qin Qin are the four most important members of the manor women’s group. In addition, there are more than a dozen members who are really fat and thin after coming out.
Although this so-called "female celestial troupe" is still at an amateur level, the dance from the earth shows women’s softness and seduction, and with the dynamic music, these hillbillies from the exile era can almost stare their eyes out.
However, after all, the female celestial group has just been established, and there is not much historical accumulation going back and forth. Just a few videos are always broadcast repeatedly, which always makes people feel bored. Not far from the village, they ordered people to show pictures to Hammer City.
The movie is none other than Brewer.
Although it is the first time for them to see the movie, the story has no national boundaries, and many places in it have been hammered, and the original language of the Nasonia people is hammered, so everyone can understand it.
Besides, the heroine Xia Jie is also a member of the female troupe-even if she can’t understand the plot, licking the screen is always ok.
Lamb knife was licking the screen at the sky when I suddenly heard a golden hammer coming from the Oracle box and roared, "Lamb knife! It’s your turn to be on duty! "
"What?" Lamb knife one leng "isn’t it your turn?"
I don’t want to go. I’m looking at beautiful young lady now!
"I said it’s your turn! Are you going or not! " Golden hammer roars
Golden Hammer is very angry at the moment. In the movie, he is regarded as the villain. Although the hammer city in the movie is not quite the same as the real one, it can be seen at a glance whether it is the logo of the war giant dog or the armor.
As the film plays, let alone passers-by, even the servants in the Golden Gear Factory look at him in a wrong way.
Golden Hammer is mad with anger. This village is not far away. It’s despicable!
Not only did he get pregnant, but he also planned to be dealt with by others in Shandong!
He is very rude at the moment.
Lamb knife really dare not resist is a face of unhappiness.
"Go to dawdle what! Bricks can’t wait! " The golden hammer roared again
Lamb knife can pack up and walk slowly to the central area.
Looking up at the movie Brewer while walking.
Watching and muttering, "Bastards, you people are really bad guys!"
"Not only don’t let me see my little sister, but also don’t let me see the moving story. You are the super villains in the story!"

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