It’s even more strange when we get to Haimen.
Although Zhang Deshou only prepared for "bringing disaster to the east" for self-protection, the treasure of "Sword Fairy" Li Qiubai was obviously known by more people-isn’t it strange?
Anyone who leaves something for their children knows it all over the street
I wish my children knew without knowing it.
In the future, there will be a self-defense.
It doesn’t make sense to be emotional and rational.
Goethe came up with the word directly in his mind.
Who laid out?
Who makes the trap?
hear nothing of
There is no result in the calculation.
Goethe came as soon as he thought about it.
He doesn’t believe that the other party can still sit on the Diaoyutai when there is a "longevity road"
If you want to be caught by him, you can know clearly
Can white’ sword fairy’ treasure is true or false.
We’re all happy.
He took the treasure and went on with his work.
It’s ok.
Goethe has given himself a piece of insurance, the immortal Taoist.
Goethe, who is attracted by the immortal Taoist, doesn’t believe that righteous people must have bad stomachs, and these people are generally rich.
Maybe I’ll bring more [treasure cards]
Don’t talk about him
Just’ longevity road’ those demon people can’t come to Haimen with gold and silver treasures when they see their own Taoist master so furious?
He Goethe lives forever, and the Lord will harvest it then.
Of course, it is not impossible for a righteous man to force him to come forward
He didn’t have a chance to stop the immortal Taoist master from destroying the whole Haimen, but he was also inspired. He needs more treasure cards to watch and learn from.
Is to observe and learn from.
Someone needs to frame him
He can do it without opening his mouth.
Will you give the code man this [treasure card]?
This is the win-win foundation.
Cut leeks?
This is not cutting leeks.
The street lamp dazzles him. Goethe likes to walk around.
There was silence around.
The immortal Taoist seems to be listening to something.

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