Being in a half-figure transformation is like a flapping goshawk rushing forward.
Count Zhang
In the eyes of others, Zhou Jia’s posture is like a ghost.
Ordinary people can’t detect his whereabouts, and a breeze blows over and comes back to God, leaving everything behind them.
This is the end of dusk.
Passers-by are thinning out. After a busy day, everyone seems to be a little listless.
More are stall vendors.
Zhou Jia’s figure appeared at the top of a house, listening to the wind, and he urged him to send it to the extreme, and the surrounding sounds came in sequence.
If there is a sound, it can still be vaguely perceived.
"shua shua!"
When his body flickered, he landed at the end of a narrow lane
Here are passers-by, one by one, with a tired face. Facing the sudden appearance, Zhou Jia is also one leng and then shakes his head and moves on.
Even if I was dazzled, I didn’t find anyone here before.
Zhou Jia stood in the original ground and meditated.
He was sure that the sound he had just heard in a daze was his native language with a little Minnan dialect.
The old accent in the dormitory is somewhat similar.
But it was too late to wake up.
Even if you have the characteristics of listening to the wind, the pedestrians here are too far away, and the footsteps will never be found when they are mixed in.
There are people from the earth?
Although surprised, it is not impossible.
After all, it is not surprising that even a small place like Huojiabao has a place as big as Hongzeyu, the hometown of the earth.
I can touch it and say it’s predestined relationship.
Since we have a chance to meet again after this city.
A booth in sight made Zhou Jia’s eyes slightly change.
At this point, other vendors have closed their stalls, but some stalls that do late-night snack business have just set up their stalls.
One of the stalls is hung high.
The linen cloth in Sapporo is old and broken, and hunting in the wind shows vicissitudes of life, with three Chinese characters written on it.
Tofu brain!
Zhou Jia’s body was slightly shaken, and a sense of melancholy came to mind quietly.
He looked at the stall owner and said slowly.
"You this thing …"
"The guest officer has never seen it, has he?" The stall owner speaks fluent official language of Dalin Dynasty and laughs while lifting the lid.
"I learned this craft from another world. It’s soft, glutinous, delicious, sour and salty. Would you like to try a bowl?"
"Other worlds?" Zhou Jia walked slowly and chose a clean place to sit.

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