If you don’t try the back, it will be difficult if there is a ninth heaven robbery!
A thought of majestic holy power was drawn out and instantly covered the last heavy king kong cover of Xu tui.
The pale gold king kong covers the horse with a milky halo, and the defense force is greatly increased.
Xu retired from telepathy and felt that if we can get through this increase, we should be able to survive even if there is a ninth heaven robbery.
But when you retire in an instant, your face changes dramatically
The original exhausted thunder vortex suddenly split out a purple serpentine thunder because of the appearance of this holy force.
The purple snake-shaped thunder is as fast as lightning.
Directly to the light.
Even if Xu retreated in an instant, he injected a Halloween card into the Holy Power Department, and the Holy Power and King Kong cover were smashed by this extra snake-shaped thunder in an instant.
It just exploded!
Xu tui was dumbfounded!
He’s making trouble for nothing!
I can watch the last apocalypse pour on his forehead and turn him into a golden helmet directly.
When I was ready to retreat my spirit and swing away these golden juices directly, the whole person was blown to the ground.
The smell of barbecue diffuses to directly make the distant violent Zhang twitch his nose.
I miss the smell.
How long has it been since I smelled this smell?
Suddenly and violently Zhang sobbed and his eyes were full of surprises, but it was not a surprise.
Lei Guang!
That purple snake-shaped Lei Guang that just popped out is Lei Guang, the demon in heaven.
Lei Guang, as the name suggests, specializes in killing the evil Lei Guang. Those who have the holy power are evil spirits in the eyes of the people in charge of heaven.
This moment suddenly and violently Zhang is completely believed.
This talented Kodo has no problem!
If you can be regarded as an evil spirit by the heavenly thunder robbery, you are definitely one of our own!
But suddenly suddenly and violently Zhang froze.
The vortex of thunder robbery in the sky has not dispersed yet.
After the heaviest LeiJie boom, Lei Guang stored in the vortex of LeiJie again.
Cloud nine robbery was very rare even then.
Those who can survive the robbery in the ninth heaven are not all the heroes!
But not many people can survive the robbery in the cloud nine.
At that time, all the people who could be robbed by something were from all walks of life, but it was only thirteen or fourteen who could get through it
That was before their elders gave away a lot of babies.
But this Kodo here?
Suddenly suddenly suddenly and violently Zhang is a little worried.
Worried about whether Kodo can survive the cloud nine robbery!
If we don’t make it …
Xu tui is also worried!
Although it will be blown to the ground, the limbs will twitch and look seriously injured.
But the essence is not the physical injury.
And this injury is recovering rapidly.
I can’t see the apocalyptic vortex, but I can feel the horrible breath on my head again.
Xu retreated to scold a greeting to an ancestor.
The cloud nine robbery is still coming!
What’s going on here?
Xu back rapidly contemplating.
Just now, the holy power was a test and it was found that it could not be.
It’s death to rob this thing in heaven
How do you save your life?

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