In their view, the so-called Jiang Yang thieves are stronger bandits.
But they often kill bandits. What’s so terrible about it?
What’s worse, several forces have joined hands, and there are more military forces in case of loss.
Zhou Jia’s line of sight crossed the crowd, and dozens of people came into view.
Different from the various forces, the Chixiao army team has a few voices, and people are wearing armor, like sculptures standing in the same place, showing a chill in the silence.
The composition of military personnel is also different.
In addition to the fighters of Dalin dynasty, there are also a few Terrans from Mu world, such as Jiao Ren and Tilly.
Among them, there are several ethnic stars.
This time, the leader led by the military is not a Dalin warrior, but a spiritual woman with a rare bow and arrow.
The female figure is tall, soft armor’s black hair is like a waterfall, her eyes are full of gods, her back is long and her bow is strange, and she is obviously a black iron xuanbing.
The appearance is plain, and only the brow contains hostility, which is very impressive.
One of the three strong men in the middle of the black iron around Ji Gong.
No one has ever seen this woman shoot, but generally speaking, the military strongmen grow up from suicide cutting far stronger than ordinary black iron.
"Miss Chen!"
"Elder Zhou!"
In the middle of thoughtfully two people together and far away.
One person has an inch and a lean face named Liu Zhang; A man dressed in a yamen’s headdress greeted each other with a flattering smile.
"Here you are."
Korea’s head laughed
"With Elder Zhou in charge this time, we can solve it in one fell swoop if we lose hope that the bandits just take this road!"
"Speaking of which"
He looked at Chen Ying way
"Brother Liu Zhang is climbing the ladder now. I told you he must get ahead one day, and sure enough."
"Miss Chen is lucky to take a fancy to him."
Liu Zhang grinned lightly.
Since he met Luo Xiuying, the martial arts school of Tieyuan, his luck seems to have become better. He occupied the territory and joined the Tianhu gang.
It has become the heart of Chen’s elder daughter Chen Ying.
But he didn’t expect to help the elders in the week, which turned out to be Luo Guan’s elders. It’s really unclear if they didn’t help to do things.
Zhou Jia nodded indifferently.

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