Why don’t you talk to her without her little mouth? Does this little girl know how to read music? It’s amazing to know the mind and sound skills at such a young age. This girl is amazing. Her talent is extraordinary and she will succeed in the future!
But this is the Xingyuan clan! Yes, why does this sound so awkward?
"Little girl, how do you also call me cold brother? I am your father! "
Ye Han soon couldn’t help but have some headaches. This light snow followed Yan Xin and they learned badly, even calling themselves cold brothers.
"Well, Cher knows, but Cher still likes to call you Brother Han!"
Xiaoxue smiled mischievously and gave her reasons. Well, the name "father" is not pleasant to listen to, or "cold brother" is better to listen to.
Ye Han thoroughly said that this girl is hopeless. It’s hard to change after calling her brother Han for the first time.
"Well, you can call it what you like!"
Ye Han gave up. It’s not necessary to compete with a little girl. Besides, isn’t it just a name? It’s neither painful nor itchy.
"ah? Then I will call you Han Er! "
This girl is determined to make Ye Han ugly. After listening to the light snow, Ye Han suddenly feels cold sweat behind her. This girl can really scream and want to climb to his father’s head.
Sister Cher? The more I listen to this name, the more uncomfortable I feel. Is this still my daughter? Ye Han’s heart is depressed. Does his daughter want to be his sister?
It’s outrageous, it’s outrageous, but I like it with personality. This is my good daughter!
Ye Han, who has been degraded, is not angry, but is happy that this girl will be terrible in the future! Yeah, that sounds good. She doesn’t seem to be acting as her elder!
"Don’t talk? Is it the default if you don’t talk? "
Light snow blinked at Ye Han to cast a knowing smile.
"If you can’t call me cold, you should call me cold brother!"
I don’t think it’s too soft to deal with this girl Ye Han, otherwise she will really ride her head.
"Oh, all right!"
Ye Han is not soft. This little girl is soft. After all, she is still her father. She can’t go too far, but it’s still good to call her brother Han. Well, let’s do it!
"Brother Han, what do you want to do by bringing Cher here?"
Slanting a little light snow consciously looked around and then asked Ye Han.
"I’m telling you, bully others, but I’m your daughter, so don’t mess around!"
Ye Han was thinking about how to tell her the truth, but I didn’t think this girl suddenly said such a sentence. At that time, Ye Han almost went on the rampage. This girl has Xiaoli talent. What a rip!
"Well, dear daughter, don’t talk nonsense. Your father has been tortured enough these days!"
Ye Han is really sweating. Although it’s winter, alas, a Xiaoli tortured herself to death. This girl can’t learn from her.
"Well, Xiaoxue is very good … or Cold Brother, tell me!"
Light snow did not object to Ye Han’s initiative to admit that he was very good and agreed not to talk nonsense again.
"Me? What else can I say? "
Ye Han cold sweat again. Who told this girl that she had something to say?
"Didn’t you say you wanted me to finish something?"
My girl left the pie mouth is still a face of smile and said
"Er … I think so!"
Ye Han was awakened by my little girl, but in retrospect, I really have something to say.

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