Zhou Yi thought so, and he could make such a decision. If anyone changed his mind, he would think he was crazy if he learned that he was going to fight the Mo family!
"You know all this?"
Director Zhang Yanghao was quite surprised to hear what Zhouyi said. He also knew that Mo Haiyang was not a good person. When he heard Zhouyi say that Lily was a dead brother and daughter of her father, it would be hard to say anything. Strictly speaking, it was really a forced attempt to take Lily away from the capital. Mo Haiyang was indefensible. If Mo Haiyang’s background was amazing, he would not take the police to Aegean Cafe and risk offending Xiao Ke and Zhou Fugui to arrest people.
"Enmo Haiyang is a vengeful person. Even if Zhou Chi and Chen Hu don’t humiliate Mo Haiyang later, Mo Haiyang won’t let it go. Since he wants to deal with our Zhou family, come on. I want Mo family to have what ability."
Zhouyi replied
"Zhouyi is a serious matter. Yesterday and today, I have been trying to find out what his intention is when he suddenly came back from Germany and then came to Hangzhou. Although I haven’t figured it out yet, I also know that he seems to be taking you to Hangzhou. Don’t be young."
Director Zhang hesitated in his words and then said, "I’m going to know the day now, and I’ve been going to know you the day after tomorrow." You come to my house on Saturday the day after tomorrow, and I’ll talk to you about it. Now that you’ve spent time with him, you have to prepare well, or you’ll lose miserably. "
"Uncle Zhang, I may not be able to come the day after tomorrow. Can I be a day late?"
Zhouyi said with some difficulty that the day after tomorrow is his grandfather, Master Zhou Shan, and Masato, the first player in Japan, he will of course stay at home and can’t go out.
"Zhouyi, before you were an war, how can you do things slowly? I tell you that once Mo Haiyang is discharged from the hospital, you will take action against your Zhou family. It is good for you to finish understanding Mo Haiyang’s background early. If you drag it, it will be extremely unfavorable for you."
Director Zhang didn’t expect Zhouyi to say that the day after tomorrow was gone, and the elders said Zhouyi in a tone.
"Uncle Zhang is really embarrassed. I have more important things to do the day after tomorrow."
Zhouyi replied that Zhang Yanghao was kind to him and he didn’t want to hide anything from Zhang Yanghao.
"What is more important than what I said?"
Director Zhang Yanghao asks.
"The day after tomorrow, Masato, the number one player, has a war with my grandfather. I have to stay with my grandfather."
Zhouyi replied
"What? Masato is coming to China? "
Director Zhang Yanghao heard Zhouyi say that Master Zhou Shan will fight the first master in Japan the day after tomorrow, and suddenly he was surprised to say that he was the director of public security in Hangzhou, and he also knew something about Masato in the Japanese Yamaguchi group. Zhouyi killed Masato’s two brothers in a row, but others may not know it, but director Zhang Yanghao knew a general idea, and he also knew about Masato’s terror. If such a peerless strong man came to the country to kill the country, the pressure on the police would naturally be great, because even if the police had guns, the fighters might not be able to deal with it. Once Masato and Hangzhou killed people indiscriminately, Hangzhou might be out of control.
"Uncle Zhang Masato has been here for a few days."
Zhouyi replied
"Zhouyi, are you going to Shandong the day after tomorrow?"
Director Zhang Yanghao continued to ask Zhouyidao that he knew that Grandpa Zhouyi lived in a certain place in Shandong, and that the decisive battle between Master Zhoushan and Masato must be in Shandong.
"My grandfather has come to Hangzhou," replied Zhou Yi.
"Masato from Zhouyi also came to Hangzhou?"
Director Zhang Yanghao asked nervously.
People like Masato are listed as extremely dangerous by various countries. If Masato enters Hangzhou, a public security bureau chief in Zhang Yanghao doesn’t know it’s already dereliction of duty. Once the leader of the provincial public security department knows that he will be punished, it will affect the horse and affect the election. He will become a deputy mayor of talent.
"En Masato has come to my house once with the first magic soldier, Tianye Yun Jian, and I have played against him with Zhou Chi and Chen Hu."
Zhouyi truthfully replied that if he had changed others, he would not have revealed these things, but for Director Zhang Yanghao, he was very confident and had nothing to hide.
"Where will the duel be?" Director Zhang Yanghao became more and more nervous.
"Just my home" Zhou Yi replied.
"Then are you sure to defeat or kill Masato?"

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