I don’t know when I think of the past, but my eyes are slightly moist.
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Hand-written novels
Chapter one hundred and sixty-six No one can be less
Welcome you to come.
But the other side won’t be so hurt by the wind. They are still thinking about their own achievements.
See the wind Yang doesn’t seem to be going to intervene in things here. The five martial arts level teenagers are also quite happy in their hearts. They immediately raised their weapons and launched a fierce offensive against Spirit, Shen Lang and Chen Xiao Pang Hui.
"Ghost elder sister, let me help you." The cliff face has always been bored with the ice-toothed fish Wu Tangning. Now I finally found that there is no ice tooth and I can’t launch an ice arrow. The fighting spirit of non-fish Tang Ning is also surging up. She rushed to the wall armor and instantly launched her body defense.
Although Chen Xiaopang has a bloated and obese figure, it turns out that the body is constantly floating around, but with his figure, the wind attribute is elegant and natural and unrestrained, so go to hell, how uncomfortable and disgusting it is.
The fat body is sensitive, twisted, chic and elegant, and the image is as nondescript as a chubby ass.
Without strong fighting, Wushu’s fat fighting capacity is quite low, and strong yellow-level primary Wushu’s hand blade hits the enemy’s body just to separate the opponent’s flesh and blood, which seems to be anodyne.
However, this fat guy seems to be quite affectionate. He has been constantly helping Bai Ling to resolve his opponent’s attacks around the white-collar workers. Occasionally, he is bloated and obese. His body helps Bai Ling to block the enemy once or twice. He has not suffered much damage, but he is beaten and vomited blood for three liters.
However, the fighting capacity of Shen Lang and Hui’s two teenagers is quite good, and their double swords are waving up, which drives their opponents to give up offensive defense.

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