Chapter seventy-five Police distress
These things are antiques, and people in the industry can quickly analyze them. Although the police can find out these problems through search, it is impossible to solve them in a short time.
That’s why ChuTianJi sometimes looks for Wang Haidong to identify antiques because the police are not very knowledgeable in this field.
The same is true of this kind of antique theft. If the police hadn’t got the information, it would probably have been dragged on until the bronze tripod appeared in the foreign antique market or auction, and the police might not know that the thing had been taken out.
Many cases in China are such a heartbreaking result. Chu Tianqi said, "No matter what, this time we got the news that there will be a bronze tripod in an auction, so I think if the bronze tripod appears at this time, once you confirm it, I will take someone directly to arrest people to ensure that there will be no problems."
Wang Haidong shook his head and said, "This thing is really hard to say. Maybe the person who organizes the auction is not necessarily the owner of the bronze tripod, and the person who steals the bronze tripod may not appear in the auction. If you want to catch the real criminal, you will not be able to make a move at this time.
If you can do as I say, it will be no problem to help you get the bronze tripod back at this time, and it will help you find out who the real suspect is. This may be no problem, but I can’t guarantee it.
Anyway, if you really hurt the auction and arrest people, you’d better find someone else. I’m not the only expert in the river city antique shop. "
Wang Haidong also has his own principles. Sometimes he doesn’t want to do some things himself. For example, he usually doesn’t mix much. However, the bronze tripod unearthed in the Han tomb is not a common thing, and Chutianji also said that it may be smuggled abroad. If the bronze tripod can’t be found out in the river city, then this bronze tripod may be lost abroad.
Chutianji walked over and said, "Since it’s for you, of course, I believe you. This thing is ok. I promise to support you. If you can find the bronze tripod and catch the suspect, it’s good to say."
And Wang Haidong can say for sure, "This is not only a problem that you can guarantee, but also that your leaders will not have any problems."
I can tell you for sure that if this bronze tripod can’t be found out in the river city, it will be totally lost abroad. Do you know what this is? Generally speaking, this kind of directional brick moving is only done after you have a home.
Therefore, I think there must be some smuggled cultural relics and ginseng in this matter, and there are not a few people who care about this bronze tripod. Otherwise, there would be no such venue for filming. "
Liu Qingqing asked curiously, "How do you know if this is a smuggling antique ginseng to this matter? What kind of news have you heard?"
This problem is indeed a little white, but it is reasonable that Liu Qingqing, a policeman who has just entered the business, doesn’t know about this problem
Wang Haidong said with great certainty, "It’s not that I got any news. I just learned the whole process from your mouth."
ChuTianJi aside to ensure that "this I can prove not to startle, although such a serious antique theft happened, but at this time this thing is limited to a limited number of people who know the root, there is no big publicity, for fear that those thieves will transfer the bronze tripod after we check this matter or say that a coward will damage the bronze tripod."
It’s not like this. I thought that a few pages of gold in the Forbidden City were stolen. It was very tight. Later, after the crime got the news, it was actually destroyed. Later, it was found out that it was a college student named Wu.
But although this guy was caught in the end, it was impossible to recover the gold.
Therefore, major cases involving antiques are usually carried out in secret. Wang Haidong waved and explained, "Actually, this matter is very easy to explain. Although I don’t know this matter, I can know from the information you got that there are more than one group of people watching this bronze tripod this time, and at this time, there must be at least two groups of smugglers who are interested in this matter.
If the family has one, then the bronze tripod may not stay in the river city for too long at this time, and it will not be auctioned. How safe it is to give things directly to the family and then get the money to go out and take shelter.
It’s a last resort to hold any auction, because it’s not a smuggler who saw this bronze tripod and the seller doesn’t want to offend people. Just buy a pat and forget it. If you want a bronze tripod, just take the money directly.
If the auction price is high, then whoever can take the bronze tripod away at this time will not offend anyone.
And I tell you that this kind of private auction usually invites people to ensure their own safety to the maximum extent in the past. Therefore, at this time, unless you are arresting people before and taking the risk of alarming them, it is difficult to get in, so it is considered as an insider of our antique shop, and not everyone is qualified to participate in such an auction. "
This is a black market flattery meeting, which usually auctions some shady antiques, so the identity requirements for those who come in to participate in the auction are very strict, and they can’t get in if they are idle.
Chutianji, there is nothing they can do. One is that the police are all familiar faces. People who do black market auctions can’t even know what the police are like, and even if they sneak in.
Who knows if the auction of bronze tripod is true? If it is a lie, the case can’t be solved.
So they must find a real expert to replace them.
Chutianji heard Wang Haidong say this and said with a sigh, "The last thing I want to see is to encounter such a case, even if it is a thousand miles away in night fall. If I have patience, I will always succeed one day."
But if this case is not appraised by professionals, it will be a shame to get a fake back. Haidong I tell you that many people have lost their hats because of this AI case. It’s only three days. I didn’t expect a bronze tripod to have such a big impact. "
Chutianji looks like something like this is just a bronze tripod. What’s the big deal, but it’s a very big loss for the antique world.
Wang Haidong sighed and said, "Tianqi, you don’t know the archaeological value of this bronze tripod, and there are still inscriptions on it. This is the best evidence for the history at that time."
Therefore, this kind of bronze tripod with bronze inscription is a real national treasure. The former title of bronze tripod is of course not so particular, but the former bronze tripod is a symbol of benefit.
However, it occupies a pivotal position in the bronze tripod tomb. Now that this treasure is lost, it can be said that the value of the Han tomb will be greatly reduced. It is not to say that it is normal to deal with one or two responsible persons in a tricky way. You will see. Maybe some people in the archaeological team will have to deal with it then.
It would be difficult to complete this matter without the cooperation of the archaeological team. By the way, you got the news about who held a private auction for the bronze tripod this time. "
There are not only people who set up antique auctions in the river city, but everyone has their own characteristics.
Chu Tianqi took out the photo and said, "We really don’t know this, but we found out that one of the people is this old cat man. It’s really unclear who the old cat family is."
Wang Haidong took the photo and looked at it and said, "I also know the old cat. He was sentenced to ten years in prison for an antique case seven years ago. Later, he was released from the antique market because of his meritorious service during the transformation. It is also a good explanation to say that the bronze tripod was in his hands."
But this guy was caught by you once, so at this time, he is very cautious when he does things. Not all people can find him. Fortunately, you didn’t do it. Otherwise, this guy would rather destroy the antiques than be cheap. You are not a serious antique dealer. "
For those who don’t obey the rules, people in the antique circle have always despised snakes, snakes, rats and rats. Every line of work has its own rules. At this time, not all people will obey the rules. For those who don’t follow the rules in the media, experts will of course despise them for destroying antiques and destroying evidence. This old cat definitely has to go to the owner.
Wang Haidong knew this was a tricky thing after seeing the old cat.
Chapter seventy-six Sixteen-character tripod
Chutianji this guy is not welcome to Wang Haidong. He said rudely, "No matter whether he is in the business or not, the insiders are very strict about this matter, but the day after tomorrow is the auction day, which means that at this time, we should catch the gang and find out the bronze tripod."
Wang Haidong shook his head and said, "What’s this ass decides the head command? Can this kind of thing be ordered like this? You should know better than I do what the chances are of solving this kind of case. This time, if it weren’t for the uneven part of the stolen goods, you wouldn’t have found the old cat.
Yu said that it is definitely not a simple matter to catch them all. This matter should be done step by step. Go back and tell your leaders and the police coming over there whether they want to play with the bronze tripod and get it back or say that they want to catch those criminal suspects. "
Liu Qingqing really couldn’t help but say, "Isn’t it that the bronze tripod is going to get back the criminal suspect at this time?" I heard that the director has slapped the table on this matter. "Liu Qingqing, a fledgling policeman, came to see the director and patted the table. Then this matter should be regarded as a big thing. When a policeman handles a case, of course, it is the best result to do it perfectly.

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