Sure enough, I heard the words "Father Thief" and there was a trace of hatred in coloured glaze’s eyes. I lost the folder in my hand and told Charlie Purnot her choice.
Charlie Purnot picked up the desktop folder and opened it neatly. Like Xiao Xun said, there was a place plan in it. Charlie Purnot smiled with satisfaction. Nangong Bingxun was not what I said to the glass. "Go back first and let me know immediately if there is any movement outside."
Coloured glaze nodded slightly and then jumped out of the window.
Charlie Purnot looked at the back of Liuli and cursed "Stupid!" Then he took out his mobile phone and dialed the number, saying, "Keep an eye on outsiders, arrest them as soon as there is any movement, and kill them if they resist." Then he hung up, and his mouth was ticked. In the future, the royal family will be me, and I will do whatever I want …
In a short time, Charlie Purnot saw the royal family surrounded by a layer of things with special eyes and smiled with satisfaction, so everything was ready.
Xiao Xun didn’t go back to Charlie Purnot directly after he finished the enchantment. He walked around and looked at the lonely people around him. Xiao Xun’s heart felt like he was stabbed in half.
Unconsciously, I walked into the garden and looked at the green pool. Xiaoxun felt sad and floated to my heart. It was worthwhile for you to wake up.
It was a long time before Xiao Xun went back and saw that Charlie Purnot was still in the living room and there were several more people. Xiao Xun looked directly at the past.
"Why did you come back so long? We were all waiting for you to eat!" Charlie Purnot saw Xiao Xun come back and smiled and said
"No," Xiao Xun refused without thinking.
"Ungrateful," Wendy said coldly.
"Say what you want and be turned around." Xiao Xun didn’t mean Wendy’s words to look directly at Charlie Purnot.
"It’s really worthy that the royal palace is still so keen," said Charlie Purnot, clapping his hands.
"I won’t drink the ecstasy soup." Xiao Xun glanced at him coldly. It really means something. Tell me what you have to say.
"The folders you gave Kirin, Dark Moon and Light Stream Shadow are very different. There seems to be something you forgot." Charlie Purnot slowly emerged.
"You say these!" Xiao Xun put three pieces of royal orders in his arms on the table as soon as he got there.
Everyone is staring at the desktop. Don’t she know how powerful the secret orders are? Doesn’t she know that she can levy the world with these three secret orders? How did she hand over three N16 at once?
Everyone is staring at the desktop. Don’t she know how powerful the secret orders are? Doesn’t she know that she can levy the world with these three secret orders? How did she hand over three pieces at once?
Everyone is crazy. Look at Xiao Xun.
Xiao Xun’s face is also calm.
No, Charlie Purnot calmly put away the royal secret order called "Wendy"
Wendy understood that she should have said "yes", so she handed something to Xiao Xun. It was a delicate blue bracelet.
Small embalm didn’t take it is glanced at.
Wendy said in a good temper, "This is a bracelet that can control spiritual power. I hope the temple can be well integrated with us."
Xiao Xun glanced at Charlie Purnot.
Charlie Purnot said, "Xiao Xun doesn’t mean that I don’t believe you, but that you really can’t make people feel at ease. You have to show some sincerity to make us feel at ease." The meaning is obvious. Wear a bracelet and continue.
Xiao Xun pondered and said, "Every day I need to strengthen the outer boundary of the royal family."
"But this bracelet doesn’t restrict you from using psychic powers, but once you use psychic powers, I will know and can stop it," Charlie Purnot replied.
Xiao Xun didn’t hesitate to put the blue bracelet on his hand after listening to Charlie Purnot’s words and then went back to his room without hesitation.
"Mr. Charlie, we must be so polite to her, but she is just an heiress who can’t do anything," Kyle said discontentedly
"Kyle, you’re wrong. She can send everyone out of the royal family, so she has the ability to send them back. Now we are so relaxed because we have seized her weakness and we have to rely on her." Charlie Purnot shook his head.
"Mr. Charlie, aren’t you afraid of her cheating?" Wendy frowned and asked
"She won’t be in my hands because of Bai Mulian’s life!" Charlie Purnot vowed to say
"So sir, will you save Bai Mulian?" Wendy asked worriedly
"What do you think I will? Rescuing him is tantamount to self-destruction. When I inherit the royal power, don’t mention one Nangong Ice Kaoru. Even if it is ten, I won’t put my eyes on you. I will do my work well and your benefits will be indispensable. "Charlie Purnot’s eyes flashed a light.
"We are sure to be sincere to Mr. Charlie," the audience said in unison.
Charlie Purnot nodded with satisfaction.
"What about the glass?" Kyle asked thoughtfully.
"Let’s see if she will always stop me from dying." Charlie Purnot’s expression N17.
"Mr. Charlie has a week before the succession ceremony. Is there anything we need to prepare?" Wendy asked
Charlie Purnot shook his head and said, "I have my own plans to prepare. Just do your part."
"Yes," Wendy answered, and then waited quietly.
It took a little while for Charlie Purnot to say, "Tell Nangong Bingxun to come over."
"Yes" and Wendy left.
After half a ring, Xiao Xun came to Charlie Purnot and asked coldly, "What can I do for you?"
After more than half a month, Xiao Xun’s attitude towards Charlie Purnot became worse and worse. Now, where there is Charlie Purnot, there is no Xiao Xun.
"Sprinkle this into your holy pool," Charlie Purnot said slowly, taking out a small bottle of black liquid.
"What do you want to do?" Xiao Xun changed his face and asked
"This melting water can enhance my soul-leaving technique. The soul-leaving technique in Bai Mulian is too long and can only be lifted by external force," explained Charlie Purnot.

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