Sure enough, the stubborn person got Ye Han’s affirmation that she knew Ye Han was still in love with what she wanted, and she didn’t leave the idea.
Maybe she never had the idea of leaving, even Ye Han told her that she didn’t love her anymore.
Who can say that this is not fate? It is this fate that will make people suffer.
【 683 】 【 Abnormal place 】
If the heart is firm, it will remain unchanged for life!
This is Xiaoli’s decision that Ye Han can also change all this [,and now all he can do is to reduce this pain. When the demons don’t appear, he can help Xiaoli and them not to be wronged at all.
Love more to cover up the pain, which is the only thing he can do now. He also knows that this pain is not so easy to cover up, but for now, he can do the same to make love more and pain less, that’s all!
Method to let Xiaoli from Ye Han also didn’t importune can silently accept all this.
But at the moment, there is an extra belief in his heart, such as that all women must take good care of themselves, and they can’t stop for a moment when the demons are born, except that everything is out of his control.
"Good Xiaoli, in this case, then you can stay with me!"
At this moment, Ye Han suddenly felt a long-lost relaxation. Since the law has changed everything, then make up for it.
"Well, brother Han, you finally figured it out!"
Hearing Ye Han’s words, Xiaoli’s heart was suddenly relaxed. It was Xiaoli’s words, but Yuzryha’s cold wry smile made sense. How can he figure it out unless he has to?
"Xiaoli, I love you. I want to really love you and protect you!"
Suddenly, Ye Han couldn’t help but feel an excitement in his heart. Since he wants to love, let’s start now. After all, the pain has already appeared before, and he feels that it is time to love and make up for it.
"Well, Xiaoli loves you, too!"
Xiaoli’s heart is sweet, and this cold brother finally speaks his truth.
A loving word seems to affect the hearts of two people. At this moment, two people gently embrace each other’s lips and involuntarily kiss each other’s lips. That kiss instead of all affection finally gave them a brand.
Suddenly, Xiaoli suddenly felt a limp and numb waist, and she was extremely uneasy to break up. She kept kneading there for a while and she couldn’t help but hum a strange feeling.
"Cold brother, you won’t be coming again, will you?"
The hands are all Ye Han Xiaoli felt the heart is not a little surprised this cold brother again is demons and control him? God, why am I so miserable? The pain hasn’t eased just now
Xiaoli growl in the heart surface is very enjoy this cold brother finally chastened no longer so rude … Wait, how did he suddenly become so gentle?
Looking back, Xiaoli’s heart suddenly burst into an anger. This cold brother actually took his own heart to find that smile … Really batting practice.
"Ha ha ha ha what bad things does Xiaoli want?"
Ye Han laughed and didn’t take Xiaoli’s mind-seeking consciousness, but felt that Xiaoli’s own ideas were not pure.
"Hum, the bad guy deliberately ruined me and never talked to you again!"
Xiaoli that injustice, this cold brother bullied others when he was possessed, and bullied others when he was not possessed. The whole thing is a bad guy!
Well, maybe it’s because you think impure and wrong! Xiaoli comforted himself that it was not Ye Han who was bad but himself.
"It’s not fun to stop playing with you!"
Xiaoli is encouraging himself, but he doesn’t want Ye Han to suddenly say such a word, and his anger will increase instead of decrease.
It’s just that the bad guy doesn’t play with himself. What’s so funny about it, girl? Hum, girl, it’s fun.
Um ..
Suddenly, Xiaoli seemed to notice what his face was so red again. Wow, I can’t believe I got all the girls involved. Girls are not toys. Is it fun?

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