Blue Moon said, "You don’t thank me. As you said, this is not your own business. This is the whole Star Gang business. I am my father, not you."
The waves laughed. "Don’t leave me any noodles? Can you give me a step? "
Blue Moon said, "Let’s go straight. Do you have any? Let me take you to meet these elites?"
The waves said, "Where to?"
Blue Moon says "Suburb"
The waves frowned and said, "I’m sure there must be someone outside to guard the yellow lake. Someone will kill us as soon as people like you and me walk out of this red building."
Blue Moon glanced at the waves lightly and said, "It seems that there are still some things you don’t know."
"Xiao Liu, change to an ordinary car, go out of the red chamber, turn around and park outside the back yard. I’ll come over in 20 minutes."
The waves laughed, "It turned out to be the back door!"
The waves deliberately emphasize the "back door", which seems to be a bit lewd.
Blue Moon Snow Cong didn’t go through that scene, but he also heard something in the words of the waves, but he couldn’t look good and walked into the living room and bedroom without watching the waves.
After a while, the blue moon came out of the bedroom again, but she had changed into a black dress and wore a pair of ink eyes. It seems that Leng Yan is sexy and people dare not stare.
The waves dare to stare at a pair of intense eyes and stare at the blue moon’s black dress * * and look at it with a smile. "I really didn’t recognize you when you changed your vest with your eyes."
Blue Moon threw a pair of ink eyes at the waves and said, "I don’t have men’s eyes here, so you can just wear one."
Chapter three hundred and twenty-one Blue Moon bedroom secret
The waves saw that the dark eyes were women’s, but the eyes were wider and more neutral. After wearing them, he took a look in the mirror and nodded with satisfaction and said, "Not bad. The young man is quite good and energetic!"
Blue Moon picked her lips as a sneer and said, "Have you had enough narcissism? That’s enough. We won’t walk enough. You’ll be intoxicated for a while. "
"Enough Les! Enough!" The waves waved their hands and said "Let’s go" in English.
Who knows that the blue moon is motionless and frowned at the waves.
The waves laughed. "Are you fascinated by my English charm? What infatuation is looking at me? "
Blue Moon frowned and said, "No matter what you see before I lead the way, you are not allowed to forget it if you want a horse."
The waves laughed. "It depends on what it is because I have a good memory."
Blue Moon stared at the waves and said, "Whatever it is, forget it!"
The waves shrugged their shoulders and said, "well, I’ll try to forget."
Blue Moon knows that the waves are perfunctory to her, but she has no other way to go. She and the waves want to go out, and they can take the secret passage. If they take the stairs to the backyard, they will be seen. They can take the fire stairs from her bedroom and then take the secret passage to the backyard.
She is most worried about the waves coming to her bedroom and hygiene, because there are some little secrets in it. She has never let a man or even a woman into her bedroom, including her father’s bedroom, which is her little world and her quiet harbor.
She sighed and promised to let the waves into her bedroom. At the same time, she suddenly felt a sense of relaxation. The horse became alert. She was looking forward to letting the waves see her bedroom and her little secret. She couldn’t help but be surprised. It turned out that she wanted to open her heart to the waves and let him watch her bedroom and understand her secret and * *
What did she feel confused in her vigilance? Why would she want the waves to know her secret? Does she really like this man? Or has her secrets and worries been suppressed for too long and she wants a man to understand them?
When the blue moon turned her mind, her footsteps didn’t stop. She took the waves through the living room and walked to the bedroom. When she pushed the bedroom door, her hand stopped slightly and then she pushed the door and went in.
When she pushed the bedroom door, did she also push her heart door and open her heart to the waves?
Then the waves came in, and he stepped into the blue moon bedroom, and his eyes swept into the room. First, he wanted to laugh, and then his heart was suddenly shocked and moved by a deep and inexplicable feeling!
There are no jewels and luxuries in the blue moon bedroom. There are two colors in the whole room: blue and white walls, white ceiling, white furniture, white utensils and Japanese blue sheets, blue pillow towel beds. Everything is blue.
It’s not these two pure colors that shock the waves, but the bedroom is full of toys, big and small. Children’s toys are naive, giant pandas have Snow White and seven dwarfs, goblins have ancient spirits and cherry pellets, and all kinds of children like toys. The whole room is full of fairy-tale dreams and childlike interest.
The waves suddenly felt a feeling of wanting to cry. He suddenly felt that he was a white and blue moon. He understood the blue moon’s mind and saw the blue moon’s heart.
Blue Moon is pure, pure place. She likes pure white. She may often suffer from insomnia. Blue is used to decorate her bed, because blue can make people sleep peacefully, like the sea and the blue sky! Blue Moon Heart is still a child. She still has a little girl’s fantasy. Her heart still stays at the age of her mother’s death. She keeps this childlike innocence in her bedroom with another mask to face the complicated and cruel world and life. She misses her mother facing the toys in her bedroom every night and imagines her mother putting her to sleep.
There is also a softest place in the heart of the waves, which he never dared to touch, but now the softest place in the heart of Blue Moon’s bedroom has been touched, and his tears almost fell. He dare not look away any more, and he seems to follow Blue Moon to health.
Blue Moon didn’t dare to look back at the waves. Her face quickened her pace and walked to the sanitation. She was afraid of seeing the waves laughing at her face. She was a big girl and a little girl laughing at toys. But she didn’t hear the waves laughing and sneering. Instead, she felt a little strange. When she walked into the sanitation, she turned her head and secretly looked at the waves. Instead of seeing the waves laughing, she was a very serious and silent expression. She was once again confused about what kind of man this man was. Sometimes he is cold and sometimes he is sentimental!
Blue Moon suddenly blushed when she looked up because she saw her bra and trousers hanging next to the sanitary bathtub. They came in the right direction and could see that her bra and trousers were all pure white. She dared not be too bright red and green. She was afraid of touching herself. Although she was plain white, her bra and trousers were inconspicuous, she could still see them in the sanitary room.
Blue Moon blushed and stole a look at the waves, only to see that they didn’t seem to see them coming up behind her. She secretly breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly felt somewhat grateful for the waves.
If the waves would have taken the opportunity to make fun of her just now, they would not have been in the mood to make fun of her before they came out of her bedroom.
It took only half a minute from entering the bedroom to leaving the small door, but both of them felt as if they had pushed the small door for a long time, and then they both secretly breathed a sigh of relief at the same time.
The waves saw that the dark eyes were women’s, but the eyes were wider and more neutral. After wearing them, he took a look in the mirror and nodded with satisfaction and said, "Not bad. The young man is quite good and energetic!"
Blue Moon picked her lips as a sneer and said, "Have you had enough narcissism? That’s enough. We won’t walk enough. You’ll be intoxicated for a while. "

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