"Ha ha, I’ve always thought that you and this Eldar baby must have a hidden story. Look at her. She was just nervous about you." Yang night smiled a puzzled reaction and the horse shouted, "Close your eyes! Shut up! I have to heal you quickly! This is no time for small talk! "
South glory magic eyes flashing a slowly close your eyes to calm yourself down.
Yang night shook his head fiercely and then lifted Nan Rong’s magic hand slightly.
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Lan Yao chopped the cloud needle in his hand and spun it out to stab Long Xiao, then spun it back and received it again. The cloud needle flashed in his hand and took up the white light and rowed away.
Long Lin chop in Long Xiao’s hand keeps flying out to attack Lan Yao. The scales are born from the wrist. In general, there is an endless stream of flash across the road. Long Lin chop takes up the green light and strokes away.
So blue demon chop and Long Xiao constantly fly out weapons to attack each other when they also avoid each other to fly out and shoot at their weapons.
Before you know it, two people have reached the courtyard outside the main hall of the general government. Two figures are leaping and falling, and white light and green light are constantly flashing alternately. It looks good without breaking.
Compared with Lan Yao’s chop, it still needs to suffer some losses. After all, Long Xiaofei’s shooter Long Lin’s chop speed and quantity are all her cloud needles, and the cloud needles are at most two pieces of hair and then rotate back. It takes some time difference, but Long Xiao’s Long Lin chop is mostly scattered one by one, but it turns out to be a sight, but many can be born from his wrist to hit again.
Long Lin cut too much Long Xiao’s hand and tossed it, but it was already a little difficult for a dozen blue demons to cut left and hide right and flash with a cloud needle to resist.
A * * Long Lin chop attack let orchid demon chop overwhelmed and fly out to cloud needle whirling but eventually hurt Long Xiao half.
Long Xiao’s strength is really blue and demon beheaded
Lan Yao’s beheading has been slightly scratched in two places, but he has never left his eyes. In the process of taking back two cloud needles in his hand, he finally left one in his hand.
I kept dodging and hitting Long Lin. When I found the opportunity, I jumped into the front melee attack.
Long Xiao finally didn’t respect this blue demon chop his hands quickly, and kept throwing out Long Lin to chop and attack. After encountering the blue demon chop and dodge, he wanted to attack the horse scales and crack and hit the blue demon chop, making it impossible for him to get close to himself.
Blue demon chop hands cloud acupuncture is also fast, once near the cloud needle behind Long Xiao, it will be generally assassinated by raindrops, but the department was cracked by Long Xiao to dissolve scales and water, which did not hurt each other at all.
"Lan Yao beheaded you if you are not my opponent and want to live, you should give me a good hand. You are so beautiful that I accidentally scratched your face. It’s not good!" Long Xiao while swinging Long Lin cut a face of rampant sample with a smile.
Lan Yao cut more angry, his eyes were cold and scary for a long time, but he still couldn’t get close to Long Xiao, but he was cut by Long Lin and scratched several times.
The wound is dull and painful, and there is a feeling of numbness. Lan Yao knows clearly that he is more anxious because of the consequences of being cut and scratched by Long Lin. He must be cut and scratched by Long Lin and slowly grow scales at the wound. Defeat Long Xiao before sealing his hands and feet!
Hands to a blue demon chop behind him and pulled out a few cloud needles to hold one hand firmly. Three roots are fingers, which looks like two creepy claws from a distance.
Long Xiao is still a pair of relaxed and happy appearance. He gently jumps back and turns his hands and wrists like a pile of playing cards. At the same time, his hands show a pile of Long Lin and look at Lan Yao with a smile.
"Long Xiao! Don’t laugh at the cloud family! " Orchid demon beheaded all cold up shoulder faint out of the cold mercilessly stare Long Xiao suddenly jumped hands chest a cross shout loudly.
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In the scorching sun, a black-domain master scholar and a red-domain master scholar are different, but they have known each other for a long time, and they don’t have much contact, but they also know that there have been many battles between the red-domain master and the black-domain master scholar before, and the two heavyweight scholars have passed by.
I finally got a chance this time.
It is also a tacit understanding between two people to fight against the scorching sun. When the hall wants to fight against the scorching sun and the scorching sun, it will observe each other and then take the initiative to get in front of each other.
It’s important to prove that the fight killed the other side. Compared with Fang Qiang, the two major heavyweight officials are both cruel and careless, and they are very respectable. For a long time, the arrogance of the black domain owner or the scorching sun of the red domain owner will be compared by it.
Naturally, this has also become a bad feeling between two officials, namely, arrogance and scorching sun.
At this time, the two men have been fighting for a long time, and each of them has been injured, but they are still playing in high spirits.
"You hide! You hide! I told you to hide! " The scorching sun is like a crazy joke, and his hands keep hitting the fireball the size of a fist and hitting the crazy one. "You can’t hide from the first day, but you can’t hide from the fifteenth! Can’t hide from fifteen but sixteen! "
On the other side, like dancing, I dodged the hot sun and hit the fireball mouth, but I still didn’t forget to swear, "What the fuck is this nonsense!"
"Fifteen moons and sixteen circles!" The scorching sun grinned and kept hitting fireballs with both hands, shouting, "Haven’t you heard of fifteen short messages and sixteen votes!"
"Don’t fucking talk about that garbage!" Crazy Xiang was hit in the abdomen by a fireball when he didn’t dodge. The horse bent down deeply to face pain but quickly jumped up to avoid another fireball attack.
The fireball burst on his foot.
The hot sun kept punching and hitting the fireball out, but he couldn’t move. Just now, one of his legs had been hit by the teeth of a crazy animal, and he was numb and unconscious.
Crazy Xiang was hit on his back by a fireball again, and then he suddenly turned over and jumped up. He was so angry that he yelled with his hands clenched tightly and counted his teeth growing out of his fists and arms.
"The beast’s teeth are out!" Crazy Xiang shouted a pair of hands and slammed several animal teeth, and the rain fell into the hot sun.
The hot sun stopped his fists and grinned. "The old beast is doing this again. Are you a little fresh?"
Talking, those animal teeth have reached the front of the scorching sun.
In the hot sun, a flame shield was built in front of your hands, and on the other side of the shield, there were several animals’ teeth flying over and hitting the flame shield, gradually sparking.
"Crazy, is that all you can do?" Behind the flame shield in the hot sun, there is a smile on his face. "Yes, then your broken teeth are thrown around?"
At this time, there was faint blood on his forehead, and his beard was burnt a little, but his eyes were staring at the opposite side of the scorching sun, and his hands kept throwing out the animal’s teeth. When he saw the expression of ridicule in the scorching sun, he was so anxious that his hands closed to one side and hugged into a fist, and then he rushed to the front with one shoulder slightly bowed, and his muscles tightened and shouted "Beastmaster Chong!" Then I rushed over to see if I wanted my body to hit the hot sun flame shield.
The scorching sun smiled and smiled, and the flame shield in front of him was a little thicker. He was waiting for the crazy fire shield to burn half his arm!
"Bang" a loud noise.

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