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Chapter four hundred and twenty-six Personal opinions
At this time, although it is said that such a situation is actually a bit contradictory in Shi Han’s mind, no matter how he talks about it or how he talks about it, he thinks it is right or wrong to help the people.
And it’s not just that a guy like Shi Han thinks so. Actually, in such a situation, the number one and the second in command are the same.
Although it is said that the two of them are also thinking about promoting and making a fortune, what is the secret of promoting and making a fortune? That is to say, if the leader says hello, then the leader says hello, then it is impossible for you not to be promoted in such a situation.
If such a thing is done in Mandarin, it is not unclear, so such a situation is actually such an attitude.
At this time, Shi Hanshi thinks of more things. At this time, this point is true, and everyone’s heart is white, and most of them come to speak, so do it.
This is also a rule of officialdom, and it is said that such rules have always been.
If such a situation is followed, this promotion base will be certain unless there is something wrong with your team or it is said that the situation is too greedy, otherwise there will usually be such problems
Shihan wanted to mean to say at this time, "I want to know a Su Bancheng in such a situation. How to put it? It’s also a rainy day. Haidong said that there is nothing wrong with Su Bancheng. Such a guy may say that he won’t invest in us, which is not wrong. We don’t have any attractive projects there.
At this time, it is impossible for Su Bancheng to participate in the development of non-ferrous metals, and the country will not want him to participate in such a matter. However, it is not very good for me to be an official here. It is possible that Su Bancheng will go to other places
It’s true that contacts are very important at this time. If this situation is true, then it’s not enough for me to do this at this time, or I neglected this thing too much before.
If I talk about official scenes, I am also more extensive. If I look at official scenes from my current situation, I am personally enough at this time, but I just don’t do enough in shopping malls.
It’s not just that I want to know Sue, Zeng Xiangjiang, a few Hong Kong tycoons. "At this time, a guy who is wet and cold also feels that it is not good enough for him to do such a thing himself.
At this time, he wants to remedy and build a strong network, especially to say that the face-to-face conversation in the shopping mall is true, and this matter has such a representation no matter how it is said …
And it’s a face-to-face talk about such a thing. At this point, this does not mean that it can be established casually.
It’s not that a businessman has millions of dollars, but that he can be friends with Shi Hancheng. Shi Han is not so miserable.
In such a situation, no matter how to speak, Shi Han is a person with a background, which is considered to be the level of Taidang Gongge, so he knows businessmen. Generally speaking, it doesn’t mean millions of things
Of course, this information is quite good for the average person. It may be impossible for the average person to accumulate millions in one generation, but if it is a businessman, it is hard to say at this time.
Millions are not too rich for a businessman, and trillions of businessmen are, and that is to say, if you know a businessman according to Shihan’s level, you have to calculate the billionaire to know that level.
But it’s not easy to find such a rich man, and it doesn’t mean that you can meet all kinds of people and opportunities. If you don’t have the right opportunities, it’s hard to say if you want to know this.
Moreover, it is said that Shi Han himself seems to be very clear about this matter. This matter does not mean that it can be done casually and needs a gradual process.
This is just like being an official, and it also requires a gradual process. If you are in a hurry, such a situation may mean such a thing, such a thing, this thing, and this thing needs such a process no matter what.
He himself knows very well that he also needs such an opportunity, but in the process, it is said that Shi Han’s luck is quite good, so in any case, the opportunity he encountered is still very rare.
Rich people like Su Bancheng and Zeng Xiangjiang are very attractive in the world, so it is very beneficial to know such people at this time.
It’s like he himself said that it was the same. Although he is not like this now, he will definitely have the opportunity to do so in this situation.
After all, it means that at such a time and in such a situation, he can’t always be a local official.
Of course, if we are talking about such a situation, it is normal for a section chief and deputy director to say something about some local directors, then these relatively small officials want to be a generation, such as the police station, education bureau and so on.
But at this time, it is of course impossible for a guy like Shihan to think about such a level as director, so forget it. He is now the third in command and has enjoyed the treatment at the level.
Therefore, he still has a lot of promotions, which is a matter of fact. No matter how he talks about such a matter, he wants to say how to climb …
Because he has such an ambition and he has such an ability from the current point of view, he feels that he can be promoted. Since he means that he has a promotion, it is impossible to let him mean that he is in a position at this time.
This aspect, this matter is actually a lot of people talking about this aspect, this situation is to fight hard no matter what.
This guy, Shihan, accepted this reality and also had the meaning of fighting hard.
In fact, this is a fact, and this guy Shihan knows more about this, that is to say, to what extent he wants to be promoted to such a thing, and to what extent he can be promoted.
At this time, there is no problem if you are retired. If you are in a hot position, there is no problem if you retire. For example, a position like the police chief can retire, and so can other directors.
No matter how you talk about this situation, there are certain rules in this official scene at this time.
But Shi Han is different. A guy like Shi Han, such a situation, no matter what, can’t satisfy the position of director
He is a background person and a family supporter, so even if he doesn’t have any great ambitions at this time, his family won’t want to speak Mandarin.
Whether his family can prosper or fail depends largely on what a guy like Shihan is doing at this time. If Shihan can do better and prosper, his family will benefit a lot at this time.
However, it is impossible for Shi Han to give up the promotion opportunity no matter how he talks. If he is only limited to the level of the director at this time, it will be less good to tell such a thing no matter how he talks.
After all, a family, especially a family like wet and cold, let alone a director, even if it is a deputy director, it may not be supported.
Therefore, at this time, no matter how to say such a situation is true, then this matter is a relatively good thing no matter how to say it.
His own ambition is to be a big official, at least at the level of a government official. He wants to do this himself, and his family needs such a leader
Therefore, at this time, it is impossible for Shi Han to even want to be a big official.

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