At that moment, when the Yuan Soul Force and the Tiger King beast soul force were perfectly integrated, a large stream of information suddenly burst out of the Yuan Soul Force like a group of pictures. Although those memory pictures flashed, they were very clear.
Although these are all memories carried in the soul force of the tiger king beast, it is strange to let Feng Yang have an illusion that this is his own personal experience.
There are many memories of the tiger king and all the martial arts brands of the tiger king.
Suddenly, the wind has changed strangely in my mind. Yuan Soul Force has increased by devouring the spirit force of the level beast, but the amount in my head has suddenly increased several times. It’s like the original head was sent out ten percent, but now it has suddenly increased to twenty or thirty percent, which can bear multiple soul forces.
And the head is sent out to those positions that seem to contain huge yuan soul force, which makes the wind raise yuan soul force and astonish the world. The speed is increasing, just like being hoarded by a large number of tides, it suddenly bursts out and fills in a lot of yuan soul force.
It’s like a lake that was half full of water, but the lake was dug deep and gushed out, making the lake more and more water? ? ? ?
Yuan soul force doubled, but it finally stopped, but it still didn’t send its head out to fill it up, leaving about a third to increase.
Feng Yang didn’t feel any pain at all, but he was a little surprised and worried. He thought that the king cobra had entered the body and fought with its animal soul for hundreds of rounds, and almost didn’t explode his old head. Why didn’t he respond at all this time and suddenly made himself feel refreshed? What’s the matter? It won’t be the second time that I left the old Cong’s head with any sequelae when I fought with the king of viper, will it?
It is puzzling that the wind has swallowed up the soul power of the tiger king beast, which led to a substantial increase in the soul power of Yuan.
Feng Yang suddenly had a strange feeling in his head. At this time, Yuan Soul Force was different from Qian Yuan Soul Force, but he couldn’t say where it was different.
"Mom dresses up as a pig to eat a tiger. This is the real dress up as a pig to eat a tiger." Feng Yang is also a person who can’t figure it out for a while, so he doesn’t want to let himself have a headache. He immediately plans to change into a tiger king form.
Without the guidance of the smoked moon, this kind of thing is just like the first time when he was a child, the situation was the same, and he had to grope his way forward.
Feng Yang, uh-huh, can learn by himself. He has a higher talent than his practice, but this is very different from uh-huh. Well-huh. There are girls who can cooperate with each other, but he can’t cooperate with the fighting tiger king. After all, the soul force of the tiger king has been swallowed up by the wind, which is equivalent to being dead, and his body has become a wind.
The method of changing into a tiger king’s form is going to display the tiger’s Wu Wang skill according to the brand of Wu Wang skill, which has been integrated into the yuan soul force, but it still failed
Although Feng Yang Yuan’s soul force has all the detailed information and display methods of martial arts of the level tiger king, there is no level tiger king’s form to display the skills of tiger Wu Wang.
"Does the body change after being invaded by the king of viper?" Feng Yang’s mind moves to control the yuan soul force to enter the spirit of the tiger king beast at the body level.
Boom !
My head suddenly turned white like a thunder. However, when the wind came back to my mind, I found that my sight was suddenly high. I was surprised and puzzled. I took a step and slammed into the wall two feet away. I easily knocked the wall out of a big pit. A violent turmoil in the secret room was like an earthquake. The ceiling of the secret room was visible to the naked eye, and the speed crack immediately fell to pieces of big slabs.
"What’s the matter … I changed?" Feng Yang looked down and saw a large clump of white hair on his body. This realized that he had changed into a tiger king’s form, which made Feng Yang ecstatic. It was that pieces of big stones fell to hit him and he didn’t feel any pain.
"Tragedy, it’s terrible that the fighting power of Wu Zun’s level is not reduced. It seems that we can find something suitable to feed it after waiting." Feng Yang found out that the tiger king’s form was equivalent to the four-level ancient Warcraft fighting power, which was not as good as his own body shape, but this tiger king’s defense was really abnormal.
However, this level of Tiger King somehow also comes from moaning to ancient Warcraft level 4 combat effectiveness and human Wu Huang confrontation.
With a wave of his hand, several young people have rushed to Caier, who was seriously injured, and are about to complete the task of picking clothes.
Caier’s strength has been greatly reduced after being hurt. Forcing her to exert her life force will cause a knife-like pain in the meridians, which makes her afraid to transport her life force casually again.
However, when the young people came to Caier’s side, there was a sudden violent vibration in the room, and their feet and feet suddenly cracked. Several young people suddenly exclaimed in horror, but they still couldn’t stop them from falling. Their hands and feet swung wildly like dogs falling into the water and then fell with the slate.
The wind crane reacted very quickly and flew away from the room when it vibrated. It watched a room slowly collapse into ruins and filled the secret room. It almost didn’t shout, "What the hell is this D?" Wu hun
Hand-written novels
Chapter three hundred and twenty-nine
Welcome you to come.
Wu hun
"What the hell is going on here? Don’t play like this?" Among the remaining three young people, a short but strong young man looked at the collapsed house with trepidation and set his sights on his companion WUnr.
"I’m afraid of a ball. Look at your cowardly bear. There are hundreds of troops in our Feng family. Who will destroy them?" A young man said with great momentum. Suddenly, he looked at Feng Qingqing with admiration. His face suddenly changed and he cried sadly. "Elder, do something. The patriarch’s room has collapsed. There must be a master. Let’s leave first!"
"Fuck you" was despised at first. The short man almost vomited blood and severely despised him.
Feng Qing didn’t speak, but in fact, he was also horrified. There must be something in the secret room, but it was predicted by other methods
Suddenly, a huge white figure suddenly exploded over the collapsed house, like a dragon being born and drawing an arc in the middle.
"Mamma Mia, it was the tiger king of Warcraft who cheated more than a year ago. How can this day kill the wind?"
"Isn’t that head of Warcraft dead? Tiger King’s body has been divided by several major forces at that time. Let’s get more wind." A young man with good memory and calmness suddenly shouted, pointing to the back of a huge white tiger in the middle school. "That bitch just had an affair with Tiger King."
"Ah, it must be a fake corpse. This Tiger King must have come to revenge because our wind family divided it into many parts." The short young man seemed to be timid and scared to roll and climb, but he didn’t run much distance for half a day.

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