….. Yang night heart gas surface still pretend to be surprised "? Cold family gentleman and second young master? What a coincidence! " Hate me in my heart. If I don’t give you a good whole miserable time, I won’t be surnamed Yang!
"Yes, I didn’t expect the cold master and the second master. I told them that they would be happy to have dinner together tonight!" Zhang Wenyu heartless talking excitedly at any time to look at Yang Shan suddenly noticed that Xi Shi and Zheng Dan beside Qian Bo immediately lit up their eyes and approached Yang night and said, "Mr. Yang invited these two ladies at dinner, too? Busy! "
"Good" Yang night, of course, I can see the meaning of Zhang Wenyu’s eyes, cursing and sliver in my heart and hitting my woman’s body, hehe, this is for you!
After Zhang Wenyu happily returned to his room to change clothes, Qian Bo nervously pulled Yang Ye aside and asked in a low voice, "What should the gentleman do now?"
"What should I do?" Yang Ye asked
"Cold brothers already know our Jinshi Islands! What should I do if I take it? " Seeing Yang night like nothing happened, Qian Bo was so anxious that his forehead sweated.
"Ha ha Qian Bo don’t worry, it is estimated that the two brothers have nothing to do at the moment to make waves again. They are understaffed." Yang Ye smiled and said meaningfully.
"Gentleman, what do you mean …" Qian Bo was a little uneasy when he saw this expression of the gentleman.
"It’s okay for Qian Bo to know, and they may already know that we are here. It’s better to take this opportunity to meet the cold end of the world and the cold sunset." Yang Ye said comforting and patting Qian Bo.
Qian Bo nodded and turned to go. Yang Ye stopped him and hesitated. "Are you still going to that dinner party last night?"
"What’s the matter, young master?" Qian Bo asked
"I mean, if you don’t worry about me, don’t go if I’m measured to be late, or Sura will have an accident in her room." Yang Ye, I’m sorry, smiled. "Why don’t you take Yang Xu to the room late … Yang Xu? What about Yang Xu? "
Without the shadow of Yang Xu in the room, he had already rushed out to his room to dress up in great excitement, ignoring all these things. He thought he would invite that late night to dinner together later, otherwise there would be so many women around him, and none of them would be too embarrassed.
Qian Bo glanced around and asked softly, "Gentleman, that little Shi and Xiao Dan …"
"Come with me tonight," Yang said lightly.
"Oh, but the gentleman, Zhang Wenyu, was worried about Xiao Shi and Xiao Dan …" Qian Bo was a little worried that Zhang Wenyu had done something out of line to Xi Shi and Zheng Dan one night, which annoyed Yang Ye. I’m afraid something would happen. Where did he know that this Zhang Wenyu had already annoyed Yang Ye several times?
"Don’t worry, Qian Bo, they follow me. I have something to help them with." Yang Yexiao sent Qian Bo out to report the situation here with his father Yang Zhenkui.
Cancel the stamp. It’s no longer necessary. Hey, hey.
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Chapter one hundred and twenty-four "Three families get together ()"
Just as Yang night wanted to talk to Xi Shi and Zheng Dan, Yang Shan and Evenly Xin grabbed him. Evenly Xin’s face was worried that his expression didn’t open his mouth. "Eldest brother, do you really want to compare with Zhang Wenyu at night? What? "
Yang night this just think of it curiously looked at Yang Shan asked "by the way, I don’t know yet! What does that Zhang Wenyu want to discuss with me? "
Yang Shan and even xin leng a Yang Shan stretched out his hand and touched the Yang night head and asked, "eldest brother, what’s the matter with you? Forget all this? The second time you lost to Zhang Wenyu, you went home angry for a week! "
"I’ve been under too much pressure recently, and my brain is a little confused." Yang Yema pretended to rub his temples. "I can’t remember at the moment."
Even Xin saw that the horse came forward and held out his hand to help Yang Ye knead his head and twist his head and said to Yang Shan, "Shanshan, your eldest brother has had a lot of hard work recently." Then he turned to Yang Ye, "Husband Zhang Wenyu wants to compete with you in billiards. You have never won him, let alone you and my brother!"
"Table tennis?" Yang Ye was stunned. "Is it like a fancy nine-ball?"
Even Xin and Yang Shan nodded together.
"Ha ha! Say it early! " Yang Ye is so happy that he has a special liking for the game of billiards. In the former world, there was no money and no other forms of leisure and entertainment, so billiards was the best choice. Yang Ye often invited some good workmates in factories or friends around simple houses to play together for a long time, and he really developed a wild skill. The club head is quite accurate and can’t compete with many amateur billiards players, but he hasn’t touched it since he changed his identity overnight and became a gentleman of Yang’s family. Now I’m certainly excited to hear that there is billiards!
"Eldest brother, what are you happy about?" Yang Shan some flustered "you played so many times with Zhang Wenyu root didn’t win! How many things have you lost? The somebody else Zhang Wenyu is really like this thing from an early age! Specially invited experts to train! He has won the championship in professional competitions! Why are you so stubborn! "
"Yes, my husband Zhang Wenyu often relies on this ability to find my brother and you or several other family young masters to play together, and then you show your prestige in front of everyone. Why did you promise him again!" Even Xin also advised to one side.
Yang Shan looked at eldest brother Yang night also slightly smiled and stamped his feet "eldest brother! You know I hate this Zhang Wenyu! He just wants to belittle others and raise himself! I won’t go late if you want to go! I don’t want to see you ashamed! I don’t want to see Zhang Wenyu’s arrogance! "
Yang Ye smiled and touched Yang Shan’s head and gently said, "Shan Shan, your eldest brother, I’m going to punish him tonight. Hey hey, teach him a lesson-I can’t even pick that Zhang Wenyu face off!"
When Yang Shan heard this, she stared at Yang Ye Yunxin and took Yang Ye’s hand and said softly, "Husband, I believe you!"
Yang Ye nodded and looked at Yang Shan with a smile. "silly sister, don’t forget your eldest brother. I’m not the same as before. I’ll let you have a good time later!"
Yang Shan still frowned and barely smiled-she didn’t believe that Yang Ye would suddenly win at night, and she never won Zhang Wenyu.
Yang Ye was also a little excited. He was already quite good before, but he was not qualified to compete with any world champion. Now the opportunity to prove his wild skills has finally come! Let’s see if it’s the people or your nobles who are really tough, but hey, hey, Yang, I still have the ability to be an official!
Xi Shi and Zheng Dan were slightly surprised by the senior brother’s arrangement. Yang Ye asked them to show their charm tonight and try to seduce two brothers, Lengtianya and Leng Sunset!
"Brother, will any readers be unhappy with this arrangement?" Zheng Dan worry to ask
"Ha ha don’t worry," Yang night smiled. "I won’t be willing to give up the two of you. I’m asking you to sit next to me at night. You Ji Ran, who has studied obsequiousness for so long, has enough expressions and eyes to seduce the opposite person. No man can resist the charm and coquetry of you two."
"hate it! Brother is really annoying! " Xi Shi and Zheng Dan both blushed and curled their eyes, complaining about rolling their little fists and gently beating Yang Ye’s shoulders with jiao.
"yes! Yes! That’s it! " Yang night swallowed a mouthful of saliva and stretched out his hand and wiped his nose. It’s okay to exercise now, but don’t let a man …

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