I’m too lazy to take care of the bodies of nine people, such as the group leader. Anyway, this is an isolated island. Will anyone come for a while until someone finds these bodies? He has already left the Hawaiian Islands for Hong Kong and even returned to Hangzhou. The police here have started to check.
"Alice, this guy is dead. It’s okay. Come out."
After Zhouyi confirmed that’ No.10′ was dead, she waved to Alice who was hiding behind the stone.
Alice heard that she came out from behind the stone. It was not normal to walk, but she hugged Zhouyi again.
Alice, it’s getting late when we go back.
Zhouyi doesn’t intend to have too deep feelings with Alice now. It feels unnatural that he is held by Alice, but he can’t. When Alice packed it, she told Alice that she was ready to leave Diamond Mountain Island. It has been more than two hours since he set off from the’ Grass Skirt Hotel’. It is estimated that Li Xiasu, a actress in Chen Hu, is worried about him.
"Okay, but you have to carry me. My ass was dropped by your senior sister and thrown around by the 3k gang. It hurts so much that I can’t walk."
Alice said in a coquetry way
It’s a girl’s nature to be spoiled. It’s hard to resist the moonlight. Alice’s hair is a little disheveled and a little down and out, but all this can’t hide her beautiful face. Zhou Yixin said, "Okay, but don’t make trouble with my senior sister when you get back, otherwise I really can’t hope you can understand my pains."
"Ok, I’ll go back to San Francisco when I listen to you, but if you wait for me, I will definitely go back to China to find you, even if you don’t want me."
Alice obediently said that her little sister is always overbearing, but this moment is also a rare moment to show a gentle expression that makes people feel that she is very cute and pitiful. Chapter 3 Little sister is sixteen years old.
"Alice, let’s talk about it later. You should come out. The new leader of the 3k gang, that is, the Leopard Master, Andrew is a waste and has no ability, but some old staff of the Leopard Master won’t forget to take revenge. They will definitely say that he asked him to send people to attack San Francisco and kill me. In recent years, you have to help your father fight against the invasion of the 3k gang, and I have to face the endless killers of the 3k gang. It will not be too easy to be immersed in love for a while."
Zhouyi wanted to think of Alice said
"Yes, Zhouyi, you should also be careful."
Alice was a little silent after listening to Zhouyi’s words, and then she said to Zhouyi with Beecher. After all, Zhouyi killed Jacob to save her father, and’ Leopard’ completely offended the 3k gang, which was chased by the 3k gang. She felt that her heart was very indebted to Zhouyi.
"Don’t worry, I’m not saving the oil lamp from Zhouyi. It’s hard for the 3k gang in Hangzhou to kill me. I’ll let them go back one by one."
Zhouyi nodded his head and touched Alice’s face. He said confidently that now he has unified the Hangzhou Mafia 3k gang. Although it is the largest gang in the United States, the number of people who can enter the country will not be too large. It is said that there is no need for him to be afraid of 3k gang revenge.
"Zhouyi, then carry my mountain. I’m injured. You have to take care of me."
Alice said with some shyness
Zhouyi should then pick up a few stones from the ground and quickly break those scattered hand-held searchlights.
When the hand-held searchlight is broken, the island will see more darkness, except for the faint moonlight and starlight. In addition, strange birds and strange calls resound around the island from time to time.
All this seems a little scary, but Alice is a little sister who has been practicing law since she was a child. At this time, she is also a little scared, and she is afraid to relax when she is around Zhouyi.
"Come on"
When Zhouyi came out, Alice crouched down in fear and motioned for Alice to prepare the mountain on his back, and then explained, "It’s best not to leave these lights here, because it will be easy for people to find dead people here."
"I know that you are not much older than me, but you are always thoughtful in thinking."
Alice walked behind the Zhouyi with a warm heart, climbed the back of Zhouyi, hooked the neck of Zhouyi and said gently that although her ass was painful at this time, her heart felt very warm and sweet.
As soon as Alice recited Zhouyi, she held Alice’s thigh and strode to the hill. The fierce battle just now did not consume too much physical strength of Zhouyi. At this time, he carried Alice with no strength, and his eyesight was amazing. Although the island was very dim, he could still clear the surrounding scenery for dozens of meters. There was not much obstacle in walking.
Alice lay on the back of Zhouyi, and naturally felt the softness on Alice’s chest squeezing herself, and Alice’s thighs were very sexual. Plus Alice breathed like Lan Zhouyi’s ear, which made Zhouyi, who was in his youth, feel a little uneasy.
"This little sister is really a bit of a catch-up. She is only sixteen years old and she has developed so well. In a few years, she will really come to China to find me. Wouldn’t it be a sexy and mature girl? How can I resist her temptation then?"
As he walked along, Zhouyi thought that he was a little afraid that Alice would really go to the country to find him, and his heart had a little desire. This was a very contradictory mood. From San Francisco, he left without saying goodbye to Alice and chased himself with a speedboat. Zhouyi tried his best to keep his distance from Alice. As a result, this kidnapping brought them into close contact again. This man and woman thing is really unclear
Zhouyi’s mind is rippling, and Alice is almost the same at this time. At this time, she holds Zhouyi tightly and almost her bones are numb.
Now Zhouyi has reached a height of one meter and seven bones, and he is stronger than before. Although his face is somewhat handsome, he exudes the charm of men everywhere.
Man’s charm is the most attractive way for women to resist Zhouyi. Alice lay on Zhouyi’s back and felt Zhouyi’s breath and heartbeat. She felt warm in her heart but hot and dry.
"It would be great if I could be with Zhouyi every day. It’s really safe to be with him."

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