Ye Han smiled and didn’t say anything about quietly taking all the medicinal materials out of Yu Pei. Then he smiled and said, "Since you don’t believe that Nafu can shine here, don’t ask again after reading it!"
After that, he will put these medicinal materials on the only big table in the room, and then he will allocate them separately according to the prescription of tire-patching pills in Qingyun’s memory, and then he will come to the bedside to sit up and enter the process of alchemy
Ye Han moves very skillfully and quickly, but she doesn’t notice the changes in the faces of the women in the room. This cold Lingyanxin Ye Han’s wife heard that he called himself a husband, but it was different. She wasn’t Ye Han’s wife who was embarrassed to hear him say this.
However, this embarrassment seems to inadvertently flash an idea in her heart that one day she will become Ye Han’s wife. Now, let’s just say that she had the couple’s name before!
Ye Han doesn’t know that everyone’s face is cold and cheerless. He is bent on refining Dan medicine quickly. On the one hand, he proves in front of all the women that what he said before is not false. On the other hand, he also wants to know whether he can succeed. After all, this is his first experience before refining tire-patching Dan medicine. Although there is a Qingyun memory, it is still unknown whether memory can connect the number of experiences in memory.
Therefore, the first thing he needs to do now is not to refine the elixir as soon as possible, but to integrate the alchemy experience in Qingyun’s memory and absorb all the alchemy experience of Qingyun, so that he can really refine the tire-repairing elixir.
Close your eyes. It seems to outsiders that he is going to stay calm for a while until he is in high spirits before refining Dan medicine. But actually Ye Han has already been immersed in summing up the experience of alchemy. He wants to know how to refine Dan medicine better.
However, this process seems simple and practical, but it is not simple. For a long time, he failed to really understand the essentials of alchemy, but one thing he can’t understand is that a Dan pharmacist must always be cautious in the process of alchemy.
In Qingyun’s memory, he learned something he had never heard before, that is, a long time ago, when someone was refining Dan medicine, he was finally swallowed up by the power of Dan medicine, and he lost his life and ended up in a state of ruin.
Naturally, this person is not a Dan pharmacist, but a strong practitioner of alchemy, that is to say, this person has the ability to get an alchemist and refine medicine, but even so, this fact is enough to warn all alchemists to be cautious when doing these things.
Of course, alchemy is like practicing too carefully, because it will affect the effect of Dan medicine, and it is more likely to lead to the failure of refining Dan medicine. Caution should not be lost, but caution should not be lost after relaxation, which is also a necessary condition for Dan pharmacists!
【 477 】 【 Refining Dan Medicine 】
Night came quietly soon. Ye Han closed his eyes for a long time. Finally, before the night came, he had initially absorbed the experience of Dan medicine in Qingyun’s memory and finally entered the alchemy.
Night is an excellent opportunity for every cold practitioner. Ye Han has made all the preparations for alchemy before the night comes. The only lack at this moment is the arrival of night.
However, even if he made all the preparations at night, now he has combined the experience of Dan medicine in Qingyun’s memory, and soon he learned the process of refining Dan medicine
Night arrival Ye Han has his own feeling that suddenly he will throw all the prepared herbs, followed by two seals that will come out with his palm and wrap all the thrown herbs.
Then I saw that he flatly hit two seals to neutralize all the medicinal materials wrapped in seals, and suddenly rolled up at this moment. Obviously, these medicinal materials were subjected to two seals behind Ye Han at the moment to carry out the first step of Dan medicine refining!
Ye Han, who has absorbed the experience of Qingyun Danyao, has consciously mastered the process of refining Danyao. What he needs now is to experience it personally, which has become the beginning of his experience.
Naturally, this tire-patching Dan road is extremely important, but it is a slight mistake that Ye Han came to experience the object for the rest of his life when he regretted it. This is also very risky, but for Ye Han, this is not the case. Now he knows that refining Dan medicine is the key to thinking about the fetus in Lengling’s womb, and he still knows it.
It is said that he will never give this pill to Lengling until the refining is successful, and what he is doing now is just lang medicinal materials. No one in the alchemy can guarantee success. What he can do now is to try his best to refine the tire-repairing pill as soon as possible, which may also ensure that there are no more medicinal materials.
Because it is the first time to refine tire-patching Dan, an extremely important Dan medicine, Ye Han is still worried that if he succeeds in refining it, it will not only lose face in front of his wife and children, but also make a lot of energy.
Perhaps it is because of this concern that he has the determination to succeed. Before the completion of these medicinal materials, he must refine this tire-patching pill. Otherwise, he would be too sorry for himself, his wife and children and even more sorry for these medicinal materials!
It is said that he must refine this tire-patching pill.
However, impatience is a taboo for every practitioner, and it is even more taboo for a person who refines Dan medicine. Ye Han was carried away by eagerness and forgot this practice root for a while.
However, he soon calmed down to get rid of all the distractions in his mind, which stabilized him and continued his refining process.
However, a bad thought is bound to make a big mistake. Although he later got up in his heart, he still failed to save the previous mistake. Just as he was about to complete his medicine refining, he realized that there were many impurities in his medicine refining, and these miscellaneous questions proved that his first formal medicine refining failed.
"Cold brother, do you remember the situation of refining Dan medicine when you were in misty clouds? Why did you successfully refine the Jieyingdan medicine at the beginning, but now you have not even succeeded in refining it? " Xiaoli profound knowledge of this Dan medicine also have some understanding to see this Ye Han medicine failed so he couldn’t help but speak asked.
After listening to Xiaoli’s words, Ye Han suddenly regretted it. Yes, when he was refining Jieyingdan in the misty land, he succeeded once. But what? What summed up so much experience this time but failed because of a moment of panic?
"You’d better think about it quietly before refining lang medicine, otherwise I don’t think these herbs are enough for you!" See Ye Han seems to have repentance Xiaoli then appropriate exhortation way
Ye Han heard the words and did it. Instead of preparing for the second medicine refining, he tried to calm his mind and try to find out that the results of his own medicine refining were very different before and after, focusing on breaking through the existing predicament.

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