Meng Yudong finally smiled. "Thank you, Uncle Cheng!"
Cheng Zhenguang thought that he would never see that person again, but when he left, he would meet him now, but he couldn’t hide when he came.
"Dongdong, you are like your mother. You are a good girl." Cheng Zhenguang is relieved that Dongyang must have found the right person this time. A girl like Dongyang is suitable for Dongyang.
Meng Yudong inexplicably had a sour nose, and she came into contact with all the Cheng family members. She didn’t regard her as a scourge to seduce Cheng Dongyang. For the first time, she heard an elder tell her that she was a good girl.
"You should take care of yourself now, especially the triplets. Your body will be under great pressure." Cheng Zhenguang patted the back of her hand with heavy hands. "You won’t go to Dongyang to accompany me when I go to see your mother."
"I’m leaving for Jixian without me, and I want to see my mother," Meng Yudong replied.
"All right," Cheng Zhen everbright probably knows what she and Dongyang are now, but she can’t help saying, "You and Dongyang, you should think clearly about some regrets in life. Once it’s over, you can never turn your head. Chapter 53 goes further.
Cheng Zhenguang’s words were meaningful. In winter and winter, it was like being touched by a string, itchy and painful. Cheng Dongyang asked Geng Qihang to drive over and they went to the nursing home.
He didn’t talk all the way through the earthquake, like he was nervous and silent.
Cheng Dongyang accompanied Meng Yudong to sit behind and hold her hand tightly.
When the time comes, neither Cheng Dongyang nor Meng Yudong will go in. Cheng Zhenguang said it would be good to go in.
Cheng Zhenguang didn’t expect to see her again after so many years. She sat in the courtyard. Today, the sun was warm. She sat next to her, knitting a sweater. Cheng Zhenguang saw her at a glance. She was wearing a white disease, with her head slightly down and her hair short. He suddenly realized that the woman he tried to forget in his memory was still exactly the same as he remembered.
He has turned white at the temples and entered middle age, and she seems to be as simple and beautiful as a little girl.
Cheng Zhenguang came to her side. He didn’t ask her to sit beside her quietly until she turned to see him. He smiled, and all kinds of resentment and pain in the past seemed to vanish.
"light!" She gently asked him to show his smile. "You’re here. You’re finally here."
"Xiao Qi, I’m here." Cheng Zhenguang nodded. "How have you been for so many years?"
"I’m fine," Zhou Ping reached out and dropped his white hair. "Why is your hair white? Where have you been all these years? "
"I have been in Beijing for years since I came back from France." Cheng Zhenguang grabbed her hand, which was soft and warm. "I am old, Xiao Qi, and you are still the same as before."
"Have you forgiven me?" Zhou Ping stared at his hand and asked.
"I forgive you. I forgave you a long time ago. After so many years, all kinds of things have passed before." Cheng Zhenguang said that he found that the thorn in his heart had magically disappeared, and a generation had put it away. Now he found that the original root was not like this
"Thank you. I’m relieved." Zhou Ping smiled. "Are you happy now?"
"I am very happy. I am married and have a son and a daughter," Cheng Zhenguang replied.
"That’s good. I have two daughters, Dongdong and Xiaodong." Zhou Ping has put a sweater at this time
"I met Dongdong. She is a good girl," said Cheng Zhenguang.
So when Meng Yudong went in, they saw his mother and Cheng Zhenguang sitting quietly together, as if they had not seen an old friend for a long time. From time to time, she could see her mother smiling and showing a shy expression on her cheek.
"How nice it is!" Cheng Dongyang took her shoulder and said
"My mother finally fulfilled a wish" Meng Yudong is also a mother’s heart.
After seeing his mother, Cheng Dongyang also wants to go to class, Cheng Zhenguang, and also wants to have a chat with Dongdong. Two people sit in a coffee shop with good privacy and chat. Meng Yudong asked for milk tea and Cheng Zhenguang asked for a mocha.
"Uncle Cheng, thank you today" Meng Yudong is not surprised that Cheng Dongyang respects Cheng Zhenguang so much. He is indeed a respectable elder.
"I should thank you Dongdong" Cheng Zhenguang laughed. "Dongdong, do you want to hear the story of me and your mother?"
Meng Yudong couldn’t help listening to him quietly with his eyes wide open.
"That year, we just graduated from college and wanted to do a lot of things, but in response to the policy call, Dongyang’s father and I were assigned to Horqin, Mongolia." Cheng Zhenguang recalled faintly, "I remember that when we arrived at the station, everyone was in a complicated mood and suddenly heard a beautiful song of edelweiss, which seemed to be accompanied by a wonderful piano song from the other side of the grassland. It was a chicken soup for the soul. My brother and I followed the music and saw a beautiful figure in a bungalow. She wore broken flowers and smiled peacefully from a group of children. That picture is now I can’t forget it."
"My father and mother can play the piano. We used to have a piano at home, and then it was sold." Meng Yudong couldn’t help saying.
"Zisheng piano is also the best among us," Cheng Zhenguang said. "He often plays with Xiao Qi. At that time, I still may not have a chance." Cheng Zhenguang also became erratic when he laughed.
"Uncle Cheng lived with my mother," Meng Yudong asked.
Cheng Zhenguang nodded. "I was with your mother. She and I will be together for a generation. Her beauty seems to be a prairie fairy. There is no one of us who is not fascinated by her."
Meng Yudong also knows that her mother must have been very beautiful when she was young. Xiaodong is the most like her mother and a lovely person. She can even think of her mother as beautiful, gentle, intellectual and beautiful.
"I wanted to go back with your mother when I went back to the city. I applied for a marriage report. We also planned to study in France. We designed the future beautifully, but the life experience was too strange. Your mother chose your father and I went back to Beijing and then went to France." Cheng Zhenguang’s look was complicated. "I don’t think I will see her again in this life. I didn’t expect that I will meet her today because of you and Dongyang more than 30 years later."
Meng Yudong’s mood became extremely complicated. She sighed and said, "What is that? You and my mother share it."
"Maybe it’s life choice that Xiao Qi has what she wants and it’s always too natural." Cheng Zhenguang didn’t want to say it. "I once blamed your mother, but it doesn’t matter today, because our years have passed and we are old. Yesterday’s events have gone with the wind."
Meng Yudong thought that there must be other reasons. Cheng Zhenguang looked at him as a affectionate person and a caring person. What made him give up his mother and leave her alone? Now she can’t get a promise and she can’t get an answer from him. I’m afraid it will always be a mystery.
"Dong Dong is not because Dongyang is my nephew, so I didn’t talk to him. Two people together don’t just rely on fate. Dongyang’s life was set early in the morning. I remember that he was a mathematician in Tsinghua. He was very talented in mathematics. Humboldt University of Germany once sent him a ffer invitation to enroll in the past, and there was a high scholarship. But he listened to his father and went to the United States. He had his own career and entered the graduate school, and he also won many honors. His father asked him to come back and he came back."
Meng Yudong heard Cheng Dongyang say these things, but not so detailed. She felt a slight acid unconsciously caressing her lower abdomen.
"Dongyang, he sacrificed too much to get to this point. He wants to get to this point not only because of himself, but also because of what the Cheng family has done to you. How much suffering you have suffered because of him? Maybe this is the test around you in Dongyang. I can see that you are very courageous, you are very indifferent and smart. Your mother has quality, and you have your mother without you. Are you going back after so many experiences around Dongyang?" Cheng Zhenguang is a little righteous. He believes that being so smart in winter and winter will be white.
Meng Yudong’s heart is hot and she can’t answer. She is now bent on having a baby and wants to have a baby safely.
"Life will face many, many choices. You may feel that you won’t regret every choice when you choose it, but when things change, you will find that missing something will be a lifelong regret. Are your existing Dongyang children going to let them be single-parent children? You are a very sensitive child and a very careful child. After going through Dongyang, are you likely to choose another man? Dongyang has you and the baby in your belly. He won’t have any other choice except you. Have you really thought that the present is the best for you? "
Cheng Zhenguang asked Meng Yudong one question after another. She really didn’t know what else to do at this moment.
"Think about it in winter and winter. Don’t worry. Maybe you are scared by what happened before and don’t want to take another step. If you take another step, you can consider your growth and Dongyang’s growth. This is the most perfect process in life."

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