So this time Li Jing said, "Wang Zhanggui, this matter is no joke, but you are all experts. Are you quite sure to do such a thing?" It’s not good to damage the letter without any results. "
This is to force Wang Haidong to make a statement. Although it is not good for two people to have a private relationship, it is not good to ignore people if you still want to be a Wang Haidong.
When Wang Haidong shook his head and said, "I’m not quite sure I’m seven points sure, but I think I can try it in seven points. Anyway, I still don’t know what the letter is written on, so it’s better to take the risk and let me revise it. Otherwise, I don’t know what other way to identify the origin of this porcelain. Nothing worse will happen?"
Chapter seventy Repair liquid
None of the shopkeepers and collectors in the audience can have a better way, so Wang Haidong’s proposal was not opposed to reality except Li Jing. They also wanted to know what this porcelain was.
Even if a piece of porcelain of the Republic of China is rare, where can it be rare? Therefore, Nangong Wang said, "What do you think, Mr. Su?"
Even if everyone else agrees with this matter, if Su Buqing doesn’t, there is no difference.
Good Su Buqing pondered and said, "It’s not that I haven’t thought about repairing this letter, but I’ve asked many experts and I’m not sure how to repair it. Since it’s a little brother who can repair this letter, give it a try. If you get lucky and successfully find out the origin of this porcelain, 200 thousand is you."
Wang Haidong said with great confidence, "If this letter has the origin of this porcelain, then I think I should be able to find out the true origin of this porcelain. Mr. Su, get the letter ready and I’ll get some things ready. I’ll be right back for half an hour."
With that, Wang Haidong got up and was about to leave. At this time, of course, what did people in the antique shop do for nothing?
At this time, a man who seems to be a housekeeper behind Su Buqing said, "This little brother, although we don’t say that we have everything in this villa, if you say something, I can send someone to buy it for you at once, which is much faster than going by yourself."
Wang Haidong glanced at the man and said, "It’s a good thing you’re not an insider, otherwise this sentence will be laughed off. I admit your efficiency, but I have to configure something when I go back before I come back to repair the letter. What is the solution? That’s my unique skill. The secret recipe is that I eat. Do you have any ulterior motives for me to match you here?"
In the old year, this ancestral secret recipe was remembered to value men, women and children. No matter how good people in the industry are, it is impossible to ask for similar secrets, otherwise they will be turned against each other.
At that time, people in the industry also obeyed the rules very much, which was a disguised form of intellectual property protection.
Although this is the case at this time, the rules have been relaxed a lot, but you will never ask about the secret recipe of ancestors like Wang Haidong
But Su Buqing, the housekeeper, is not an insider. He may have said some layman words to save time, so Wang Haidong was a little unhappy, but he didn’t show it too much
At this time, Su Buqing can’t say anything. He has contacted so many antique dealers and collectors, and he knows these things a little, but he is the owner and can’t say anything.
Therefore, at this time, the Nangong looked out and said, "Wang Zhanggui is a layman. Do you care about what to do with him or go back to a few of us, but we are waiting to see your means?"
The nangongshan hope this gave the housekeeper a step and Wang Haidong a face, so he didn’t do anything to investigate, but the four-bow ceremony soon left the villa.
At this time, Su Buqing was able to seize the opportunity to say, "Nangong, what is it that you invited this little brother? It’s hard to say, but the tone is really scary?"
He and Nangong Wang also met for many years, and some antiques were bought by Nangong Wang.
Therefore, at this time, Su Buqing knew that Nangong Wang wouldn’t invite people to come over casually, and he didn’t mind telling his questions directly.
The nangongshan hope walked over and said, "This little guy has a history, but Chen Dalong Sun is indeed a hero and a teenager. These days, we often talk about this guy in the antique circle of the river city. At this time, Haidong is so confident."
Su Buqing, the master of Chen Dalong’s appraisal, of course knows, but he just doesn’t know much about Sun Su Buqing.
And from Su Buqing’s words just now, I can always see that the old man is still suspicious of Wang Haidong. After all, Wang Haidong’s age is there, so it is reasonable to be despised. There are several antique masters who are in their thirties and forties, and many of them are in their fifties and sixties.
Generally speaking, the older you are in this business, the more experienced you are. It’s no wonder that Wang Haidong is very abrupt when he sits on the scene. It’s no wonder that this guy Su Buqing suspects something.
The nangongshan hope quilted miniatures Wang Haidong recently to speak out some things that Su Buqing repeatedly praised what seems to be more than a few minutes to Wang Haidong to repair the letter.
Su Buqing walked over to say at this time; "Emperor Qianlong’s private seal? Jia Wenhua will be angry to death, but he didn’t expect to fall into Jubaoge as a baby. I don’t know if this Wang Zhanggui will take this thing if I talk, I’d like to buy it at a high price. "
Rich people like this kind of stone and jade, especially this kind of emperor thing, which is a private seal.
In the eyes of Chinese people, the seal is a symbol of power, and the emperor’s personal seal is also a symbol of the emperor
Although there are more than 1000 seals of Emperor Qianlong, most of them are museums, and there are not too many people.
Therefore, if there is such a thing, it is something worth showing off. However, the Nangong Wang did not know about it and soon led the topic to other places.
Half an hour later, Wang Haidong came back with a drink bottle, and the bottle was actually pure water, which didn’t disappoint the people. I couldn’t see any clues from this liquid.
Of course, even if it is a colored liquid, this ancestral secret recipe is not obvious, but there will always be more clues in color. Wang Haidong really adds a mystery to this colored liquid

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