Rhoda said it was the truth that both the popular dragon and the ground dragon were six or seven levels of Warcraft, but because there were dragons, some of them had amazing defensive power, which was not equal to the level of Warcraft defense and suppression, and the speed of the popular dragon was very fast. It was definitely a quick response force, and the most mounted ground dragon had higher defensive speed than the popular dragon. Although it was strange, it was not worse than ordinary horses, which was equivalent to a tank force’s ability to arrest thousands of low-level dragons in the morning and Luo Li’s help could still be completed.
And the biped dragon is, level 9 advanced Warcraft also has more dragon lineage defense, which is higher than that of ordinary young dragons. It is close to the adult advanced dragon defense and can fly to become the overlord, but the strength is higher. Tianchen and Luo Li can barely collect dozens, even if it is the limit.
If the number is small, Rhoda can also help to catch more biped dragons for Tianchen, the future son-in-law. But Tianchen’s appetite is too big to be more than 25,000. Fortunately, at least there are millions of dragons and dragons in the whole continent, and there are hundreds of thousands of adults. There should be 17,000 or 10,000 to catch 20,000, which will not hurt the vitality. However, the whole group of biped dragons is over 70,000 to 30,000, but it is definitely a bit frustrating to get rid of more than 5,000 in the morning
Although Rhoda knows that so many lower dragons will be taken away in the morning, of course, their ethnic groups can still develop, but it is absolutely impossible to ask him to help the dragon elders.
Dawn nodded. "I wonder if I will object if I catch so many lower dragons and biped dragons?" I don’t want to hurt my feelings, but I want to ask you if you can catch it. That’s my problem. "
Rhoda doesn’t believe that the morning can really catch such a large-scale thought and said, "Well, don’t worry. Although I can’t help you catch it, it’s okay for the higher dragons to turn a blind eye. Wait a moment. I will unite with King Yi Long and his elders to see what they say."
Rhoda said, then he closed his eyes and knew that Rhoda was a higher dragon, especially feeding the spirit. In the morning, he easily felt a little mental fluctuation. Rhoda’s forehead was sent out and then a few different mental fluctuations returned to Rhoda’s forehead. In this way, the dragon high-level officials * discussed this spirit.
"Do you think we can agree?" The question is that Rhoda just told the story. He is Tianchen’s future father-in-law. Although he can tell the story, he decided to give it to his elders and dragon king.
"I think Lord Tianchen is also our benefactor. If it weren’t for him, it wouldn’t have led to the failure of the evil Kebi to win the rose in the dark." It was the wind dragon elder who was of course very happy and very fond of Tianchen for helping his family to return to normal.
"Yes, if Tianchen Pavilion helps Kester Kester, it won’t be possible to recover, and I think Tianchen Pavilion can’t catch many lower dragons, can it? I estimate that there will be more than a thousand biped flying dragons at most, and there won’t be many estimates. Although Tianchen Pavilion said that it would cost more than 20,000, I think it’s just a joke. I want to know our attitude. "This time, the fire dragon elders are also very fond of Tianchen, or even his son has to help Tianchen to put in a good word."
(Rhoda is a sacred fire and a sacred elder, but he is not the most sacred master. Because the dragon king is born in the sacred golden dragon, Rhoda is at most called the second master of the sacred and the second master of the dragon clan, and the generation of the dragon king and the dragon elder is not counted.)
When I heard the attitude of Rhoda from the two hometown, of course, things were fine in Baiji. The Dragon King and Rhoda always wore a pair of trousers and didn’t directly help Tianchen catch the dragon. That’s good. How could it destroy Tianchen’s idea? Although they don’t know Tianchen’s most slim idea, it’s ok to turn a blind eye to the dragon.
Several other elders were directly silent. Finally, the Dragon King concluded his speech: "Since there is no doubt, then Rhoda, please tell the Dragon outside the Dragon Valley in Tianchen Pavilion to arrest him at will. It is no problem if he is strong enough!"
If the Dragon King knew how he was going to catch the words in the morning, it is estimated that the Dragon King would not be so full of words. Afterwards, it is estimated that he even has a crying mind …
When I saw Rhoda smiling with my eyes open, I knew it should be done in the morning. Sure enough, Rhoda didn’t talk nonsense and said directly to the morning, "The Dragon King has promised you the ability to hum, and you can enjoy yourself at will."
The morning was finally satisfied, and the smile was evil to see if there was anything wrong with Rhoda’s heart, but she couldn’t figure out what was wrong.
Tianchen was very satisfied and said "Thank you, Uncle" to Rhoda.
"You’re welcome. Just be kind to Lily after you."
"That’s my responsibility. You can rest assured."
Weng Xu and his wife haven’t been formally called after the formal wedding, but in the morning, they want the wedding to be held on the earth in advance, so it will take a long time to go back. For the time being, they are still called the elders and successors.
Things must have happened in the morning, then I called a chat with my mother-in-law, and Luo Li flew directly to the outside of Longgu.
Cross the morning service road of the Dragon Valley Encirclement. "Let’s go to Fengxing Dragon first. You have to come if these guys run fast!"
"Grace" promised a Luo Li to fly directly to an area with a large number of popular dragon groups in the morning, and soon it was like coming to a large valley, but it also had hundreds of square kilometers. There were still many places like this, and two people came to a popular dragon group with a scale of 50,000 in the morning, humming that nearly 30,000 is the perfect place to catch a brigade mount in the morning.
In the morning, the dragon group was popular first, and on the other side, a large contract magic circle was laid on the ground in advance. Although the level of wizards and magic nuclei was also high due to the huge consumption, it was still worthwhile compared with getting so many popular dragons.
Luo Li also you’re welcome to directly release the dragon begging, which smells high. The Golden Dragon Begging strongly. The whole popular dragon group became restless and retreated. After Luo Li’s changing positions in all directions gave off dragon breath and Longwei, the whole popular dragon group was separated and dispersed, and soon a single adult popular dragon with a scale of more than 5,000 was threatened by Luo Li Rowen and Dragon Language, leaving the place where large troops appeared. On the other side, a large contract magic circle had already been buried.
Of course, it is impossible to sign a contract that can change owners’ pets at any time. If it is found that they have been driven away, a large-scale contract magic circle has been buried in the morning, that is, the geisha magic circle has been started, and they will also escape from the magic circle with Luo Li and Rowen.
But in the morning, how can I let my mount fly away?
I saw huge things like begging for cans of coal being placed on the side of this adult popular dragon team in the morning, and this is the direction in which the wind blows.
Although hum Luo Li Rowen threatened, but looking at the morning, a human being took some strange cans and put them next to these dragons, the whole adult dragon line was also a commotion. "Roar … roar …" It was the adult popular dragon that was constantly issued toward the morning, and this human being provoked the human being to run to the brigade next to the popular dragon.
Unfortunately, in the morning, I grabbed dozens of cans and put them aside, and immediately flew to meet Luo Li. Then I was very evil and took out something like a mobile phone …
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two Round up the dragon
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two Round up the dragon
In the morning, my face showed an extremely evil expression, and I had taken out a mobile phone-sized thing, a silver antenna shining, a round adjustment button and a red spindle with a sinful aura.
Maybe the mainland people in Kaya don’t know what this is, but everyone in the world knows that it is definitely a remote control, and this is the remote control for the explosion of dozens of tin cans in the morning.
In the face of things, the earth and Europe named him ENA, which means "high-efficiency nerve anesthetic" for short, and it is the latest model produced by Swiss military enterprises. One can of such high-efficiency nerve anesthetic is enough to paralyze thousands of heads, that is, only one can should be enough to solve these more than 5,000 popular dragons, but in the morning, I feel that perhaps the dragon resistance is relatively high, and I dumped dozens of cans and let them go smoothly.

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