Now it seems that the emperor is not interested in her!
But it’s not as much as it is for Feng Shao.
What’s more, Feng Shao was badly hurt that day, and almost lost his dragon species. In that case, the emperor should be angry. After all, those slaves were bold and hurt, but they were the first dragon species in the palace!
So the thought of yee princess was a sigh of relief.
No matter how shallow the emperor is to the phoenix, it is enough for the emperor to have her in his heart, because she knows very well that an emperor can’t be old and faded for a good woman in this generation, but the emperor will always be the emperor.
So Princess Yee took a deep breath and got up from bed and walked a few steps to the emperor.
"Emperor, you haven’t come to see the male and female servants for such a long time. I really miss you. If you are happy with the arrival of this child, can you stay here with the male and female servants?"
When she speaks, she will hug your ink shadow arm
I don’t know whether it was intentional or not. At this moment, Jun Moying turned around and poured himself a cup of tea.
The table was within reach, but he took a step forward, picked a tea lamp in his left hand, held the teapot in his right hand, and slowly poured out of the narrow teapot with a hint of pale tea.
The fragrance of tea is diffuse, and even the sound is nice.
However, Princess Yee thinks that the most pleasing thing is to make such a simple move so elegant and noble.
So handsome and so personable …
Yee princess with a sigh.
She couldn’t fathom the emperor’s mind for a while and dared not make a move again, let alone take the initiative to gather together and wait for the emperor to answer in an awkward place.
"You mean if I don’t stay, I’m not happy?"
Slender as jade, holding a tea lamp in his fingers and taking a sip of hot tea, the smoky face of the emperor made his handsome face more and more profound and unpredictable.
Jun Mo Ying gave her a slightly tilting look, and her tone was too dull to make a stir.
Yee princess a surprised.
"Male and female servants …" She hung her eyes and bit her lip in a panic, which looked like a delicate and touching picture. "Male and female servants didn’t mean this, but they were incoherent! Male and female servants have not seen the emperor for a long time, and they are so happy that they are not even awake. Male and female servants want the emperor to spend time with male and female servants, which is absolutely not his intention … "
The voice fell and the beautiful eyes were already sparkling, and the sadness was even more obvious in the candlelight.
"I hope the emperor will forgive me."
It’s a little late for the first watch … There are nine watches during the day … Good night, girls. Touch 368. Chapter 368 Emperor, what’s wrong with this suddenly …
"Pa" a heavy light jun ink shadow put aside the tea lamp.
The magnetic tepid tone of "natural crime" sounded so slowly as if it were warm but without a trace of emotion. "What is this small mistake that pregnancy is a great event?" I’m not that kind of person. "
I don’t know if Princess Yee thinks he is more inhuman after he finishes this sentence.
Tall, elegant, cold and expensive, this is him-the emperor in her memory.
That night in Fengming Palace, it was rare to be crowned with anger, and now he is the usual appearance.
"The emperor …"
"I have work to do."
Before Princess Yee finished talking about Jun Moying, she lightly interrupted her, "I will come to see you another day. You are pregnant and have a good baby. Everything is heavy."
After a few words, Jun Moying turned and left.
Princess yee is in a trance and feels that it seems that the emperor came here tonight to go through such a formality. After all, she is pregnant with a child and doesn’t come to see her. But in her heart, maybe the emperor doesn’t want to come. He and his Phoenix Palace are as beautiful as flowers to accompany.
And she, Fan Qiluo, is really like a deserted wife who can’t ask for anything.
I really feel ridiculous about my ever-changing mood.
She keeps hurting the same person, but it’s ridiculous that that person hasn’t seen her in his eyes.
Li Detong finally breathed a sigh of relief when Jun Moying came out of Huazhang Palace.
How afraid he is that the emperor will not come out tonight!
Although it is not for him to worry about which palace the emperor stays in, let alone what he can manage, he is afraid that if the emperor doesn’t control it, he will make the sister-in-law in Fengyang Palace unhappy.
It’s not a matter of how to coax you then. It’s not just them who are slaves.

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