"If you don’t need it, it will disappear naturally when you don’t need the ability, otherwise you want to scare people with such a big red mark on your back?" Yang Ye said and walked over to have a look at Nan Rong’s phantom back and touched Ba with a smile. "Actually, I’m really curious about your ability as a bone family. What is that knife bone?"
"I don’t know, I’m still awake. It’s so sudden that I have to sort things out." Nan Rong touched his head. "Now my brain is in a mess and I feel that I have changed too much."
"I don’t care! You have to practice those abilities as soon as possible! " Yang night patted south glory illusion with a smile
"Ah, Yang, how can the pain be unbearable when the night red seal changes? Do you hurt too? " South glory illusion also twist a head to try to see behind his red print while watching and asking.
"Don’t be nervous. It hurts the first time." Yang night hey hey smiled and gently touched a south glory magic shoulder.
South glory illusion was he touched a tingle quickly hide "you serious line not line! What the hell is going on? "
"You will know more times, and you will gradually realize that the pain brings strength to your body." Yang Ye stopped laughing and answered seriously
"Well, I suddenly feel like a superman, but I just don’t know how to make the woman speak." Nan Rong smiled and shook his head.
Talking, the two men walked out of the closet of Yang Yefang, washing their hands, and picked out two shirts and threw them to Nan Rong for a "try on the size".
Nan Rong’s magic and quick wear made a funny smile. His height is almost 100 centimeters as that of Yang Ye, and it fits him well. "Look at your clothes on Yang Ye, I look more handsome than you."
"What nonsense" Yang night smiled and put on his clothes just now. He and Nan Rong were kicked back naked by Mrs. Yang.
"I’m really excited." Nan Rong Magic got dressed, took a few steps and sat down on the sofa. He lifted his head and pillow the back of the sofa. "What would happen to me when you told me that I was so scary? Now, although I know my true identity, one thing I am very worried about is that I didn’t lose my relatives because of my identity change." Nan Rong Magic sighed gently. "I am my father and my sister."
Yang Ye smiled and walked to the front of the small refrigerator near the bed cabinet and squatted on the sliding door. He took out two cans of wine from the inside and threw it to Nan Rong. He said, "I tell you that what I value is your kindness to your loved ones, otherwise I wouldn’t believe you so easily."
"Hey, hey, fate, fate." Nan Rong Magic also took a sip of wine. "What just happened is really new. I haven’t finished believing it yet." He suddenly raised his head. "Hey, Yang Ye, did you perform it? What are we going to do when we are an official? "
“? "Yang Ye smiled." For example, do you know who those two beautiful women who are with me are? "
"who?" South glory magic asked to drink a mouthful of wine.
"They are confidantes I brought back when I went to the Vietnam War era in Wu, hehe." Yang Ye smiled and said lightly that her face was quite smug. "One is called Zheng Dan and the other is called Xi Shi."
South glory magic just drink wine a gush out straight wait for a while looked at Yang midnight genius asked "who? Zheng Dan? ! Xi Shi? !”
"Shh … a little" Yang night with a smile "don’t believe it? Have you seen girls around you who are as beautiful as them? "
"Ha ha! I am looking forward to this now! " South glory magic laughed and added "not because of beauty! I think it’s so interesting. "
"What’s the interesting thing?" Yang Ye also took a few steps with a smile and touched the wine jar in his hand. "After that, the two of us will walk together!"
South glory magic smile also raised the jar and motioned for two people to look up and drink at the same time.
The door is closed.
Yang night and south glory illusion looked at the same time, and the wine in his mouth was sprayed out and sprayed all over each other.
Even Xin and Yang Shan came in, followed by Qian Bo, Xi Shi and Zheng Dan.
"Where the hell have you two been!" Uniform Xin growled and descended to Yang night and Nan Rong’s phantom head with a heavy punch. "We are worried sick! You two have the luxury of drinking and chatting here! !”
Talking, even Xin’s little fist kept falling. Yang Ye and Nan Rong’s phantom Yang Shanchong came over and joined the warfare. Yang Ye and Nan Rong’s phantom was beaten and scurried, shouting sorry.
Until even Xin and Yang Shan were tired, they gasped and stared at the two sinners mercilessly.
Yang Ye and Nan Rong were beaten by two tigresses. Their clothes were tattered and their hair was messy. I didn’t know that they had just been raped.
Until Xi Shi and Zheng Dan gently walked over to Yang Ye and bowed to Nan Rong’s illusion, then they looked at Yang Ye and comforted him. The worry and anxiety in their eyes gradually turned into joy and love. A "senior brother" sounded weak, and a darling on the left was clever and a gentle and gentle one on the right made Yang Ye instantly feel better, but made Nan Rong look jealous.
Nan Rong Huan has learned that the two beautiful women in front of him turned out to be two beautiful women who were truly beautiful in ancient times and saw with their own eyes that Xi Shi and Zheng Dan cared for Yang Ye in thousands of ways. They couldn’t help secretly generating many ideas. Now it’s hard to find around them women who know how to be gentle, considerate, obedient and virtuous. They are all a savage girlfriend. He thought that if they were executed later, they would bring back a virtuous and virtuous ancient beauty. That’s really a great pleasure in life.
Nan Rong’s illusion thought so unconsciously, and his face expression changed. He dreamed of looking at Xi Shi and Zheng Dan smirking in front of him. In his imagination, Yang Ye, who was sitting opposite, had become himself.
Even xin don’t know when I got up again and knocked heavily on the south glory illusion head again. South glory illusion was hit one leng. In my mind, the illusion was instantaneous and fragmented. I was staring at even xin xin and growled, "Elder brother, how did you become like this? What are you doing to Xiao Shi and Xiao Dan? What are you smirking about? "
Nan Rong Magic realized that he had lost his manners and smiled awkwardly, only to find that Yang Ye looked at him and suddenly thought of Uniform Xin. But they didn’t know the identity of Xi Shi and Zheng Dan, and many, many things would be his secret with Yang Ye.
The cold sunset has already sent a private jet to the Jinshi Islands to pick him up with his family, and the cold end of the world has left the island, and the cold sunset is still white. It is meaningless to stay in the Jinshi Islands. The failure of the plan to steal the gold ore smelting method has brought people out of sight, and even Joe has run away. Although he is unwilling to investigate it again, he always feels that there are many strange places around this Yang night, and no one around army of one wants to do anything.
The cold end of the world is afraid to hear the cold sunset and say whether to go back or not. The cold sunset has been arguing for a long time, saying that he still has many ideas that have not been put into action. They can go back with greater gains, so that their father will be happy when he is cold.
The cold sunset laughed at him. "Come on, come on, I think we’ve gained a lot from our visit to the Jinshi Islands. Didn’t all your industries go to the Yang family?"
Cold Tianya has been poked at a sore spot again, but there is no way to refute it.

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