There is a natural difference between understanding a realm and not understanding it! It’s like one is beyond life and death and the other is still bound by heaven and earth.
Torres ha ha a smile "hinder this is my experience, I believe that you will go further than me in the future, and break through the returnees to verify whether the returnees are still strong.
"By the way, Sammul He, what is your practice achievement method? If you look at me with your eyes, I really can’t see that you have also cultivated your vitality, saying that you must be a monk or you are gifted. "Torres continued."
He Tianxin was surprised. "It turned out that Torres could detect that he was a monk, so if Dolly and Reid came to me carefully like Torres …" Thinking that he felt a chill behind him, Dolly and Redgen disdained induction at that time, otherwise what happened later was really uncertain.
"This Torres elder now asks me about my martial arts. I said that my martial arts is a magic formula. He said that he is not white in my way, but he is an important person who guards me!" I think so in my heart, but I can’t honestly say, "To tell you the truth, I was numb before I practiced, and I didn’t know what I was practicing. I’m still confused now."
Torres nodded faintly. "Most people in this world practice numbness, such as ghosts. These people believe that I am a ghost, but they don’t know that this is their Tao, and they don’t know that the ghost heart is the Tao heart. However, there have been people who have made the gods cry in this world. It is not a success to understand the Tao heart. After all, it depends on people’s talent. Understanding the Tao heart is to let you move forward, so that you can always follow your own path without giving up."
Hearing Torres’ words, Sammul He felt more and more familiar. He felt that the world was similar to his world in many places. Isn’t everything the same except the unique light and shadow order and slightly different names? And these names can be regarded as one of the few famous families in his world!
Just as he was stupefied, Torres asked, "How far have you been practicing?"
Sammul He didn’t hide this. "The nine floors of the driver may be the nine floors that you said."
His god tactic is different from this world. It seems that there is no such fine division. He is completely sure that the enemy at the same level will directly kill the monks at the same level.
"oh? Rez, you go and bring Liz and let her do two tricks with Sammul He. "Torres suddenly released his eyes.
Rez should go and disappear in three steps. The exiles in front of Sammul He are really tough, both in speed and swordsmanship
In a short time, Rez brought back a maid of about twenty, whose name is Liz Sammul He. She is the maid who is responsible for taking care of Torres’ life. There are still a few maids in such a big house. Otherwise, Torres can’t do everything personally.
Sammul He looked at the maid, Liz, and there was a little expectation in his heart. From uniting to now, he really didn’t have a fan. He tried to hold a tournament in Alexandria, but he would die, just as he killed Weiso but wouldn’t be killed by the duke. Before the tournament, everyone signed a life-and-death sword.
His present job is an understanding of his own strength and practical experience.
Looking at Liz, he seemed eager to try.
"Liz, you accompany Sammul He to practice until the end," Torres said.
Alice nodded and said, "I’m offended."
It’s normal for Sammul He residential courtyard to be regarded as a guest house, but it’s normal for Sammul He to be uncomfortable. He was a smelly beggar a few days ago and now he is called a public house.
Stop thinking in his heart. He simply said, "Let’s do it."
He didn’t take the lead. It’s his chivalry in the world that blames his subconscious for not wanting to take the lead on a lady.
Alice smiled and didn’t procrastinate. She took the sword from Leeds and attacked.
And He Tiantong took the sword as usual and put it aside to fight Liz with his bare hands.
In fact, it is easy for people to misunderstand that he is a light hunter, because there are light hunters who don’t like swords and don’t have swords to fight.
"take over"
Alice’s sword is both rigid and soft, and it looks like a flying butterfly. The beautiful sword shadow is the sword fighting, so that the fallen can weakly release the sword fighting and make the sword have a phantom.
Sammul He dare not careless to transport Reiki to her feet. At first, it was a three-point Reiki, but she was forced to retreat by Liz and had to increase Reiki on this basis.
Alice is much faster than Sammul He thought! At this time, he has transported six layers of aura to his feet, so that the attack is no longer sharp. He can find the right opportunity to suddenly take back the aura, and then he must win with one blow! A layer of repair by the other degenerate is not a big threat to him.
However, Lisi obviously didn’t want to give him a break. He seemed to be back to the time when he was fighting Napoleon. At that time, he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t fight back!
His clothes were cut and blood flowed from his skin. The wound was not deep, but it really scared him. Six layers of aura still could not escape Alice’s attack, and Alice seemed to have no strength yet.
"Be careful!"
Liz is a few sword shadows coming towards Sammul He’s chest. He dare not deliver two more layers of reiki carelessly. The soles of his feet are just in a mess to avoid this sword. A layer of reiki will make him feel a little easier, but Liz’s sword seems to have long eyes and follow him closely. He comes with him whenever he moves the sword shadow.
Layer reiki he incredibly still can’t hide Liz attack!
Torres and three servants looked at the courtyard without saying a word, and two people chased each other and drove them out.
Finally, He Tianyi gritted his teeth and transported his feet to the Ministry of Reiki. Suddenly, he felt the wind whistling around him and tried his best to run. He finally felt that the distance was a little farther away.
Alice found that Sammul He’s speed increased again, and now she can barely talk to Sammul He.
Then she drank a pair of pedals and suddenly bounced up her sword like a pear flower in a rainstorm, and it hit He Tiangang with a heavy blow. When she was ready to turn back, she saw that the sword shadow was approaching all over the sky. This time, the attack had not yet got up, but she saw a cold light coming, but this time she could catch it after all!
"dragon catcher!"
He drank like thunder!
At this moment, the eyes of Torres and Reyes sitting next to each other lit up, and Liz felt that she was pulling herself forward with an unstable body. Nevertheless, her sword was still hitting Sammul He, but Sammul He had already retreated and growled again, "Dragon catcher!"
Put the sword next to him early in the morning. Once he flies in, his eye pupil instantly spreads once and twice …
In an instant, his pupil became nine pupils! It’s strange! Whoever looks at these eyes is dazzled. These eyes are not what ordinary people can look at!

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