How can such an important folding emperor be left here like this?
Can’t see the specific yee princess once again looked up at the emperor’s side face has been holding that kind of sweet excitement when appreciating his face.
Bitterness and fear in the chest almost burst out and overflowed directly.
She wants to see the slightest emotional change from the emperor’s face.
For example, in order to test her, the emperor should now see what she is afraid of and prove something.
But from the end, the emperor remained the same as before, and his expression did not change at all, and he did not look at her.
Yee princess some collapse brimming with heart trembling wrist gently moving to continue grinding ink in his hand, but already I don’t know where to fly.
"Qi Fei"
It was not until the emperor called her princess yee that she suddenly answered, "What happened to the emperor?"
"What’s the matter?" The emperor frowned impatiently and coldly swept the ground ink in her hand and reached for it.
"Go and get the soup you brought. I’m a little hungry."
He continued to bow his head and approve the memorial.
Yee princess leng a heart and because of the emperor that sentence irrepressible contraction.
"It’s male and female servants. I’m going."
If she had heard this at ordinary times, she would have been overjoyed.
However, today, there is still a large part of the joy and worry. Although there is nothing wrong with the emperor, how can a deep person like the emperor know what is in his heart?
It’s like she’s never even seen through Feng Shao.
Sometimes I really think that these two people are quite suitable for a really deep, innocent, pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger.
Princess yee took out the soup cup in the food box and poured a bowl before walking slowly to the emperor.
By this time, the emperor had closed those folds, including whether he had just come to test her.
Yee princess gathered her eyes and corners of her mouth and pulled out a charming charm with her usual smile.
She respectfully handed the soup in her hand and whispered, "The emperor may be a little hot. Please be careful."
Unexpectedly, the emperor actually answered her words, although it was a gentle "grace"
Yee princess consternation at the same time in the chest that faint joy really some irrepressible.
How happy the emperor is to her now if it is not affected by the dead girl Linglong!
"It tastes good." The emperor took a sip and looked down at the bowl.
"I don’t seem to have seen the imperial kitchen do it."
"Male and female servants do it themselves on a whim." Princess Yee immediately answered the words.
"Do it yourself?" The emperor picked his eyebrows and looked at her in amazement.
Princess Yee’s face turned red. "Yes, imperial servants and concubines like to study these things by themselves when they are free. I didn’t expect the emperor to like them. If the emperor doesn’t mind, how about giving the emperor a new trick on his concubine’s day?"
"After what you said, I am somewhat looking forward to it."
"The emperor means …"
Yee princess heart only those unhappy also scattered.
If the emperor really knew what he should do, he would immediately put her to death by drastic measures, so he would be tempted in such a big way.
She’s not an emperor.
Yes, it must be this 394 chapter 394. I’ll handle you directly here.
After a while, Princess Yee had something to do, and she was not annoying here. She excused herself voluntarily.
She got up and went to Fengyang Palace when she left Houjun Moying and put away those folds.
Now the most difficult problem is not the mother, not the princess, but how to make that little thing happy.
Jun Mo Ying raises her forehead and has a headache.
You can’t always drag her to bed during the day, can you?
As he expected, Feng Asa saw him coming to the courtyard to bask in the sun, and immediately went into the house with Fox in his arms, and ignored him.
Your ink shadow head hurts even more.

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