Lotus lifted up her head and mercilessly stared at Yang Night Long Xiao, who lived with her. She threw her hair and raised her hand, pointing to Yang Night and shouted "Red Bi! You broke my heart! Deep, deep! Can’t you see that my heart is fragile? I’ll give you another chance to apologize! Otherwise, I will make your life worse than death! "
Hearing this, Nan Rong took a few steps and came from behind to stick to Yang Ye and asked, "Hey! Yang Ye, are you serious? Did you get all this hibiscus so soon? "
"Don’t talk nonsense!" Yang night’s expression was dull, and I remembered just now that Lotus had been surprised by the chance. Yang night felt pins and needles in the back of his head.
"Nonsense. People say you broke her heart … Wait, you said she was a shemale?" Nanrong Phantom Root didn’t know what had happened, and he was still immersed in the joy of surviving, and he didn’t realize what Yang Ye meant when he said that Baobao Long didn’t come back.
Yang night ignored the south glory illusion, but his eyes looked straight. Long Xiao’s eyes were solid. yu long Xiao was surprised by Yang night’s fierce eyes. His shoulders trembled slightly, but the horse calmed down
"Long Xiao!" Yang night suddenly drank a shock, and Xiao Meng lifted the bar, pretending to be sad and cut the lotus, and looked at Yang night in horror.
Yang Ye’s face was slightly red, and his fist clenched and stared at Long Xiao. He continued to ask, "Where’s the blue demon chop?"
Long Xiao was surprised and quickly slowed down, smiled contemptuously, and made a slight sideways mouth to the outside of the main hall. Then he said, "I don’t know if I’m dead outside."
"What did you say!" Yang night was suddenly tense as if he had been struck by lightning and shouted out in surprise.
Nan Rong Phantom only reacted to the seriousness of the situation at this time. In his mind, he also vaguely recalled what happened after he was brought to this hall by Baobao Long, and shouted "Baobao Long!"
"Dead!" As soon as Furong listened to her chest, she replied bluntly, "I killed her!"
"Are you Furong?" South glory magic face instantly pale up squinting to lotus a cold light shot from the eyes.
Yang night has been unbearable, biting his teeth tightly and helping to drum up. The veins stood out on his forehead are exposed because of his excited chest, and he is short of breath.
Just then, a white shadow with a faint red light jumped in from outside the temple and jumped directly to the side of the hall, more than ten meters away from Yang Night and Nanrong Magic. It turned out to be a "pa" hit the ground.
Yang night and south glory illusion quickly look at the past Long Xiao lotus eyes also turned to the other side.
It turned out to be a blue demon chop and a baby dragon!
At this time, both of them were lying on the ground, and the baby was lying on the ground with one arm wrapped around the blue demon’s shoulder, and the blue demon was still holding the baby’s waist with one hand, but both of them were covered in blood and couldn’t get up.
"Lan!" Yang night exclaimed a.
"baby!" South glory magic immediately also called out of the mouth.
On the ground, the blue demon cut his mouth and breathed the pale little face and rubbed some blood, while she hugged the baby, but her clothes were almost red with blood and she didn’t know life and death.
"Red Bi save the baby! ….. "Blue demon chop looked up at Yang night eyes nervous and cry for help, but after shouting this sentence, she also fainted around the baby.
The blood seeping from the two of them along the ground in Shi Zhuan is frightening.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ….." Long Xiao saw the blue demon chop and the baby’s tragic scene and laughed and turned to Yang night and said, "Red Bi! The blue demon beheaded me, and I can save him! "
Yang night to rush over to smell speech but set in place again nervous look at the ground blue demon cut sure enough! The blue demon lying on her side had an oval scar on her back, which was dotted with dark green, and tiny silver-gray scales grew on her hands and feet!
"Red Bi! I will give you two choices now! " Long Xiao also shouted and looked at Yang Ye with a contemptuous smile. "First, you surrender and come with us to see the black domain Lord. Second, we beat you to beg for mercy and drag you to see the black domain Lord!"
Yang night slowly turned his head back from the blue demon chop, and his expression became unusually calm. His eyes changed aside, and Nan Rong was scared to see it. He had never seen Yang night’s eyes so fierce.
"I have a third choice. I’ll beat you to save the blue demon or I’ll kill you." Yang Ye Yin was very low and very calm. He looked at Long Xiao and the blue demon and didn’t knit his eyebrows. He was so calm.
"Ha ha ha ha … with you?" Long Xiao earth, crazy smile a contemptuous expression.
South glory illusion while surly intensely staring at the lotus arm slowly force "shua" stretched out more than two feet long osteotome.
"I’m going to kill you!" Nan Rong’s illusion looked at Furong and shouted that when he saw the baby hurt like that, Nan Rong’s illusion heart trembled and was angry. He couldn’t control it if he wanted to.
Furong raised Yangba and rushed to Nanrong with a tooth "smelly man!"
Yang Ye slightly glanced at his head and said softly, "Nan Rong Magic went to Lan Yao and Bao Bao Long to try your best to protect them."
"What?" South glory magic surprised twist a head to look at Yang night.
"Then protect the two of them, and don’t let Long Xiao and Furong have the opportunity to sneak attack or hold them hostage." Yang Ye speaks slowly and calmly as if he were chatting with Nan Rong.
South glory illusion is like don’t understand Yang night hesitate to look at Yang night doubt way "me? I went to … That Long Xiao and Furong … "
"I’ll shoot them both!" Yang night turned to look to the Long Xiao and hibiscus tone gradually cold.
Nan Rong Huan hesitated to say something, but he had never seen Yang Ye like this. He stared at Yang Ye and nodded and said, "Be careful!" Say jump to have fainted to orchid demon chop and baby.
Nan Rong Magic came to Lan Yao’s chop and Baby Long’s side, bent down on one knee and anxiously checked to see Lan Yao’s cut wounds. He couldn’t help but tighten his osteotome and hold Lan Yao’s chop hand with one hand to try to control his ability to get up.
And I was shocked to see the baby with black and blue wounds, where the baby’s clothes were almost completely torn and cut out of the bloody scars!
Nan Rong Phantom could no longer control his face upwards and shouted a shout. Several vague and clear scenes reappeared in his mind, and the scenes that were shaking were near and far. This time, it finally became clearer and closer, as if scenes appeared in front of Nan Rong Phantom.
The past is becoming clearer and clearer, just like the scenes of Nan Rong’s fantasy yesterday. There are smiles or injuries in his mind. Every inch of deja vu is unforgettable …
"baby! Baby! " Nan Rong Magic fiercely bowed his head and grabbed the baby with one hand. He tried his best to spread his physical ability into two points. He fumbled and lost to the blue demon chop and the baby’s body, but his eyes kept staring at the baby’s pale and bloody face, and his eyes were wet. He murmured, "Baby, I remember who you are. I remember …"
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Yang night has been angry in his heart at the moment.
See scarred and covered in blood to orchid demon cut baby, he at that moment there is a kind of instantaneous burst in my heart.

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