Su Mian told him to hold it up and hum, "I think I’m a lamb …"
"Ha ha ha ha you little woman I also became a wolf?" Yan Gui laughed.
"Almost" Su Mian pouted
Yan to gather together with a smile in the past light way "silly cotton cotton don’t you also like it? You are not angry. "
Su Mian kept his head down for a long time without saying a word. "Who is angry and tired?"
Yan Gui almost laughed again, touched her head and helped her to wash.
After lunch, Su Mian took a nap here. Just after waking up, he saw Zhen Hao and Yu Zheng writing Chinese characters in the room.
I can’t help wondering, "How do you write big characters here?"
"Mother, you’re awake, afraid to disturb your mother before writing big characters." Read the imperial running way.
"Are you? Royal son is so good? Come and kiss your mother. "Su Mian smiled and waved hard to climb.
"Lord, at least call me." Green finch hurried in to help Su Mian. Now she got up really hard.
"Mother …" Zhen Hao gave a cry and somehow wanted to cry. It’s so pitiful to look at Mother …
"What’s the matter? Be wronged? " Sue cotton at that time I don’t know what’s wrong with him can’t help but ask.
"Mother is so tired." Zhenhao still cried.
"Silly boy, don’t cry. Isn’t that right? You’re not tired when you’re born. You’re even more tired when you cry and your mother loves you. "Su Mian is busy.
"Whoops?" Vibration Hao busy wipe tears dozen hic asked
"It’s lovely to tell your mother that you have been studying these days?" Sue cotton smiled and pulled up Zhen Hao to wipe tears. The child also knows that it hurts people.
"All right, the teacher said all good mother when did you have a little sister? Don’t like my little sister … "Zhen Hao pouted.
Su Mian smiled and said, this is the first one who doesn’t like his little sister. "Does Yu Er like his little sister?"
"If you don’t like having a little sister and mother, you won’t hurt us. Don’t want a little sister!" Read the royal is bowed their heads and said
"Two little silly sister is a sister, how can you two mother not hurt? Everyone loves so much. "Su Mian touched Zhen Hao’s head and said.
"But the mother is tired" read Imperial Road
"You were born like this? Do you think my brother disliked you at that time? Is your mother tired? " Sue cotton laughed
Had said that, it occurred to me that this child is not as special as Mingshou … This won’t hurt him, will it?
However, it is obviously not big enough to read Yu, and I have not found that Su Mian speaks to Zhen Hao instead of you.
"Mom, I don’t dislike my little sister. Mom … then you are tired." Zhen Hao stretched out his hand to touch Su Miandu and dared not.
Green finch also dare not call touch just said don’t like my little sister.
But Su Mian took his hand and gently touched his belly. "There may be two little sisters, two little brothers, a little brother and a little sister. Which one do you prefer?"
Zhen Hao’s novelty touched it tightly for a long time before saying, "A little brother and a little sister!"
"handmaiden, congratulations to the Lord, the three halls are the most accurate for children!" Smoke just came in and heard this busy way
"Well, thank you for your kind words." Su Mian kissed Zhen Hao.
"Lord, let’s drink water, and summon the minister to say that Ye State seems to have suffered from heavy snow." Smoke handed me hot water and whispered.
"Are you? Then you call a person to go out and give it to Sue’s home. If it’s really a disaster in Ye State, donate some money and things. Let’s also donate "Su Miandao"
"Ah, handmaiden, I’m going to have a good heart. This baby will be very easy." Smoke said.
Su mian didn’t take it seriously, but maybe it’s really because of her kindness. This baby is really boring. Of course, this is another story
The two children stayed here for an afternoon, and when they laughed, they flew very fast.
At night, Ming An Mingshou also came. The two children seem to have grown rapidly since they practiced martial arts.
Before the Spring Festival, Su Mian felt that they had grown up for several years, both in word and appearance.
There is a faint feeling that there is a well-proportioned tree.
"Mother, have you taken a walk?" Ming’ an came and asked
"This is in charge of the mother?" Sue cotton funny to ask
Mingshou said, "Mother will leave or my little sister will not come out."
"Silly boy, who taught you?" Su mian is very funny.
Ming’ an’s frown looks like Yan Gui’s frown. "Mother doesn’t care about her body. She doesn’t listen."
"Take a good walk, it will take a walk, ok? Do you learn from your father at an early age? " Su Mian poked him in the face
Ming ‘an’s little face is red, and his mother hasn’t poked him for a year. I remember when I was a child, her mother liked to poke him and how much intimacy she had.
"Mother will just walk outside for a while. It’s time for dinner. She will help you." Ming ‘an said.
Among the four children, he is the biggest and strongest, and he looks like a big boy. He really helped Su Mian out of the back of the metallographic hall and walked up.
Yan came back to see Ming ‘an holding Su Mian in circles. The two mothers were talking and laughing, and the three children next to them were watching and talking and laughing from time to time.

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