Zhuo Qiang was a little disappointed, but no one knows how deep this thing is. If it is as deep as 10 meters, who knows when it will be dug?
Although Zeng Guomin has high-tech digging tools in his hand, he digs stones instead of mud, and it is really hard to dig.
When I have a chance, I will spend time on this big project. This time, I will cut a part of this mysterious metal to see what it is.
Zeng Guomin took out the cutting machine and cut it at the circular metal column.
It was easy for the original special cutting machine to deal with this cylinder, but Zeng Guomin could see something was wrong as soon as he started work.
This is beyond the times, and it is very difficult for advanced machinery to deal with this metal column. Seeing the progress of Zeng Guomin’s cutting is like sawing steel bars with a saw.
"It won’t be so hard!" Zhuo Qiang didn’t expect this high-tech cutting machine to be capable of this cylinder. What the hell is this?
Of course, it can’t be said that there is no place where the cutting machine can cut. This mysterious metal is cut too slowly. It will take a few hours to cut this cylinder.
Zhuo Qiang is a little angry. Is this high-tech cutting machine an impostor?
"Boss, this kind of cutting machine is an ordinary worker’s cutting machine. Mass production of things naturally won’t be very good." Liu Xiaolei saw Zhuo Qiang look a little ugly and explained to him.
Zhuoqiang listened to hurriedly take out the remote control and buy a panel to find all kinds of tools.
Only after this search did he know that there was a special tool classification, but the prices of things in it were much higher than those of ordinary tools.
He found an advanced cutting tool and saw that the price actually needed 500 points of energy!
"Then forget it!" Zhuo Qiang didn’t want to pay this money, so that Zeng Guomin could spend a few more hours at most.
He’s not much at dozens of o’clock, but he must be a little reluctant at hundreds of o’clock
But even an ordinary cutting machine is much better than the current advanced cutting machine on the earth! Why is it so difficult to deal with this mysterious metal?
"Wait slowly!" Zhuo Qiang, the former Zeng Guomin, will be able to finish this time before long. Who knows that he is so energetic? He is not interested in staring at the screen like this, and Zeng Guomin is boring.
Several families in the cab are playing games, and Zhuo Qiang doesn’t want to interfere. He goes back to his suite and enters the recreation room with exercise equipment to exercise his muscles.
Before, he didn’t like exercise very much, but recently, he smoked every day, moved a few times, ran and hit two sandbags, but he didn’t have much patience and stopped doing it a little tired.
Long Yun Shu is very comfortable, but he always feels a little chatty when he is free.
He used to like playing games, but now he doesn’t play games much, so it seems that something is missing today.
"Still lack a woman!" Zhuo Qiang has been looking for an opportunity to add a female partner to the Long Yun, so that the Long Yun will not be so lonely.
While Zhuo Qiang was pedaling his bicycle absently and thinking, he suddenly heard Ye Chuchu calling from outside.
"Boss! Go to the cab quickly! "
ZhuoJiang a listen to Ye Chuchu sound outside a little worried don’t know what’s going on hurriedly out of the room to ask "what’s the matter? So flustered?
Ye Chuchu didn’t say anything. He eagerly pulled Zhuojiang and came to the cab on the first floor.
As soon as I entered the cab, Zhuo Qiang saw several families around the screen. I don’t know what happened.
Zhuo Qiang looked at the screen. It was dark and there was nothing.
Zeng Guomin entered the cave with a powerful hand barrel and kept it burning, but now there is no light.
"What’s the matter?" Zhuo Qiang is also a little worried.
Zeng Guomin can’t be what happened inside? Although Zeng Guomin is a robot, Zhuo Qiang still has feelings for him after getting along for so long.
People will still have feelings for themselves one day ago, not to mention that it looks like a robot.
"The boss Zeng Guomin was cutting the metal cylinder just now when the screen suddenly shook and then put his hand next to him. As soon as Jane went out, we didn’t know what happened, so we asked you to come and see what to do." Liu Xiaolei didn’t know the situation either.
(Unfinished 9 Cave Accidents)
Zhuo Qiang’s face sank, and Zeng Guomin would definitely not make mistakes, and that high-tech powerful handset should not suddenly break down, so there must be something unexpected.

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