However, even so, he can’t wait and die, so he can’t help thinking that he can’t choose to compromise, because once compromised, the whole Cold Forest Sect is bound to be wiped out, so it’s better to fight recklessly, so even if he dies, he will die!
Just at this moment, suddenly there came a strong energy breath outside the hall. Everyone in the hall was not surprised and busy, and they set their eyes on the direction of the hall door …
[543] [Truth]
Ye Han bearer is Ye Han Cold Forest Sect Law. Although he has been detected, this little law root can’t stop him from sending a cold forest Sect meeting. During this period, he has passed all the cards in a straight line and came to the door of this discussion hall 【
Ye Han, who just entered the door, will say hello to everyone, but I didn’t expect this evil heat to be surprisingly perfect and stare at the frightened eyes together. It seems to me that Ye Han forgot that he needed to say hello and looked at the hall for a long time without knowing words.
At this time, Xiaoli can no longer squeeze in from Ye Han because of her impatience. Originally, she wanted to see what this cold forest school was like, but she didn’t expect that when she went in, she regretted how all these people would gawk at the door like silly people.
Soon Xiaoli thought of the reason, so he turned to Ye Hanjiao and smiled. "Brother Han, it seems that all these heats treat you as an enemy. I think we should leave here!"
As he spoke, he turned and went to the layman’s door. At this moment, Ye Han suddenly stopped him and bent down to hold him in his arms. Then he took a few steps in the hall and smiled at Lin Fu. "Don’t be ill, Lin Zhang. Why don’t you feel very happy to see me today? Are you not welcome us?"
"Well … hahahaha, it turned out that Ye Shaoxia almost regarded you as an ice city before. I’m sorry that there are so many people who neglect you!" See bearer is Ye Han not false Lin Fu face suddenly changed busy blunt he embarrassed smile to say with smile
Ye Han smell speech also didn’t mind at all. After all, there were some festivals in the cold forest school after the cold city. Now it’s not surprising that an outsider suddenly visited and was regarded as an ice city person. However, one thing he didn’t understand is how this cold mountain got to now and still thought about his own revenge. Theoretically, if he really wanted revenge, he could have done it before!
Thought of here, Ye Han could not help but ask, "Hanshan, that old guy is still thinking about revenge for you today? I don’t know if it will be difficult to send you to the cold forest again when this half year is redundant? "
"That’s not true. Although his influence in the ice city has increased greatly in recent months, they have not come to our cold forest school again. That is, in the past two days, we received news that this cold mountain is going to lead experts to encircle our cold forest school, and there was a near misunderstanding tonight!" Lin Fuwen immediately shook his head nai wry smile way
Ye Hanwen’s heart is even more confused. According to the truth, this Hanshan Cold Forest Sect has the realistic power to kill the enemy ice city. It is very simple to want revenge. But why didn’t they do that?
At this moment, Lin Jie suddenly sighed, "Alas, we feel very strange about this matter, but since this ice city has not been difficult for us, we have not thought too much about it. Speaking of this matter, it is really strange that we have not thought about it today!"
After listening to Lin Jie’s words, Ye Han was lost in thought. Soon, he smiled and said, "If I didn’t guess wrong, the forces in this ice city are not yet in the middle. This cold mountain has not been able to control the overall situation, so it has never come to attack your cold forest faction!"
"But in that case that he is going to pounce again? Is he now in control of the overall situation? " Lin Fuwen immediately felt very reasonable, but he couldn’t help but have another question in his heart, so he asked
Ye Hanwen also hesitated for a while before saying, "I think the ice city forces are still in a messy state, but they have further United, so he will dare to come and provoke your cold forest faction!"
"oh? Do you know? Don’t you come to the ice city this time to find out what news? " After listening to Ye Han’s words, Lin Fu didn’t say anything but heard Lin Jie suddenly ask a way
Wen Yan Ye Han suddenly smiled and said, "Do you think if I pass through the ice city, I can avoid the eyes and ears of the ice city master so safely?"
Ye Han paused and then said, "I think you have heard a little about the attack on the cold family in Bing Yuan City two days ago in Bing Ling City. I think it was them who came one after another, and their goal was you, the Cold Forest Sect!"
"Of course we have heard about this, but I heard that several experts from this cold family later beat their ice yuan city experts, which was out of the water and ended in a fiasco!" Lin Fuwen also smiled to say with smile
Then he hesitated for a moment and murmured, "I don’t know whether this cold family was helped by Fang Gaoren and could make such a powerful force in Bingling City suffer such a fiasco. If they can also come to help us, Cold Forest will send an arm. I think we can better avoid this robbery this time!"
Ye Hanwen suddenly smiled. "Don’t worry, Master Lin, they will definitely come to help you, but I don’t think the ice city will attack you so soon. Please rest assured for the time being!"
"oh? How do you know that they will definitely come to help us? " Lin Fu heard what he just wanted to ask, but he heard Lin Jie beat him to ask
As soon as Lin Jie made this remark, she heard a charming smile outside the door, and then Yan Xin came in from the door. As soon as she came in, she couldn’t help laughing. "Because those people said that even our cold brother has already come to you, do you think he can help you?"
After that, she straightened her face and bowed down at Lin Fu. "Younger generation Xiner has seen Lin Zhangmen!"
"Ah?" After listening to Yan Xin’s speech, everyone was shocked and looked at each other for a long time before Lin Fu suddenly said, "It turns out that the mainland people who were shocked by the cold family in World War I are you. How is this possible?"
At this time, Lin Jie suddenly exclaimed, "If you say so, then the sky vision last night was also caused by you?"
Ye Han nodded consciously. Then there was another charming smile outside the door. Then Lengling came in with Xiaoxue in her arms. Just when she came in, she nodded at Lin Fu and said, "Lin Zhangmen, we meet again!"
"You?" Seeing the appearance of cold ling, Lin Fu and Lin Jie had expected that this Ye Han would appear cold ling inevitably, but at the moment, they couldn’t help but be surprised when they saw Lengling people. Then they heard Lin Fu suddenly laugh. "I can believe that Mrs. Ye’s profound knowledge is more than enough to repel those masters in the ice city!"
"Ha ha, the head is wrong this time. It’s not me who did the most credit for repelling the ice city this time!" After listening to Lin Fu’s words, LengLing immediately gave a wry smile and then looked at Ye Han explained.
Lin Fuwen suddenly froze and looked at Ye Han pleasing to the eye, then smiled again. "It turns out that all this is due to Ye Shaoxia. I didn’t expect that not only Mrs. Ye has repaired it, but even Ye Shaoxia is outstanding!"
Ye Hanwen couldn’t help but shake his head and sigh bitterly. "Alas, it would be better if I could have such a strong repair. But this time it wasn’t my credit, but she killed the ice city master with one hand, which saved the peace of the cold family!"
Then he looked at his arms. Xiaoli Lin Fu and others smell speech. Busy following his eyes, they saw Ye Han saying that it was obviously the little fox in his arms. Their faces couldn’t help but show an incredible color. Obviously, they didn’t want to believe that this little fox was not outstanding except for its beautiful appearance. How could it be able to eliminate many masters in Bingling City?
When they were suspicious of Xiaoli, Xiaoli immediately stared at them with dissatisfaction and then snorted. "What’s the matter? Do you look down on me or don’t believe what my cold brother said? "
It is rare for Yuan beast to speak. Not only did Lin Fulinjie elaborate Ye Hanyan, but even many elite sects have to believe that because they all know that the mainland can speak, Yuan beast base has already had the seventh-order cultivation, that is, the cultivation of human Yuan body boundary. If a master of Yuan body boundary cultivation kills the ice city master, wouldn’t the world be in chaos?
But now the world is really messed up. Even so, they still don’t want to doubt the 17 th-order Yuan beast in Xiaoli. She has something to kill a city in Bingling City. Although she is a master like a cloud, it is not generally difficult to find a master of Yuanti realm. They also believe that there is no such master at the root of Bingling City.
So they believe that Xiaoli has the strength, Ye Han doesn’t lie, and they believe that they got the information before. All this is true, and it is not difficult for them to resist the ice city with the help of these experts!
"Great! Then we Cold Forest Sect will be saved!" Lin Fu is the happiest person to prove all this. After all, this cold forest faction has devoted his life’s efforts. No one in the world can hope that the cold forest faction will be all right more than him. But even so, he didn’t speak before Lin Jie, and everything was finished by Lin Jie first.

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