From Ye Hanshen, he saw a very strong resentment. Although this resentment was deeply hidden, he could directly ignore Ye Hanshen’s hidden means.
"How can you have such a strong resentment?" Discovering this inflamed fire is no longer going to listen to each other’s words suppressing Ye Tianlong Yuan, and they turned to Ye Han and asked.
After listening to Yan Huo’s words, Ye Han suddenly became stupefied, and then smiled bitterly. "This is where Yan Yunzong was killed!"
At some point, Ye Han’s face suddenly appeared a melancholy color, and he was silent for a long time before he added, "Master is dead, but I can’t avenge him."
Speaking of this, Ye Han stopped talking. At this moment, the fire suddenly sighed, "What a shame! I didn’t know the number of self-control and enmity when the cloud was young. It’s normal to be killed by people now!"
"What?" Ye Han was shocked at the words of Yan Huo, not because he heard others criticizing his master, but because he got a shocking news from Yan Huo’s words.
The word "cloud" may represent something else, but Ye Han doesn’t recognize it at the moment. He didn’t connect his master with Yan’s family. After all, Tian’s family name is Yan, and it’s not just a fierce yuan city. But all this changed when he heard the words of Yan’s fire.
Equally shocked is Yan Xin, who has recognized his father in his family since he was a child, but he didn’t expect that Yuan Yan Yun Shan Yan Yun Zong Zong Yan Yun would be his uncle!
"Grandpa, are you saying that Cold Brother Master is my uncle?" Although the words came from the mouth of inflammation, Yan Xin couldn’t believe that she had lived in Yan’s family for so many years that she didn’t know she had an uncle.
"Xin Er, some things can’t be explained for a while. When the time is right, you will naturally understand all this!" Yanhuo didn’t answer Yan Xin’s question directly. As he said, some things are better left unsaid unless absolutely necessary.
It’s better to put this question aside for the time being when I see my grandfather is so angry, but Ye Han is a little impatient and then asks, "Since Grandpa doesn’t want to tell us about this, we can’t help but wonder if Grandpa can tell me whether my master died with hands?"
"You have said that you can’t talk, and you still ask if you really want to know, then you can look it up on your own. Oh, and I almost forgot that you can’t call me grandpa. If you call me grandpa, wouldn’t it be for no reason to let your great-grandfather take advantage of me?" Inflammatory fire still didn’t give a face-to-face answer. Ye Han didn’t pursue it too much because he knew it was going to be inflamed. He didn’t want to say that even if he asked again, it would be impossible to ask a question. So it would be better not to ask directly.
There is one thing that he feels that Nai Yan Xin and his wife have been married. If they are called Grandpa Yan Fire according to the normal name, it is reasonable for this fire to say that bad karma makes sense. If you call him by this name, it is suspected that he has lowered his position in front of his great grandfather.
This made him puzzled. When Lengling got married, similar things should have happened, but at that time, he became Lengyuan’s apprentice, so that he could call his master just and skillfully avoid the problem of calling him master.
However, he never thought that six months later, this inflammatory cloud mountain actually encountered the same situation again today. Without this experience, he still couldn’t find a solution to stay there for a while.
Cold yuan said suddenly laughed, "what’s so hard about this? Why don’t you just call him master? In this way, we have to think about this. Besides, do we practitioners still care about this? Wouldn’t it seem that we are too pedantic to go out? "
After listening to Leng Yuan’s words, Ye Han’s heart suddenly became busy, and suddenly he looked at Yan Huo as if he wanted to get an accurate answer from him. After all, it was a method to do this without the consent of Master.
At the right time, Yan Huo also glanced at Ye Han and looked at himself with a tentative look, so he sighed lightly and then nodded his head. "In that case, that’s it. Anyway, I have always been free to come and go, which is an extra apprentice, and it won’t cause any trouble."
Ye Han, who is recognized by the fire, still dares to hesitate. Anyway, this matter is also his master Lengyuan coming out in person. He dare not violate the teacher’s life, so there is no suspicion of bullying the teacher.
If he put it before, he might have scruples about the former master’s inflammation, but now it has been confirmed that this inflammation is the inflammation of cloud’s father, so he will not worry so much.
Without these many scruples, Ye Han suddenly looked at Ye Tian. After all, Ye Tian is the highest grandson of Ye’s family. It’s all right if his great-grandfather doesn’t show up. Now it’s natural for him to recognize his master after this great-grandfather agrees.
Ye Tianlai is also very understanding of this generational thing. At the same time, he also thought about letting Ye Han worship the fire master, but think about it. At this time, Ye Han already has a master and does not cause unnecessary trouble. He didn’t speak out the idea.
Now all scruples are gone. Grandpa Zeng, since he has no reason to stop his great-grandson from learning from his teacher, naturally he saved the thought. After this, he also nodded at Ye Han to indicate that he agreed to this matter.
People all agreed that Ye Han’s last scruples in his heart also vanished. At that time, he felt relaxed and busy, turned around and came to the front of the burning fire to prepare to finish this gift from master.
"Well, I told you just now that you can’t do things too pedantic, just like this gift from a master. Besides, I’m also your master in name. I didn’t promise to be a real apprentice with you. We won’t care if there is any trouble!" See Ye Han to give yourself worship inflammation fire will stop before busy.
Ye Han nai shook his head and didn’t insist, but he knew that he had now become a brother of phlogistic fire. Although his mouth said that this was a name and he wouldn’t help at a dangerous moment, Ye Han was really white. At that time, he would never be stuck like the one he said.
This is reasonable to follow. Once upon a time, the ice city saw the fire and protected Yan Xin. Even a person in the realm of then could see that although he was trying to kill himself, his purpose was already obvious, but he was thinking about his granddaughter’s life.
Ye Hanke believes that the fire won’t stop the mentoring, and it is bound to help because of Yan Xin. After all, no one in this world loves his granddaughter and grandpa is willing to look at his granddaughter grass widow!
With this idea, Ye Han’s mood suddenly became more relaxed, and he would be slaughtered by the fire this time, but he didn’t expect that instead of being killed, he would have such a powerful master ~
Four stars gather in the 31st world (4)
After solving this cumbersome thing, the sky has been bright and the people have stopped these painful things. When the waves are over, all eyes are looking at the jade flute suspended in the sky not far away.
I don’t know when the jade flute has stopped absorbing the energy from the stars, and the lingering light beam of the jade flute from the stars has disappeared, and the energy in the cold jade flute has gradually returned to stability.
Ye Han and others are naturally very happy to see Yu Xiao at this time, so they can’t help but think that they have taken another step towards the end. They also know that this is a four-star gathering, and they want to completely complete this project, which is not as simple as expected.
It is natural that the young people of the four Yuan Dao are happy when they first met each other, but the faces of Leng Yuan and others show a worried color. Obviously, it is not a good thing for four stars to gather in their eyes.

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