Gradually, everyone turned the topic to the general Li Ze, who didn’t know who grew his mouth first. Anyway, there were more and more voices. With the protest, I felt that it was the general’s mistake that caused more than 400,000 expeditionary forces to suffer heavy losses in the first battle.
It was not until we returned to the camp that the soldiers of Datang learned from the soldiers in the left-behind camp that General Zhenyuan led 5,000 soldiers to attack the flag of the east gate of Anshi City, and they won the battle. All the soldiers who came back with General Zhenyuan were in high spirits and talked about the battle. Everyone’s face was filled with excitement and excitement in victory. Later, I learned that General Huoyun led more than all the troops to attack the North Gate and Zhenyuan was nervous and reorganized. 5,000 soldiers said that the weak defense of the North Gate was led by the Japanese plot, and 5,000 soldiers set off together to seek help. A large number of Tang Jun had already set off.
In response, all the soldiers suddenly realized that General Zhenyuan had led them to evacuate and flew away, but the department felt incredible. Did General Zhenyuan want to lead his 5,000 soldiers to fight tens of thousands of Japanese people with extremely strong strength and 400,000 troops? Wouldn’t that be suicidal?
It is too dangerous! All the soldiers who returned to the camp thought so, but General Zhenyuan had military orders, and those who disobeyed before were dealt with by military law.
At this time, Li Ze, who had treated the wound, slowly woke up and became sober. He was surprised to see that he was actually in the camp, and slowly recalled everything. After speculation, it was inevitable that Yang Ye saved himself. So Yang Ye advised himself recklessly and kept regretting things. He didn’t know how to face the wounded and defeated soldiers outside the account, and he didn’t know how to face the generals who died because of his impulse.
At this time, several lieutenants went into Li Ze’s tent camp and reported to Li Ze-yuan. After the first battle, including Zhenyuan General’s successful return to camp, they learned that the large troops had gone to attack the East Gate, so they led five thousand soldiers to rescue, but Zhenyuan General alone led Li Ze to lead the defeated soldiers back to camp and then went to Anshi, and the five thousand soldiers did not come back. It is estimated that Zhenyuan General is going to lead the five thousand soldiers and tens of thousands of Japanese defenders to fight to the death.
Li Ze was shocked when he heard this. Like all the soldiers, he also decided that Yang Ye’s strength was no matter how strong he was, leading 5,000 military forces to fight with tens of thousands of troops in Japan. It was suspected that it was a moth and a seasoned road!
So Li Zema once again went out of the tent camp wearing a helmet and armor and shouted that in addition to the injured soldiers staying in the camp to heal their wounds, the rest of the Ministry of Military Affairs once again packed up and set off for the general of Anshi Town, where the five thousand military forces would meet and die!
These soldiers in Tang Jun, who were rescued by Yang Night, naturally came out one by one and dressed up again with a helmet and a knife and a spear. The goal is very simple. If you don’t save the victory, you can’t let General Zhenyuan really lead 5,000 soldiers to throw a moth at the fire and throw stones!
No one noticed that a man sneaked into the team and set out again.
This man is the blue demon. She got a suit of officers and men dressed as women and hung out with the team without saying a word.
It’s almost a hindrance for the real orchid demon to cut Yang Ye’s tent camp, but she’s worried that it’s Yang Ye. Although she believes that Yang Ye and Nan Rong’s magic strength have a better understanding of the scorching sun, it makes her uneasy. In addition to Long Xiaoxian, the scale clan, there is another hibiscus, so will the Lord of the black domain also send it to repair the official position and come here? What should we do if there is danger in the dark night when the main door of the black domain is repaired so much?
ShiLan demon chop worry is Yang night.
When I think of Nan Rong’s illusion and the scorching sun, it’s very rare. After she discovered this problem herself, she couldn’t help cursing herself for such a long time. Lan Yaojian has gradually accepted the fact that she loves Yang Ye. Although she won’t admit it on the surface, she has already installed Yang Ye in her heart. Although Lan Yaojian has always rejected her thoughts and feelings, what can she do? When you love someone, you can’t stop yourself. That’s love and confusion. That’s love and ambiguity …
Worried about the blue demon chopping Yang’s night camp account, he has decided to go and have a look. When he heard the movement outside the camp, he slowly understood the cause and effect of the incident from the shouting of the soldiers outside the camp, so he thought that he could sneak into the team again to hide his eyes and ears.
Li Ze led hundreds of thousands of troops to go to save Zhenyuan General with neat equipment again.
After all the way to rush, the team once again arrived at the north gate of An City, where everything made everyone stay stunned. Li Ze sat on a horse for a long time, but he was dumbfounded.
Even the blue demon beheaded and mixed up in the team, looking at everything that happened in front of the North City, secretly sighed, "How did this happen?"
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Start from the beginning
Yang night left the camp team and turned away from the sight of those soldiers. Then he flew low and quickly rushed back to where he was waiting for the five thousand soldiers. After landing, he jumped to his horse and turned to shout, "Brothers! Are you ready? "
"Always listen to the general’s orders and kill the enemy!" Five thousand soldiers together promised
Yang night toward the north gate looked at the tens of thousands of Japanese people are still celebrating the victory. They didn’t mean to return to the city. Instead, they held long knives with a grimace of a grin and continued to trample, torture and play with the bodies of those Tang Jun soldiers who had died in front of the city gate!
"Mom!" Yang Ye gnashed her teeth and scolded 1 with a twist of her head and said to Nanrong Illusion and the scorching sun around her, "Kill but don’t take a knife with your own race ability!"
South glory illusion and the scorching sun are also so angry that they turn red without saying that they will be shaking hands with long knives and spears from behind.
"Remember that brothers must not have physical contact and kill!" Yang Ye also raised his long knife in his hand, shook a reins, clamped his legs to the height of the horse and shouted, "Brothers, kill me and leave no one behind! Go! !”
After saying his word, people have rushed out.
Behind them, 5,000 soldiers also rushed to the north gate with General Zhenyuan, and tens of thousands of Japanese dog thieves were celebrating victory.
All the way around, Yang night and Nan Rong rode horses one after another, pulling up their spears from the ground and throwing them at the north gate wall. Those people who were carrying bows and arrows, crossbows, dogs, thieves and walls in Japan never thought that anyone could shoot spears one by one from such a long distance. They were surprised and were stabbed through the wall one after another.
Five thousand soldiers ran and shouted loudly, scaring tens of thousands of Japanese dog thieves outside the North Gate to look over here one after another.
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Chapter two hundred and twenty "Two hundred thousand to three thousand"
Dusty all the way made those Japanese people can’t see clearly how many people Ma Chong killed, but just defeated hundreds of thousands of Datang army siege, which made them extremely confident. Besides, there was great power behind them to support them, which also made these Japanese people look scared for a moment and then ran to meet and kill them with long knives.
Yang Ye and Nan Huan rode in the front of the hot sun, although fat, but I didn’t expect to run at a slow speed. There were many riding lieutenants and cavalry behind them, while the other Japanese dogs and thieves rushed on foot and greeted them with typical Japanese long knives.
The two sides are getting closer and closer and finally meet and fight together.
I hate gnashing my teeth in the face of Japanese people even if I don’t say goodbye to Yang Ye. Most of the Japanese people who used to work were pigs and dogs who were inferior to things. They were bullying, abnormal and cruel, and they didn’t know conscience and friendship. Just Yang Ye saw that those Japanese dogs and thieves were insulting the soldiers who had died in the Tang Dynasty. Suddenly, they were so angry that their temples jumped and their eyes burst into flames!
The two sides confronted Yang night with a long knife and bent over to sweep and chop with a knife to cut off four or five Japanese dog thieves, while Nan Rong Phantom was also flying around with his hands holding a knife and chopping his hips and horses on both sides for a while. The scorching sun is even more fierce. There is a spear in the pile of Japanese dogs and thieves. The spear tip is sweeping the iron core again and again. I don’t know how many bones and skulls of Japanese dogs and thieves have shrunk.
The 5,000 soldiers were instantly inspired by the brave performance of the two generals in Zhenyuan, day and night. They waved their weapons in succession, and it was dark in front of them. The Japanese dogs and thieves fought and cheered them up. I don’t know what the reason is. At this moment, everyone of the 5,000 soldiers feels full of strength and bravery.
I’ve seen just tens of thousands of Japanese people beat themselves to death in the same camp and hundreds of thousands of Tang Jun. These five thousand soldiers are all white in their hearts. Those tens of thousands of Japanese dogs and thieves are by no means ordinary soldiers. They must all be super-strong and ferocious, but I can’t think of a fight that ended without defeat and struggled to feel the opposite. That one knife, one sword, one spear, one gun cut and stabbed out unexpectedly killed those Japanese dogs and thieves. Blood spattered!

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