"You are really strong in defeating Bai Li." Looking at Zhang Tao faintly is like an elder looking at a younger generation without putting Zhang Tao in the same waterline.
Zhang Tao has not met the second-class Tianshi, but the unique momentum is too overbearing to be comparable to the peak Tianshi. "If you were born in a large clan, maybe you still have a chance. It’s a pity that you are now." Baijue suddenly shook his head
Zhang Tao smiled. Although he was a bully, he was too arrogant. "Are you too confident?"
Never stretch out three fingers "three strokes! I can defeat you five strokes and I can kill you, "said the powerful force broke out here."
"Emperor-level tricks and ground tricks?" Zhang Tao, pupil contraction. That’s a huge increase in strength, right? But three moves can beat me? It’s a joke.
"You don’t believe it?" The overbearing expression in the eyes is still unabated.
Zhang Tao didn’t answer is proudly stand "look at the whole world, no one at the same level can beat me in three strokes! No one can beat me! " If the best is the best, then Zhang Tao is proud! The original kindness and simplicity are aimed at friends, but the Zhang Tao law has changed, but it can be proudly correct against the enemy Zhang Tao
"good!" Never say much. Suddenly, an overbearing eagle crowed in the sky. Zhang couldn’t help but look up. A huge golden eagle actually broke through the clouds and flew.
"Carving?" The golden body, golden feathers and metallic feeling are like pieces of gold, especially those bright eyes, which make the prey feel scared when it is found thousands of miles away.
Choke! Golden carving turns a golden sword into a unique one. The hands are full of strange effects. Three extreme colors are white! Black! Gold! It’s like a rare western mirror in this snowy mountain.
At this time, Zhang Tao’s shoulder frost feather suddenly gave a crow. This kind of sound is like calling for distant relatives, but it also makes the golden sword in the opposite hand tremble slightly because of this sound.
"Hey? Royal blood? " Never surprised to see the frost feather. At this moment, the frost feather shocked everyone and turned into a frost feather sword. At the same time, Zhang Tao’s hair turned red and the snow on the ground was suddenly pushed out of the original ice.
"hmm!" Unique body true qi is like a real release, so appease Jin Jian slowly restored calm but unique eyes contempt seems to have disappeared some "first move! Broken pole! " Jin Jian, a finger in his hand, roared out like Bai Hong’s frost burst and rushed out of a huge firm but gentle shock wave.
Zhang Tao’s face is dignified and he doesn’t hesitate to use the sword, but his body is full of qi, and he moves in the wind to meet the firm but gentle Zhang Tao. He doesn’t retreat, and suddenly two breaths collide.
The original thick snow quickly laughed and spread around in a circle not far behind. Bai Li’s face changed and he quickly retreated and then retreated to hide the fighting range of two people.
"Ha!" One or two people seem to be approaching the tips of two swords like magnets at this moment, so they collide.
Boom In the blink of an eye, huge potholes appeared on the ground, and frozen rock fragments fell everywhere like sand grains mixed with snowflakes in the wind. On the other hand, the egret waved two people conveniently, which caused the strength to be blocked. "The cold snow cave can’t be destroyed by you," said Egret Bonai.
"The second move! Thousands of snow shadows "overbearing emperor level know-how overbearing know-how caused him to attack Zhang Tao. Although he was strong, he still felt a tearing pain in his right arm. If it weren’t for the strange energy in the channel, I’m afraid the blow would be enough to make his right arm burst.
"Can’t recklessly!" Zhang Tao already had a plan in his heart, but the other party’s attack has changed. Seeing the golden sword shadow like snowflakes is unpredictable and hard to avoid.
"Sunday ice body!" Since the law resists, simply put it to resist Zhang Tao’s cold spirit, fine crystal protector and unique protector, and don’t be afraid of each other’s firm but gentle tactics.
Ding-ding, firm but gentle, but like a thorn in the gold and iron field, everyone showed a rather surprised expression. "You also took me to crack 50 times!" Zhang Tao’s right fist waving suddenly broke out in the air with 50 punches, which had been sealed before and after the best for a moment.
Although absolutely surprised, the golden sword suddenly smashed the rock of his foot directly to reveal a huge hole, and his body immediately fell away from Zhang Tao’s sharp fist.
"The third move! Avalanches cover the sun! " Hiding in Zhang Tao’s attack, he still made his own attack. Suddenly there was a crack in the ground. Zhang Tao shouted that it was not good. A violent qi had rushed out of the ground and came straight to the door. "Split fifty times!"
There was a loud noise once again in the silence of the Hohara Palace. It was so loud that many snow-capped mountains around it caused avalanches. You can imagine how loud the sound was.
Bai Li and Bai Rou have retreated to a far place to watch the battle. At this time, the front of the cold snow cave is full of holes and holes, but there is no snow shadow.
The two men fought to break up the snow-covered department. "You really caught my three strokes." This moment is finally over. Zhang Tao is regarded as a horizontal enemy
"You also pick me up a few tricks?" Zhang Tao doesn’t want to be passive all the time. "Starburst!" The number of qi needles flooded out and the battle curtain was over.
There is no carelessness in the hands of Jin Jian’s true qi, which flutters like snow-capped mountains and waters. The power of chopping the emperor’s level orifices and the ground orifices is fully exerted. A snow-white firm but gentle shock wave suddenly cuts long and disrupts the needle of the true qi, which is not only so powerful, but also seems to make a clean break with Zhang Tao.
"Star falling!" Frost feather sword shaking face suddenly bright light by hard chopping firm but gentle sword light suddenly scattered aside egrets secretly lose so even if they can protect the cold snow cave week, but I’m afraid this mountain is unbearable.
Chapter 39 Fighting on the lake
"Stop it!" See Zhang Tao just will absolutely firm but gentle offset is going to continue to attack egrets can’t help but drink a lot. Zhang Tao ignored egrets’ domineering attitude. He won’t let people go, and he won’t hesitate to see Zhang Tao from the command. Instead, he seems to seize the opportunity [/:
"Avalanches cover the sun!" Waving a sword and rolling a white air billow pavement to Zhang Tao, his face changed. I didn’t expect Baijue to attack, but Zhang Tao didn’t resist because he had found the egret.
This horse is like an avalanche hitting a sword, but it is easily blocked by an egret. Seeing him waving a firm but gentle hand with one hand, it disappears like a water wave.
Zhang Tao was surprised. What exactly is this trick? But Nan Guang didn’t know that even at the peak, he wouldn’t do it.
Obviously, if you want to learn such wonderful tricks, you must be promoted to the top saint. He is only an intermediate saint in Nanguang, and obviously he is not qualified to touch it.
"hmm?" Aside, Bai Jue is obviously surprised at the power of his tricks. He knows everything. Even if the egret is strong, it’s not so easy to solve it, is it? Seeing this, his eyes are a little less overbearing.
Some people outside the person can’t make up for it by genius, but Zhang Tao is very happy that the egret’s intention has actually made a flaw in the unique mood
Although there are people outside the people, but their potential limit can reach far beyond his egret level, sooner or later things need to converge? At this moment, Zhang Tao proudly inspired it to be amazing in the distance. "If you want to fight, just change places."
"Go!" Never say anything. The body explodes out. Because the ground is too hard, it actually explodes. Zhang Tao is not afraid of the same overbearing way. Two people fly to a low valley in their own animals.
Egrets sighed and flew over. On the other hand, Bai Li and Bai Hong could resist egrets, but flying in Yukikaze was very simple, but they wanted to watch the game but didn’t go along the mountain road.
In the cold snow cave, Wang’s face was full of worries, and she finally came out. Now her charm has changed greatly, and her hair is still beautiful and refreshing.
As clear as water, women’s dresses with white flowers are like layers of snow-capped mountains. They are free from vulgarity, pleasant surprise, missing the snow, rippling and rippling, which makes people transfer to beautiful eyes.
"Husband, you are finally here. Do you know that you miss you?" Wang murmured
Aside Bai Li and Bai Hong saw the king appear in their eyes, and there was a trace of obsession with talking, but the king ignored his figure and disappeared in Yukikaze.
Action is like a gentle breeze. The snowflakes around you will not repel, but follow the king melodiously. At this time, the posture is like the spring snow and light spirit.
The huge lake here is still the pinnacle of the cold palace, but it is not the peak. This is an artificial lake created by the pinnacle of the cold palace. People in the sect go boating and feel that the water fluctuates like water.

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